If Ron Paul Endorses Mitt Romney…

If Ron Paul ends up endorsing Mitt Romney, who will you vote for in the general election?

  • Write in Ron Paul (47%, 2,657 Votes)
  • None of the above (17%, 976 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson / Jim Gray (16%, 917 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney / Rand Paul (12%, 679 Votes)
  • Barack Obama / Joe Biden (7%, 377 Votes)
  • Other (1%, 84 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,690

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  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul, come out right now and tell us that you will be running as an Independant if you don’t win in Tampa. Tell us NOW. Don’t wait. We need some kind of hope, right NOW.

    But if you ever endorse Romney… it’s all over. We will turn our backs on you.
    Don’t betray your supporters.

    We don’t want RAND as a Vice president for Romney.
    We want YOU to be PRESIDENT.


  • Boo

    Are the Bilderburgs running this site?

    • haha.
      I know, right?
      At least the choice of writing-in PAUL was there. But, still, what a kooky question.

  • The LIBERTY Movement

    This is about LIBERTY not Ron Paul’s presidency, it always has been.
    While having Dr. Paul in the white house would be an awesome victory, any level headed Paul supporter will wait until the convention unfolds before making a decision. Mitt Romney may just adopt some core values from the movement, and that would be a start. If he doesn’t meet your standards, there’s other choices, Gary Johnson is viable, even if he’s a soft libertarian with a weaker foreign policy than Paul. Remember people, its about the movement, not the man. Our cause will only grow, If the RNC sees that they’ll bend to our will, if they don’t obama has 1 term left before a champion of liberty takes the republican nomination then the presidency in 2016.

  • Mike “Pu$$y Reama” Smith

    I voted for other because I am writing in “Ron ‘Heavy Sac’ Paul”. Please add that as a choice.

  • Kem

    Ron Paul never endorse McCain he will never endorse Romney he does not have to, just like rand Paul did not have to but wanted to, so he could advance his own career. he probably would sell out his own mother.
    there was a poll on who should be Ron Paul’s vice, a lot including myself did not marked Rand Paul. he just is not trustworthy, like his Dad is.
    The 124 Votes for Romney was never Paul supporters. a true Paul supporter would not give in because Romney is a Repub, or to make sure Obama did not win. that is not a true Paul supporter. it is Paul’s consistent Ideas, its not the man or the party we support.
    If I could not write Paul in ( I can ) but if I could not, I would vote for Johnson or Obama .
    Johnson is an unknown, but I like what he says, but I don’t know if he would do the opposite, he is 100% better then Romney if fact mother goose would make a better president then Romney
    and Obama because he would have only 4 years left and would have no choice but to do a better job..

  • Bob

    I think voting for Gary Johnson, as cliche as it might sound is a vote to re elect P. Obama. That would be a disaster and 4 more years of socialism! I would rather work to reform the GOP more to Dr. Paul’s way of thinking. We have already made great strides in this endeavor. When one of my yet to be converted GOP friends confronts me as to whether I will be voting for Romney in Nov. I counter with yes and ask them will they be voting for Dr. Paul if he is the nominee? They usually think about it and say yes because they like a lot of Dr. Paul’s ideas. A conversation ensues and most times some of the misconceptions and misrepresentations of the main stream media are cleared up and they see Dr. Paul in a more favorable light.

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or American to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

    The Mittney will never defeat the BO!

    And If the BO gets reelected, we’ll reach the Point of No Return. (Four more years of this usurper will GUARANTEE the disappearance of the 2nd Amendment — and most likely the disappearance of many visible opponents he has, and certainly the core of the supporters of freedom, in their hundreds of thousands, will be whisked away to FEMA Camps, never to be heard of again — thanks to his NDAA). I would not be surprised if the BO in his second term enacts a law whereby He, for the “good of the people”, can win a third term. All empires end with a dictatorship — and since ours is nearing its end, why expect it to be different. It’s good to be the King — and the BO is a willing Nero (and then his progeny could become a Dynasty).

    On the other hand:

    To his own surprise, Ron Paul has reached a stage that could not have been foreseen at the beginning of his campaign. He actually can depend on more committed patriotic delegates, then Rmoney can count on his forced-through “bound ones”!

    I say, push to Tampa — and see how many will vote their Conscience! We might just get surprised how many patriots still exist in our nation!

  • Jimmy (libjim)

    Why write in Ron Paul if he endorses Romney? I’ll write in Ron Paul if he does NOT endorse Romney, otherwise it will probably be Gary.

  • Surfisher

    After all the needed venting — Let us focus again!

    What, We The People (forget about the rest) must do:

    1) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    2) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    3) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!
    Invest all your energy and efforts to ASSURE, ASSURE, ASSURE Ron Paul gets that 5-state plurality!

    His speech alone will Rock the World! And the outcome may shock complacent America!

