Jack Hunter: Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney

  • we dont have till 2016 were screwed with Obama or Romney

  • Because they threaten to kill him if he didn’t. Just that simple. Rand is a pussy.

  • tool

  • Or we take the seats in the house like the Nazi party did and force healthy change and then are defeated by other zionist controlled government nations and our children along with the world are taught that we did horrible unspeakable things by the controlled educational/social science system created by the very people who control our nation now. Fuck, this world is blind…

  • I agree, but Rand didn’t “break” from any of us. His philosophy hasn’t changed, and his voting record won’t either.

    Some of the people in the movement want someone who is throwing Molotov cocktails at identity Republicans all the time. If the point is to win most of these people over, why would we ever insult them? Sure, we can offer better solutions and gently disagree with them, but there is no need to kick sand in their faces out of spite.

    Gestures like endorsements are small fry.

  • Yeah.. a perfect world. Doesn’t matter. The Presidency’s all rigged… noone’s vote counts.
    Big money runs this Country. Money Money Money Money… Nothing will ever change until this Country… sadly…. fails and some sorta new system comes forth where People are important again.

  • Jack Hunter is 110% right here. While Ron Paul & Rand Paul do not agree on every issue Rand Paul is the future of the movement. Do you think Rand would have ever endorsed Romney if he thought for a second it would hurt his father’s chances of accomplishing what he is trying to accomplish? No! Ron Paul is a shrewd political tactician, he always has been and Rand is every bit the tactician his father is, maybe even more so from what I’ve seen. There are things going on behind the scenese here.

  • I’m not saying that all statists are psychopaths. Some get a pass for not being psychopaths because most people are too stupid or brainwashed and suffering from cognitive dissonance to conclude that ALL government programs they advocate are ultimately based on force and violence. The proof of that is if you decide to not pay your taxes then you will get threatening letters followed by costumed thugs with guns that will break your door down and send you to rape rooms or murder you if you resist.

  • A better way to put that is, do not let the great,become the enemy of the better. And yeah, both main candidates are flawed, but I submit to you, that re- electing Obama will be a catastrophe.
    Don’t get trapped by trite sayings please.

  • endorsing from the lesser of two evil is still choosing evil. Its not about politics but about morality.

  • Ron Paul cannot win. So, who is your second choice? The time to vote for Gary Johnson & Ron Paul ended after the primaries.Unless you WANT to see Obama re-elected of course.
    Suck it up & choose wisely.

  • Some in our movement are so extreme and narrow minded that any difference of opinion is met with the charge of treason. It is what comes from immature minds. And Rand’s breaking with them was inevitable.

  • you’re dumb that’s all, you think in terms of manipulating the system instead of educating the people who vote…saying things in case romney gets ellected, what?? you don’t believe Ron Paul is going to win? well he is, and rand paul is a sell out and you obviously a man of little faith


  • I agree. Before I wouldnt have. He has avoided journalists now asking honest questions about the support. The previous anti-internationalist bilderberg rhetoric has now turned into a ‘no comment’ when asked about their involvement in our election process and candidates. This guy has sold out. If he hadn’t he would still answer the same questions that were asked of him before during his senate run. Now he avoids these questions, hallmarks of a sell out. He now says Romney supports an audit.. lie

  • Romney will repeal obamacare. Obama won’t. Romney favors an all of the above energy policy which includes traditional forms of energy. Obama is all green and only green. Romney will puts judges on the federal courts like Thomas,Alito,Roberts and Scalia. Obama will give us more Elena Kagans. Romney is procapitalist. Obama isn’t. Also,your Romney is a psychopathic compulsive liar comment is just ridiculous. You comspiracy people are wierd.

  • The ballot this election will have one candidate on it, and that candidate’s name shall be “Obamney”. No choice yet again and now we have this snake in the grass Rand campaigning for one of the false choices and with gusto. He avoids questions now on the topic of his love affair with Romney, avoids being asked about internationalist Bilderberg involvement in the election process and it’s candidates. People we have been betrayed admit it, I have.

  • More lies. Romney has stated he does not support any oversight into the Federal Reserve what so ever, and believes it needs to stay as an independent operation and without anyone in congress having oversight or ‘pulling strings’. Lie number one. Romney has stated that ‘corporations are people too’ which goes against EVERYTHING any Paul support believes in. Endorsing is one thing but saying they have a lot in common, and dodging independent journalists just wanting an honest answer is betrayal.

  • Of course the ends justifies the means. What else do you think ever justify it? Rand wasn’t even in congress when our present wars began. He voted for the sanctions against Iran to prevent war. Finally,no one ever susgest that Rand will infiltrate(Infiltrate?That’s the sort of word a conspiracy theorist use) the GOP. The goal of the Pauls is to do today what Goldwater accomplished in 1964 which is to take the GOP away from the moderate Rockerfeller wing and turn it over to the conservatives.

  • I absolutely agree with you!!! You do sound “Silly!!!” How can anyone stand up for liberty and endorse a man who is supported by Goldman Sachs the same organization that Rand wanted to Audit……..????? But don’t let a “Silly” thing like principles matter…..heh

  • The Liberty Movement doesn’t EXIST byway of ONE MAN…it is a Movement that none of us must compromise…