Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.

  • BP

    Breaking News:

    Randy has clarified his position, he is endorsing Romney because Romeny was going to win the nomination anyway. So he decided to go ahead and jump on the band wagon, and get a free ride.

    No shh!t.

    Does Randy actually think that Romney is going to pick him and his spaghetti arms to be his VP?

    What a joke these the Pauls have turned into.

  • John McCain (co author/sponsor of the NDAA) is a treasonous piece of scum. Rand can’t hold a candle to his father.

  • Ron Paul showed us who he really is: a sellout.


  • Michael

    Obama failed to live up to his so-called promises. What makes Rand or anyone else think that Romeny will perform differently? “We must get rid of Obama” is such a simple-minded argument, and I will not vote based on such a false and oversimplified premise.

    From the voters’ standpoint, we’re being forced to choose between diametrically opposed men: a socialist and a flip-flopper. I’d rather elect a man who is consistent in his political ideology (Obama) than elect a man who will betray voters when he feels it’s in his best interest to backtrack on his word (Romney).

    We’re humans, and psychologically we need to feel secure in our president’s abilities to be a dependable leader. So these idiotic endorsements on the Republican side are nothing more than pandering to the preservation of political decorum. I, for one, am tired of these games (i.e., the “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” mentality). The answer to our dilemma is simple: To expel corruption and stagnation in our government, Americans must create coalitions to elect constitutionally-oriented representatives! Don’t let the puppets on Washington Hill tell you that it’s ultimately their decision on how the government affects your personal lives and liberties. If one is really dissatisfied with how Washington is performing, then get involved like so many of us and create the changes yourself.

    Irrefutably, my first choice is Ron Paul, but I’m also considering Obama to hinder Romney from winning. Furthermore, after hearing Ron’s son speak today, I’m still steadfast in my decision to never vote for Rand. If he wants to think he’s a “good, honest guy,” then he’s entitled to those perceptions. He has neither convinced me nor earned my trust to represent the American people wholeheartedly. He’s just another caterer working for the establishment.

  • He’s not persuadable at all. Nothing will change. All the same policies will be carried forward.

  • Rand is trying to play the game, he thinks he can change it from within. He is wrong. I will see yall in Tampa

  • DO NOT let the momentum of this movement dissipate! I will continue to back Rand Paul & Ron Paul. Whom is in Congress right now that will push the ideas of Liberty? NOT MANY. If there were more Liberty minded individuals in Congress we would not have to sacrifice so much just to have our voices heard. Rand Paul is fighting for our freedom.
    He must sacrifice as well. We should all be planning how we are going to run for political positions ourselves. If we want to win this Revolution.

  • Well the question now is does Romney have enough delegates that ARE his supporters and will the delegates who are clearly (UNBOUND) under rule 38 abstain and vote their conscious in Tampa?

  • Exactly. People should be asking why the Ron camp capitulated to Romney, not why Rand endorsed Romney (while promising that it doesn’t change how he will vote).

  • I believe the Paul’s were threatened. It has been documented that Romney attended the recent Bilderberg meeting. Then the week after the meeting Paul says we don’t have the delegates to win. Just a little to coincidental in opinion. :/

  • Ed

    At first I was upset with Rand. After listening to him I completely understand his decision. People are forgetting that it still is Politics and you have to make smart political decisions. The Ron Paul movement has always been inside the GOP, so Rand still has to think about building bridges within the party to get things done. I think Rand’s record speaks for itself, so don’t judge him and satanize him for making a smart political move. The RP movement will survive with or without Ron or Rand.

  • For those who think Rand is compromising himself for the betterment of the Liberty movement and favors down the line, you are fooling yourself. Saying Mitt wants to audit the fed is like saying Greenspan or Bernenke do also. It’s just rhetoric to fool the dumb Ron Paul supporters. Sacrificing your integrity is no way to win support from those who deem it of utmost importance. Shame on you, Rand. To complain that your base doesn’t support your about-face is laughable.

  • lisa

    Cool … One Mafia boss, endoring another Mafia boss. The 2 party system is a Hoax- it’s 2 faces of the same party.

    Ron Paul stated it’s him vs the establishment. Now, his son joined the establishment. .. should be hard to swallow !

    Hope Ron Paul stick to his principles, irrespective of the family problems.

  • In that case Rand always said that he also supports his farther. He will endorse the nominee, whoever it is. If the nominee is Ron, everything is fine. But let’s not forget that it is the Ron camp that declared first that they wouldn’t win.

  • think again…

  • getnewadvisorsbro

    Rand’s endorsement of Mitt Romney actually helps Obama. Here me out. There are millions of disaffective Obama voters and independents who voted for Obama. Obama betrayed his supporters on every issue. However, those disaffective Obama supporters think Romeny is worse and wouldn’t be caught dead voting for him. Therefore, if Rand and Ron continued to speak against currupt politicians, both Obama and Romney, many of the former Obama supporters and Independents fed up with both parties would write in Ron Paul and not vote for Obama or Romney. However, I suspect that many of them will, reluctantly, vote for Obama as the lessor of two evils. Heck, I am thinking about voting for Obama because of this mess.

    Obama is a lame duck at this point. His loooonnng honey moon is over. However, if Mitt Romney is elected, we will hear the throw awya line “give Mitt time, he just got elected” “give him a chance he’s only been in there for a year” or “sure, mitt just killed baby kittens and drank their blood, but you’re just mad that Obama didn’t win.”

    • lisa

      Irrespective of all the nice words of Rand Paul, his actions speaks for itself. He joined the establishment.

  • The GOP is bent on RE SELECTION of their candidate Obama as the two for one party shows their corrupt unclean hands
    Please give Ron Paul another week or so it takes a while to compose oneself after there family has been leveraged – If they kill Ron Paul which they won’t but Mitt/Obama will have them go after his grand kids instead, I will still vote for the SPIRIT of RON PAUL !!!

  • It doesn’t matter if Willard has ALL the delegates. The majority are NOT Romney supporters. RULE 38! Why do you think he’s been running SCARED?

  • what the hell is going on with RAND PAUL? he is destroying RON PAUL’s Legacy!!! Either Rand Paul is a total genius and will be president one day or he is a total idiot. I mean he is talking about fighting for internet freedom and the praises john mccain who sponsored a bill to end internet freedom!!! is this the twilight zone or what?

  • Go with somebody that goes against the GRAIN! I rather piss on a spark plug!

    VOTE MICKEY MOUSE for President