  • Surfisher

    Lawsuit Against the RNC and GOP Fraud — Finally TODAY!

    Spread this far and wide!!


    Today, Monday June 11th, the lid is to be blown wide off the FRAUD that has been going on in the elections this year!!

    This lawsuit will also LEGALLY unbound ALL Delegates and protect them as well!!


  • Michael

    They must have gotten to Dr. Paul. Ron Paul is the last, best hope for America – screw these other politicians that are only in this for big business. I will write “Ron Paul” on my ballot.

  • Joe McDonnell

    If Ron Paul endorses Mitt Romney he is a traitor to Ron Paul. Ron Paul would never have my support again because I am dedicated to Ron Paul. Only Ron Paul truly understands freedom and liberty and if Ron Paul betrays that message then I can no longer support Ron Paul.

  • tz

    It shouldn’t be romney/rand paul, it should be romney/ron paul – I would vote for them, but really, romney/joe-liberman or some other big government crony capitalist pro abort and gay marriage war-mongering neo-con as vp is more likely.

  • Marshall F.

    If Dr Paul were to endorse or even defer to Romney my vote will not be wasted on a write in for Dr Paul. The only rational course of action is to vote for Johnson/Gray. However, in the ugly, dirty and manipulative game of politics I still trust Dr Paul to do the right thing. I hope I am not disappointed but to not expect disappointment would be naive on my part.

    I will never vote for an establishment ticket as, far as I am concerned Romney/Obama are part of the great puppet show. Johnson might not be perfect from my anti-establishment POV (he isn’t) but he is by order of magnitude better for moving us in the right direction which the mature among us know is going to take years of sustained grass root efforts, constant education
    and constant exposure of the subversive elements that mean to destroy the liberty movement.

    Also I remind people that the most critical elections that you must stay focused on are your local/state elections. You MUST control your state to have a platform from which we can eventually bring this out of control national government back to its proper role which it has almost no relationship to anymore.

    Don’t give up hope, don’t become discouraged. This is a long fight. Dr Paul has been at it for 40 years. If you admire Dr Paul and more importantly get the message of what the liberty movement is about, you’ll act accordingly and settle in for the long haul.

  • PJ

    I couldn’t see Ron Paul endorsing Romney, as he’s repeatedly said in interviews. It would be a major compromise and in Dr. Paul’s words, he always says something like, “We don’t really agree on much that’s important…”. Ron Paul has virtually nothing to gain by endorsing Romney since both Romney and Obama are both for big government.

  • Ole

    Only Ron Paul is chance for USA. The rest of it will really destro the country.

  • AMP

    I will vote for no one! If Ron Paul endorses Mitt Romney, he deserves no write-in! Ron, you know as well as your supporters do that there can be no compromise. No Obama, no Romney! You can’t play party politics here. We are in serious trouble if either of these globalist puppets have power.
    Where are you Ron!?!?! We are wating to hear what the hell is going on! You need to run Independent and stop this tyranny NOW!

  • irrelavent

    that this question is even on this page is dispicable, likely shows intent, and if ron paul doesnt make a public appearance soon to give clear and uncut answers(no catering to retards or fearing news attacks) for even just his sons actions, he will continue to lose most the support he has in masses

  • David M. Berke

    Doctor and Congressman Ron Paul would NEVER endorse Mr. Willard “Mitt” Romney, unless he was pressured to do so, or unless he was threatened to do so in some form or another, or unless he was intimidated to do so. Even if Doctor and Senator Rand Paul was Mr. Romney’s Vice Presidential pick, which I am fairly sure that he won’t be, Dr. Ron Paul would still NEVER endorse Mr. Willard “Mitt” Romney. So naturally, I voted in this poll, that I would write in RON PAUL’s name on Tuesday, November 6th.

    I am encouraging all of you good citizens and fellow patriots, to continue working hard in all the ways that you have been for so long working so hard, to secure Dr. Ron Paul the nomination of the Republican Party at the end of August. This will make it easier so that he does not have to run as an independent.

    If worse came to worse, even though I would NEVER vote for anyone else but former New Mexico Governor Gary E. Johnson (and his Vice Presidential pick, the Honorable Jim Gray), in my opinion, this is Dr. RON PAUL’s election to win, and if somehow he is not running on Tuesday, November 6th, I would WRITE IN HIS NAME — DR. RON PAUL WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!!!

    If anybody has called the Campaign headquarters and talked directly to anyone there about what is going on, please share what you know, here in this web site’s comments section. Let us all please RESTORE AMERICA NOW!

  • Lyberty or Death

    If Ron Paul endorses Mitt Romney… it would be BEYOND disappointing.

    Over the course of these months Ron Paul made me have a little faith in humanity.. but if he were to call Romney ‘a serial hypocrite’ just to endorse him later on.. What would that make him?

    • he will NEVER do it and said as much, last week, in Ft Worth.
      No way, no how, not gonna happen.