Jack Hunter: Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney

  • Watch response from Adam Kokesh

  • *Bullshit alert*

  • “Rand should have waited until Ron formally suspended/terminated his campaign before giving his endorsement.”

    IOW snooze and lose.

  • Keep clickin’ those heels Dorothy..

  • you think its “immature” to not endorse a goof like Romney? What is wrong with you?

  • You think that trying to further your agenda in the Republican mafia by selling out and endorsing a whore like Romney is “right”? That doesnt say alot about your character. Romney is an absolute joke, and you think Rand should kiss his aas for political clout? Give your head a shake…

  • No, I mean the principled half. You know…the half that actually stands for freedom, and the non initiation of force. The half that isn’t willing to support a candidate like Romney, who basically represents the Obama camp in regards to policy. In short…the”half: that is the future of the republican party.

  • Your voice is extremely grating.

  • Caring about “Obama’s victory” or defeat at the hands of Obama clone – Romney is thinking with your head up your ass, actually. Wake up, fuck…

  • Then fuck it let Obama win. Romney will change nothing.

  • 1. Rand should have waited until Ron formally suspended/terminated his campaign before giving his endorsement. There would have been no harm in that – any questions about it could have been simply answered: “I will support the eventual nominee.”
    2. “not starting unnecessary wars” – I was under the impression that a DOW from congress was a declaration that an act of aggression has already been committed against the US? So the US shouldn’t be able to ‘start’ ANY wars.

  • To whom? The anarcho-syndicalists? You are being short-sighted, emotional and intransigent; all hallmarks of the left.

  • I just got my Ron Paul hat in the mail too…
    well, i’ll still wear it


  • He Rand away from you Ron, so just move on Ron.

  • I’ll never vote for Rand no matter what anyone says.

  • RAND PAUL IS A TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If Rand were to start commenting on the “Bilderburg’s”, wouldn’t the MSM have fun with that? If I was trying to stay elected, I would not answer those questions either, but that is why your not elected to office! Either way you are an insulting person!

  • Oh yeah, writing in Ron Paul’s name if Romney wins the nomination.
    That’s NOT thinking for yourself, it’s thinking with your head up your ass.
    You guarantee an Obama victory.

  • Can anyone tell me why there is a picture of a “Ron Paul supporter” demonstrating at the Bilderberg Group while holding a FOX NEWS labeled MICROPHONE?

    Infiltrators perhaps? Are they part of the Diss”INFO”WARS group?

  • You might be right ~ Rand’s endorsement did sound lame, like he was propped up. I hope you are right but dealing with the devil is no where near taking the moral high ground.