Jack Hunter: Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney

  • Listen, Jack. I disagree that Rand was right, unless it was to expose the sort of man Rand is. The timing was TERRIBLE and could actually not have been worse.
    Now, Jack,I would really like for you to REMOVE THIS VIDEO FROM the RONPAUL2012 site, as it has been confusing people. Some think Rand’s approval and, by virtue of the site and the strategic placement of this video, mean these are RON PAUL’s feelings.
    You are muddying the waters. Please just put it elsewhere, okay? WE ARE STILL PRO-RON


  • Rand also went to the Weekly Standard???? WOW!! NEOCON CENTRAL. The PNAC boys.
    Now when Mitt does the globalist bidding, Rand will have to shut up and fall in line. Yes, from now on, whatever the EMPIRE wants, Randy will support. He is there now to be a steam valve, but nothing will change. Rand loves war and multinational corporations. Suckered our money and now getting paid by banksters. He went on HANNITY! Thats should tell you all you need to know.

  • Your play by play coverage of this political soup we’re all swimming in is stunning , to say the least, but the irrelevance of political rhetoric (in this corportocracy) is no more important than endless speculation on who’s going to the Super Bowl next year – It’s all theatre !
    Whoever becomes President, has already been selected by powers outside of this theatre , and all of this political huff n puff is just the distraction event to keep people’s eye off of the real coup de tat !

  • mitt attended bilderberg

    need i say more

  • Impassioned, but not deep. Ron hasn’t sold out. Southernavenger is just spouting a hypothesis. It’s a theory. Rand’s actions do not politically reflect his father in any way. Don’t let his idiocy tarnish Ron’s campaign.

  • People in this world don’t understand the art of war, let alone critical thinking. Rand has no CHOICE but to support Romney. He’s a republican and what, he’s going to support Obama? I mean Jesus, take your head out of your ass. This guy is correct, the party will use this against him and he won’t be on the ticket. At each level the game changes!
    You just have to continue to have faith in everything you did up till now. You people make it seem like it his strategy should be obvious. Think.

  • People make all this fuss about defending liberty but have no clue as to what it even is. They have no idea that habeus corpus is suspended let alone what it is. Everyone on this page wouldn’t fight for their liberty anyhow. There’s many citizens in China who live just fine, party, eat well, live in nice apt’s, etc. So the USA will not be any worse and people won’t know any difference. Sure, there will be some change, more people will be worse off, but things will carry on.

  • ThanQ I needed that boots…. I was hurt at first, but now I see what I was missing and should of known about a long long time ago. Perspective is everything. Ron Paul 2012 ! Rand Paul 2020 !

  • So people should get away with murder (paid for by our tax dollars) just because they’re in government? If you vote for the MURDERING OF CIVILIANS you should be charged for every life you’re responsible for taking. Giving politicians the license to kill is NOT libertarian.
    You want to talk about false dichotomies you’re the one who thinks team red is better than team blue.
    Are you from an English speaking country? I’m not quick to point out grammatical errors but you’re not very coherent.

  • Its rare to see ambition tempered by pragmatism. An interesting hypothesis. Time will tell if this is true, or bears the fruit you suggest.

  • Now there’s that authoritarian temperment. Your false dichotomy of conservative fascist vs a liberal communist shows a that you lack a sense of perspective and without that–libertarian or not you are capable of anything–including the concentration camp. None of those conservative judges want to outlaw homosexuality or birth control. They probably would view those issues as tenth amendment ones,proper only for the states to decide.

  • Wow, i did not realize.. so many negative votes. LOL, Do those people whom supported RP even understand the PRINCIPLES of being a libertarian such as the right for each to make their own choices in life. Rand does not equal Ron. Haha And I am not even a libertarian myself.

  • “Regulate our personal diet” i’m sorry, where do those conservative judges stand on homosexuality and birth control? Oh right they want to outlaw them. I’m gay and i’m libertarian. There’s absolutely no reason why I should trust a conservative fascist over a liberal communist.
    So you don’t think that politicians who vote for the suspension of habeas corpus or the MURDERING OF CIVILIANS or gun confiscation or bailouts or the violation of OUR privacy rights should not be in thrown in jail?

  • There’s a difference between compromising and voting for Mitt mother fucking Romney. A compromise would be the FairTax or school vouchers or legalizing but taxing pot.
    I’m not a purist. I believe in cost/benefit analysis and gradualism. I do not however believe in supporting someone like Obama I MEAN Romney I MEAN both. I’m a libertarian. Fascists don’t get my support.

  • Ron wasn’t with them, and look at all HIS support. If Rand Had stayed with the movement he would get their support and it would KEEP GROWING, I see NO LOGIC in Rand endorsing Romney.

  • Obviously Napolitano would be the best,but Obama’s idea of a good judge is Elena Kagan who is on record saying that congress has the constitutional right to regulate our personal diet for our own good..Now,that’s fascism,not what the 4 conservatives now on the Court advocates.. There is a narrow mindedness,a authoritarian air to your comment that is quite unlibertarian. I can easily see you saying to your adversaries ” to the concentration camp–go!”

  • Rand’s sin is he’s a dumb motherf*cker. Ron’s sin is not taking the delegates when they’re there.Haha. Ron, your son might be an idiot, but you were supposed to be smart, and now you just look like a shill, buddy. Ron, you need to come out and address this filth. thanks bud!

  • Romney makes John Kerry look consistent. Alito? Scalia? Roberts? those are fascists. I want judges like Andrew Napolitano.
    Just because I don’t like Obama I MEAN Romney I MEAN both does not make me a conspiracy theorist. Just a year ago pro-war neocons said the same thing about Obama I MEAN Romney I MEAN both.
    I’m voting for someone who’s actually qualified to be president (Gary Johnson). Regardless of results I want the two parties and their candidates to suffer. They need to be behind bars.

  • There is no right reason to endorse a Religious Cultist that greatly favors the financially elite in this country and that wants to re-enact the Mountain Meadows Massacre and basically take this country back to what it was in the year 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts.

  • Why Rand Paul was right to endorse the corrupt establishment by Jack Hunter.