Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.

  • What do you mean, “WE” Rand?!?!?! We are for liberty; you are a traitor to the movement! Sell-out! It’s not just about stabbing your father in the back, it’s about fucking over everyone that supports you. You are done, you lost all of your supporters!

  • robin

    How many would like to hear what RON PAUL has to say?I really don’t care what Rand Paul is doing because he doesn’t have the same stance on issues that his father does, so this does not come as any great surprise to me. If you would like to see Ben Swann interview RON PAUL, please put a thumbs up. I think we deserve some answers instead of receiving an impersonal email. Many of us have put in long hours and donated our money for his campaign for liberty. He has to do the right and honorable thing and speak to his supporters directly. No voice messages, or emails. We deserve the TRUTH and why we support him because of his integrity, but he has been hiding and we need to understand WHY?

  • Fake ass mother fucker.

  • I thought it was quite telling when Ron was asked if he would endorse Romney, and rather than saying “no”, he said that he would have a hard time endorsing him if his policies didn’t change. Ha. Weak. Like if Romney’s policies changed for the day, he would deserve an endorsement. I thought that was quite telling.

  • Rand mentioned “delegate fantasy”, even though he helped propagate and perpetuate that fantasy. My guess is so that people would continue donating. So where is Ron on all this? Silent? Of course, part of this deal will be that Ron doesn’t have to endorse Romney (not saying he won’t though). And this crap about delegates having some sway over the platform of the Republican party is hilarious. Really? What a joke. Stay away from the Republican party. They don’t and never have stood for liberty or small government. Why attach to them?

    Arnegard at Steal From a Liberal . Com

  • Rand would be better off just endorsing and shutting up. Quit trying to justify your endorsement of a pile of shit.

  • hypocrisy much? u assume im a woman? LOL also i dont support mitt romney. he said he support gary johnson… gary johnson is against life… do u even know what u r talking about

  • This is politics people, Ron Paul isn’t stupid. If he’s been fighting for what he believes in for 3 decades and not getting results, do you not think that he has ears and eyes? He’s obviously going to have a backup plan. You’re all saying he’s joined the NWO and betrayed us all, but he may be the last sliver of hope in politics.


  • If you dont turn on Romney after the audit the Fed bill? we shall see. youre not going to get all that stuff accomplished….you really think they want to dismantle the NWO. dont think so buddy.

  • David U
  • I still don’t agree with his decision to endorse Mitt, but I understand him a lot better after hearing him. He’s not a bad guy by any stretch of the imagination IMHO. He kinda throws around certain things about his dad endorsing other non liberty candidates, the difference is those people aren’t as Iconic as a president. He must be aware of that at least. Ron’s just brilliant in knowing off the cuff what things like this means. Ron’s highly intelligent on these matters and knows his people.

  • ok we can fight for all those things..but what the fuck does that have to do with endorsing Mitt, Rand? you know that logic is flawed. stfu or move on.

  • I wanted Ron Paul too, but it was clear from just a week ago that we weren’t going to have our way. While Romney is ultimately not that different from Obama, at least he offers a more persuadable platform for our ideas.

    Also, the Ron Paul Revolution is about more then the election. The More we spread the word of Liberty apart from the elections season is the more likely our ideal will be reached.

    Keep Fighting the Good Fight Brother.

  • The comments do seems to be bugged. Can’t hardly get it to type anything. He was just pointing out how preposterous it is to suggest Gary Johnson is anything close to being socialist. The socialists and the fascists are both part of the same tyrannical ideology of bigger and bigger government.

    It is better to decentralize power and minimize it wherever possible. Free people do not need or desire to be governed or ruled. Free people are adults and it is time we realize that and embrace it.

  • DCWhatthe

    This has nothing to do with Ron Paul supporters being ‘unrealistic’, or not understanding that the process is finished.

    Rand is ignoring the issue, and that is that an endorsement of Romney, is a consent to more of the same.

    Best of luck to you, Rand. Try to stay out of our way.

  • Rand Paul is a punk. And someone should inform him that we are insulting him. He is a coward and he shamed the man who gave him everything he has. I won’t ever vote for this clown nor would I back a piece of trash like him.

  • Why is it people keep acting like Sheeple against Rand? At least watch the video before commenting!

    I mean, geez! I might disagree with him here, but we are completely overreacting here!

  • This endorsement killed our momentum in taking over the party.

  • Voting between Romney and Obama is like voting on whether to get shot in the head with a .45 or a 9mm. I don’t feel comfortable voting at all in that scenario.

  • is that comment (the one you’re replying to) bugged or something? i can’t locate it unless i click on the link from your reply. did you get it by inbox?