Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.

  • Victoria Winters

    I will never vote for Mitt, I am still angry that I voted for John Mccain and not Ron Paul in the last election! I cannot live with myself by not being true to the cause of freedom, no moderate will make that happen! Ron Pau or none.


  • I serioulsy don’t know what wead he is on… this movement had doubled trebled and who knows within 4 years time it would have been the biggest MFkcing force in American history and you would have been the president. Instead you took the bowl of stew. Enjoy the stew COMPROMISER!!!!

  • Endorsing someone is one thing, but do you really have to say you’ll go out and campaign for them? Do you really have to act like you have so much in common with someone who clearly doesn’t stand for the same things that your FATHER’S followers stand for? Ron Paul’s campaign members shouldn’t be trying to sell RAND’S endorsement on their site, he’s not his father and he’s not in the running. Don’t get distracted… Rand isn’t Ron.

  • All the emotion that was stirred up over this was wasted energy. Rand hasn’t turned over to the dark side, he’s still the same guy! The issue is the people who didn’t realize where Rand stood before they judged him. Still I must say, endorsing Romney has slightly discredited his movement, to my understanding.

  • anybody who supports Romney in ANY way loses my respect and Vote!

  • Ron
  • Ron

    A very good video about this mole Jack Hunter


  • Anybody get the feeling that the ‘controllers’ are throwing the liberty movement a bone just to shut em up

  • Our movement does not fall with Paul! We believe in these issues and we will not quit!

  • Ron

    Congrats Rand, by endorsing Romney you have find the better way to destroy 40 years of hard and honest work your dad have done to built this mouvement.If you have just waited after the convention everything would have been different.I think your advisors have made a big mistake by design to kill your mouvement and i almost sure that those advisors have name like Jack Hunter and Jesse Benton!!!!

  • Why the HECK would the Paul family HAVE TO ADMIT DEFEAT, before the convention? Why not leave it an open door? I KNOW! BECAUSE PAUL HAD A LEGITIMATE SHOT AT WINNING AND HE WAS THREATENED OUT OF RUNNING!!! This is BOGUS!!!

  • Jack of The Survival Podcast explained Rand very well in his 6/11/12 podcast. Rand is a politician. His father had to struggle to become a doctor. He had to struggle to become a congressman. Rand was born into a successful family. The Walton children were born into a wealth their father had to struggle and sacrifice to create. They are cold, cruel and ruthless. Rand is a politician. Ron is a human being who is 100% loyal to the Constitution.

  • Martin

    It’s an amazing development in big league politics.

    The Happy Warrior is charging towards the nomination with millions of new converts to the ideal of liberty and the R3volution to restore it – the first step being Taking Tampa.

    Ron gives an amazing, inspiring, vintage-Paul speech at the Texas convention with his opening remarks being to the effect that compromise on principals is wrong. It was an inspiring speech, one needed to rejuvenate the sagging spirits following the unnecessary and poorly written announcement of limited campaigning before the big week-end of voting, which was a shot in his own foot.

    So on this high Rand comes out within hours and deflates the whole spirit with the bombshell. He could have at least waited until all the delegates are selected. This is either political bumbling on an armature level, or the intention was to demoralize the R3volution, which as grown beyond anything Ron could have expected and is out of his control. We are the R3volution.

    And he endorses a schmuck who’s goons have gone all over the country stealing the state elections from his father. WTF?

    I could go on but I agree with most of the other thoughts presented. Rand is done. The R3volution is not buying into the spin. This interview is the best explanation I’ve heard but he gets no more money from me. I’m sure the RNC with give him its donor mailing list.

    And one last thought – and then I’ll quite – why did Ron get 30% of the Kentucky vote in the primary? This is a state Rand took by force just two years previously with the Tea Party and his father’s reputation. 30%? Did he do a thing to get his father the Kentucky nomination? Anybody know about this?

  • yes, you are silly.

  • He will not audit the fed you dope.

  • You can’t support ron Paul and bash his son at the same time. Just let it go

    • Ron Paul supporter

      Wanna bet.
      Rand Paul is not Ron Paul. They are as different as night and day.
      Ron Paul would never go along to get along, nor would he support anyone who endorses Socialism.
      Rand Paul has shown that he is willing to compromise with evil, so he can kiss my @ss.

  • I trust ron paul and respect his family

  • robin

    French Canadian(the real one who speaks French),
    Would you like to see Ron Paul interviewed and explain what is really going on? The longer he waits the less credibility he is going to have. It separates a leader from a follower. It separates someone who is a defender of liberty and someone who allows others to bully and commit acts of intimidation, fraud and violence. The proof of what you believe is when it really counts. I pray that Ron Paul comes out of hiding and stands up for what is right by being HONEST. We deserve that as loyal supporters who have done everything we can to get him nominated.

  • Rand you didn’ have to give the support to him right awawy 🙁

  • The 29th President?? Please elaborate.