Jack Hunter: Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney

  • If Ron Paul was smart he’d fire your ass along w/ Jesse Benton & Trygve Olson. How dare you rats try to taint the purity of Ron Paul’s message. And YES that includes foreign policy. Anyone who advocated the military industrial complex that sends poor kids to fight in rich men’s wars that are unnecessary for America’s defense is an unpatriotic war profiteer and is a complete scumbag. Purging your kind is necessary for the continuation of the Liberty Movement.

  • thank you jack

  • I don’t think the house of cards will hold for another 5 years… WE CAN’T AFFORD TO WAIT AND SEE!!!!!

  • hes def jewish, and def gay

  • fuck rand paul that dirty little weasel it’s plain and simple he’s nothing but a sellout

  • I am as much pro-Constitution as anyone and I completely understand why Rand endorsed Romney. The fact is, no matter how hard you wish upon a rainbow, that Romney will be the Republican nominee. It is also a fact that a 3rd party will not win (if the Repubs stay more Bush-like, then I pray that our culture changes to make this feasible)
    Therefore, Jack is correct. Rand is endorsing Romney over Obama; not Romney over dad. We must take over the current structure, not go around it.

  • “This movement’s success should be judged by how much influence and change we ultimately effect…not by how we get there.”

    In other words, “the ends justify the means”, eh, Jack?

  • The fact that u think endorsing & supporting a statist snake like Romney, & aiding him in gaining the power to play out his statist agenda isn’t a compromise of principle for a liberty lover, is quite telling.

    Either u don’t understand what “principles” are or ur simply reaching for any possible way to whitewash what’s happening here.

    And the way u keep claiming there isn’t a difference in philosophy between Ron & Rand makes me question if u ever really understood Ron’s philo in the 1st place.

  • So, basically what ur saying, Jack, is that Rand Paul sold out & endorsed a warmongering statist to gain political credibility. He compromised on principle to gain political favor with the GOP.

    …yeah, I think that’s exactly what people are angry & disappointed about. Simply restating that in a sort of “well of course” kind of way doesn’t change anything.

    You say all this “imagine if a President Rand Paul did x, y, z, etc.”…I think the point is this endorsement is evidence he WON’T do xyz.

  • Rand Paul is a TRAITOR & has shown us all his TRUE COLORS I wouldn’t VOTE for Rand Paul for city DOG CATCHER! You play your little stupid games “video man” we all know the truth here & there is NOTHING you can say or do that would change our minds!

  • its ok if not everyone is an anarchist(like us) as long as they are not totally blind to personal liberty like many republikikes and democraps

  • Its called incrementalism. Once you entertain establishment politics it becomes easier and easier.

  • I understand your point, believe me. But I think you’re wrong. The whole reason Ron Paul’s message is so earth shatteringly powerful is precisely because he will not compromise on the fundamental principles of freedom – ever. There can be no compromise on the fundamentals if the liberty movement is to retain validity and charge. That’s why it’s so gut wrenchingly sad to see this idiotic betrayal. We must learn a crucial lesson: most people have a price – something incompatible with our success.


  • Spot on…this is EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to explain to people. There are unfortunately many within the Liberty movement that cannot see the bigger picture here…which is ironic, given that it’s that same lack of understanding that keeps mainstream Republicans from voting for Ron Paul in the first place. Thanks for making the video…I’m going to share.

  • Opps, sorry, Please….go and fuck yourself.

  • this is sad…

  • Folks, I’m just as strong for Ron Paul as anyone here. At first I thought RAND had flipped his wig, but this speaker above makes sense. Lets give Rand a chance to show us that he’s right, he is still his father’s son, and Hunter could be absolutely right. Lets not continue to air our “dirty laundary” publically. Rather, if in doubt, remain quiet and lets debate amongst ourselves, NOT in front of our enemies. HORRAY FOR RON PAUL. God bless he and his family as well as all his backers/workers.

  • Adam Kokesh says this guy isn’t really a part of the freedom movement.

  • Those attacking Rand are confusing principle with process. Principle is, of its’ nature, clear, simple & direct. Political Process is the very antithesis of these things, and is almost always a messy & complicated affair. Good governing principles can only become operative through the political process. The trick is to engage in the process with the single-minded intent of advancing principle and not eschewing incremental results. Rand, I believe, understands this and deserves our support.

  • What Jack says here only goes to prove what Nietsche said, “Everything the state says is a lie. Everything the state has it has stolen.”