Jack Hunter: Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney

  • and your blind faith makes all people of religion envious, you can do what you want but i have seen the writing onthe wall for too long & ron paul has yet to come out & say ANYTHING about what took place, even after the backlash that has been brewing, so whatever, do what you want, i know i will, we are all entitled to think act & feel whatever we want,,,so if you want to support him good for you, i hope you are right in what you believe, but i can see the forest inspite of the trees


  • I feel you Travis. I will continue to vote on local issues, but, fuck voting for President. The game is rigged.

  • Make sure you remain active though (FSP, Mises Institute, Advocates for Self-Government, and liberty media etc.)

  • This guy is extremely weird, creepy looking and disproportion looking!

  • I guess what you are saying that it’s party politics as usual. Either way if by endorsing Romney he loses the support of those that matter most, then it was a mistake, I don’t care how you spin it. BTW, you need to comb your hair.

  • This whole rand paul debacle has convinced me that politics is no place for a libertarian. I’m out. I’ll never vote again.

    Fuck politics. I’m done.

  • You have to understand that if he is to get into any place of power, he needs to play politics as well. He will never compromise his beliefs, but if he is to get the respect he needs to move up in the republican party, and to gain higher authority, endorsing romney is small, but significant political move on his part. He still has the same beliefs he always had, and although you may not like it, endorsing romney was a necessary evil.

  • delegates.



  • Ted Cruz is not a liberty candidate in the truest sense of the word. I don’t care about your Liberty candidates. And you can bet I didn’t vote for Ted Cruz in the Texas primary. :o)

  • How big of an idiot are you. On his site is says END THE FED they started changing their lingo cause they sold out. Face it. And btw name one legit audit in the history of the US. Keep clinging to the Rand and Jack but they are done

  • Rand pauls PRINCIPLES did NOT CHANGE! he still stands his ground when it comes to the REAL ISSUES! it was a smart move and will help bring more mainstream reps to our side

  • I voted for Ron Paul in the primary. I will probably vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the general election. You can bet I won’t vote democrat or republican (other than Ron Paul).

    If anyone here wants to advance the Libertarian platform PLEASE donate to the party, Gary Johnson’s campaign, and by all means VOTE Libertarian.

  • Look at Rand Paul’s voting record. His voting record is what matters most and his voting record is very much like Ron Paul. He voted against NDAA, against the ciber security bills, proposed budgets that would have shrunk the federal government drasticly, supports auditing the FED, etc. I think we need to understand Rand Paul is doing this to better our movement for the next election, and we should thank him for that, not bash him.

  • Please History Prove Me Wrong !, But I think This Nation Is Screwed. I Can Not And Will Not Vote for Mitt The Shit !!!! Ever !!. What Have we let this Nation Become ????.

  • All this at first shook me up. I couldn’t seem to make odds and ends with this. When I saw your video, the puzzle began to come together. I don’t think we should sacrifice principle for politics, but Rand seems to be doing the antithesis of this, which is good. I mean a strategy can be transparent, however I still remain perplexed to some degree. Just waiting to see what Ron says about all this. I am not the smartest motherfucker, I know a good person when I see one which Ron&Rand both are.

  • Rand is the person who will bring libertarian values to the GOP, and will bridge the divide between the two conservative/small government thinking groups. Enough of the division, change happens sequentially and through time, it doesn’t happen overnight and I truly believe that this is the right choice for Rand and the movement. You can’t change anything if you don’t win something.

  • The 1038 people who liked this video are just as much a sellout as Rand and TSA(The Southern Avenger)

  • I mean look at this porky, floppy, haired weakling!! This is what a sell out looks like.

  • Well, I don’t think Rand should have endorsed either candidate, but going Republican you’re necessarily more pro-war than a Democrat.