Jack Hunter: Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney

  • You are obviously a neocon and we don’t want you near the liberty movement until you educate yourself about what statism is.

  • The fact that Rand voted “Yes” to impose sanctions on Iran proved that he is no better than any other psychopathic mass murderer because those sanctions will result in the death of many thousands of innocent Iranians just like they did when Clinton imposed them on Iraq. History has proven (and Ron Paul has taught this too) that besides being horribly criminal in nature, sanctions unite the people hurt by them to unite with their government – the government they hated before sanctions!



    Actually, because of Ron Paul and the internet, I’m more encouraged about our future as free & sovereign individuals than I have ever been thanks to all the people around the world RP has helped awaken. Ron Paul isn’t a micro-manager, which is typical of doctors, and is too trusting of those around him. It must be so difficult to find people that are pure and beyond reproach and especially when faced with the possibility of getting big fat checks working for these guys.

  • No jack hunter is a statist, sure he’s good, but I knew jack would fold. This is the LIBERTARIAN movement, not the “liberty” movement. Meaning if you’re a CONSERVATIVE you are the problem.

  • Will do! We’ll fight for life to the very end.

  • Not similar policy wise? Both favor federalism. Both favor getting rid of the FED and fiat paper currency. Both are against corporatist measures like subsidies, public-private partnerships, collectivized risk, govt. guarantees, etc.

    Both are libertarian on social issues with exception of abortion.

    Both want repeal of Patriot Act.

    Both want to end U.S. imperialism and foreign-aid.

    The list goes on.

    I see no betrayal of principle by Rand with his voting record or rhetoric.

  • You bet, everyone should write in Pau’ls name. Inform all your friends and subscribers. That is what I am doing, Ron Paul. Ron Paul.

  • I support Rand because he slapped the Libertarians and conspiracy theorists in their foul mouthes. Yea Paul.

  • You’re right. Left wing statists (Obamunists) and right wing statists (Romunists) are both part of the same sick DemoPublican Party, which is hell-bent on expanding government power and micromanaging our lives as they turn our nation into a socialist/fascist nightmare. Our future is indeed bleak, and even if it’s futile I’ll be writing in “Ron Paul” on the ballot in November.

  • Looks like the whole Paul organization is breaking down and the infighting is beginning. Soon the whole movement will fade away.

  • The real world works wrong so, where gonna break it.

  • Hey Dumbass! You are the pot calling the picket fence black. If you love bigger government and more spending and higher debt, then you can vote for Obama or the sleaze bag who wrote Obama’s anti-constitutional medical scam model. I’ll vote Libertarian.

  • Dumb plan.

  • Benedict Arnold was not that bad after all……Treason is an option

  • Romney is a habitual liar who has no respect for the constitution. If you are that ignorant of his record than you are ignorant as well as a moron. If I wanted to destroy the USA I’d vote for Romney or Obama.

  • Right, he has to lose any and all principles to become like Romney and Obama. But I wont vote for anyone without principles.

  • All this hate contained in these comments is a sign of youth, impatience and inexperience with how the real world works. Temper tantrums don’t get things done in the real world. We could learn from the tactics of the illuminati, like to accept, infiltrate and gradually steer the opponent into our intended direction. Impatience and immaturaty is our enemy.

  • With all due respect Mr Jack Hunter… FUCK OFF.

  • By gut response I keep wanting to call you wrong. But every time I look at Rand’s voting record for some kind of fault other than senate resolution #85 witch was legally a non-issue but morally exposes interventionist tenancies.

  • Losing and going home with dignity, instead of betrayal of their own ideals and live as a whore.