Jack Hunter: Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney

  • Great come back. Guess we can all relax now in awe of your brilliance. Go look up Luke Rudowski’s interview with Rand Paul and how he now wont discuss Bilderberg anymore. Its your choice to stay disillusioned but the fact remains Rand Paul is a Traitor and Ron is strangely keeping quiet about all this.

  • Its doesn’t work that way SHEEP, keep listening to the establishment media and your dumb ass friends. This is exactly why our country is fucked, cause morons like you cant think for themselves.

  • Hey sheep, research what they do, not what they say. There is NO DIFFERENCE between obama and romney

  • playing the game? You mean supporting an act of war is a game? Get a clue buddy and face reality, Rand is a Traitor.

  • A short take. Rand Paul is the salesman with his shoe in the door to assure continuation if Romney wins. He must be in favor to help make the change.

  • YOU DONT COMPRISE WITH CRIMINALS, RAND PAUL IS A TRAITOR, Have you seen his latest vids? He wont discuss bilderberg, and he fucking cums when talking about romney. RAND IS A FUCK

  • Awesome! greatest vid on this issue!

  • 2) that is a threat to this oligarchy is the end of interventionist military policy and cutting of the military budget. On the business side corporations love libertarians, less tax less regulation!!! They can oppress you on their own no need for big government, there is always mercenaries and private security if the cops get fired

  • 1) You spell well, are articulate while addressing none of the issues raised. If the end justifies the means, say I wanted world peace would I be right to eliminate two thirds of the global population who have a history of warfare? Secondly Goldwater though better than the average politician did fuck all other than produce a few sound-bites “with no appologies…” My point is as follows: US is a corporate oligarchy with military imperial policies and the only aspect of the Libertarian movement

  • Obama will gain support from most of the Paul supporters in August when Obama legalizes marijuana.

  • Obama will gain support from most of the Paul supporters in August when Obama legalizes marijuana.

  • this guy is such a fail i cant believe he got this many likes

    and one of the biggest stupidest things he said was u comp to advance an idea xD

    shut up please and take down this stupid video

  • He didn’t compromise on principle. Rand has not changed his own principles. Who do you think should lead the liberty movement instead of him? I guarantee you that whoever you choose will have made an endorsement much like this in the past.

  • sell out

  • you make several good points. hope you’re right. people with ideals often forget the ugly and dirty realities of politics…

  • Exactly. and this guy’s hypothesis is based on two flawed assumptions. 1) we have freedom of choice- we the people select candidates, and 2) if we actually did, Rand Paul would carry on where dad left off, which is not true, if he were was elected in a legitimate process.

  • 5-6 states does not control the party yet. Until then the illusion of endorsement is very acceptable.

  • unfortunately true, and the reason i have mostly abandoned politics,

  • Exactly Jack.

  • source for 0:33?