If Ron Paul Endorses Mitt Romney…

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  • Greg

    I feel Ron Paul should back the Libertarian party candidate, Gary Johnson. It may not be enough for a win, but it may bring deserved attention to a party that shares Ron Paul’s ideas.

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  • William

    Ron..if you were the GOP nominee I would happily vote for you. But not as a write in. Please for the love of this nation…for the sake of getting Obama out of the White house please pull your troops behind Romney. Not because you like him but because Obama must be stopped at all cost. Don’t let pride pull us further down sir.

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  • Monica

    I have some down home Texan advice for Dr. Paul and that is:
    “You can’t make a chicken salad sandwich from chicken-shit.”
    That is exactly what Team Paul is attempting to do as they try
    their darnedest to spoonfeed us the very likely Romney endorsement.
    Selling out by any other name is still…selling out. And that’s what’s
    happening now. We are reading these articles, dissecting the anatomy
    of a political sell-out. An endorsement of Romney or any other neo-con
    serving the military industrial machine or Wall Street criminal interests
    and acting in all possible ways to destroy the integrity and future of this
    once great nation about to fall goes against the very core of Libertarian
    principles and moral integrity. To stand at that podium and say yes,
    it’s okay to continue killing thousands of innocent civilians in useless
    wars across the world that only serve the end of corporate profits
    and yes it’s okay to shred the Constitution like a used newspaper and
    yes it’s okay to continue to sit idly by as greedy fatcat executives raid
    the nations’ resources and lead it to ruin is not taking a stand for liberty
    or civil rights, it’s being complicit and participant in EVIL.
    We all expected a lot more from Dr. Paul than this and when we witness
    the dirty deed go down in Tampa we will be feeling nothing but shame –
    for Dr. Paul, for the Republican party and for the very bleak future of
    this country.

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  • Pann

    It’s put on your big boy pants time! I know your old enough to vote now be mature. The process for getting nominated goes this way and now more than any time I’ve ever voted I must rally with the top dog but keep fighting another day for the better choice, I’ll be wishing it were Paul but voting Romney, I hope others do the same

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  • http://na David Wiglesworth

    ‘If Ron Paul Endorses Mitt Romney…’

    It would only give credence to my hesitancy towards supporting him in the first place. As Steven T Tambroni stated already between Obama and Romeny there is obviously no real choice either way we’re voting for the same bull. A lot of what I’d heard and read about of Ron Paul I liked, but things like wanting to return us to a gold standard I didn’t hesitate to state to anyone is utter insanity. The very same heads of the federal reserve that he says it would get rid of become robber baron’s the likes of which the world has never seen. They own and control damn near all the gold as it is today. However, I digress.

    If Ron Paul endorses Mitt Romney then without a doubt the only support I would give to any political movement in this country is one pushing a CITIZEN’S Article V Convention. If you don’t understand what I mean by that, take the time to educate yourself on ‘rudimentary legalese’ and then take your first or another slow, cautious, and critical read through Article V.

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  • Anna Aldredge



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  • http://247WorldNews1.blogspot.com Gary Ryan

    The “IF” Will not ever happen. But the pole does show what the American people are going to do no matter what happens. Ron Paul for President 2012.
    Join the Movement !

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  • Steven T Tambroni

    What you all seem to be missing is that this election like all in the past have been rigged. Voting for Romney is just giving the establishment what they want. They care little if Obama or Romney wins, either one are both the same to them. The thing we should recognize here is that Obama is the best thing that could have happened to this country. All the sheeple are beginning to wake up and take note. Unless Ron Paul gets the nomination, another 4 years of Obama, or 4 of Romney might be the motivator needed for the sheep to turn into wolves and take this country back from the criminals in Washington who have been doing the bidding of the military industrial complex for 40 years. The two party system is a myth. Both are driving this country under the bus. Wake up.

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  • Joe

    As much as I would like to vote for Ron Paul, he isn’t going to further the political discussion now that Romney is the Republican candidate.
    Republicans want your vote, but don’t really care too much about our issues. They like the system they have, and only give lip service to the Paul supported because of the strong supportive base that helps THEM.
    We need to all give Gary Johnson a serious look. He has the potential to continue this fight and bring true Liberty back to America.
    Either Dr. Paul decides to run as an independent SOON, or we need to support Governor Johnson so that our ideas get a table in the Presidential debates. If there is only Romney and Obama attending the debates, you can expect another 4 years of the status quo.
    Please think this through, any step forward of the idea of Liberty is better than going back down the Democrat / Republican road of croney government.

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  • Billy Rivera

    DO NOT let the momentum of this movement dissipate!

    I will continue to back Dr. Rand Paul & Dr. Ron Paul. Who is in Congress right now that will push the ideas of Liberty? NOT ENOUGH. If there were more Liberty minded individuals in Congress we would not have to sacrifice so much just to have our voices heard. Rand Paul is fighting for our freedom. He has and will sacrifice as well.
    We should all be planning how we are going to run for political positions ourselves. If we want to win this Revolution, we need to replace the corrupt individuals in the House and Senate. Running for political positions at the local level makes a huge difference as well. As a matter of fact, that is where most of us will start.
    In Maine, Ron Paul supporter Ashley Ryan is now the youngest known RNC Committeewoman. We have elected Liberty minded individuals all over the country, and will continue to do so.

    Third party candidates are not broadcasted on mainstream media, and their voices are not heard by the masses. If you dont believe me, go on the internet and look up how many individuals are running for president right now.
    Who wants to put up a fight?
    DO NOT let the momentum of this movement dissipate!

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  • Surfisher

    Make this viral!

    Nice sound track — watch and share this video (also, Nice pic of the BO posing as Lenin…LOL)!

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