Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.

  • French Canadian

    I think infiltrating a party is possible…this is what was done to both US parties within decades.

    BUT… it takes time, lots of time… 60 years and plus.

    You don’t have that kind of time. The clock is ticking double speed on you right now. So therefore, this is NOT the answer. Sorry RAND, it won’t work.

    • meme

      French Canadian? You say the clock is ticking? We’ll did you know YOU are out of time? Did you know the US just bailed out Canada? Canada just collapsed. Why didn’t you know? You are no better off than us. In fact your socialist/fascist leader is getting richer while you all get poorer. Where is all your money? Funneled into the leaders bank account? Socialism/Fascism doesn’t work.

      PS- Rand is off his rocker. The campaign does not yet have a nominee and RON Paul already won except they will not admit the correct vote count in most every state.

      Rand is a nobody. Who cares about Rand? He annoys the heck out of me.
      Rand needs to STFU and go away. He is inconsequential. He doesn’t even know we are still winning delegates and beating Oromney. Tell him to stuff it. HE IS NOT THE LIBERTY PARTY. He is another BS’r going along to get along.


  • French Canadian

    Scott R.,

    I am also calming down a little bit and for these reasons:

    – Rand said a long time ago that he would endorse the nominee

    But still, Romney has not been nominated yet. I am still mad at RAND for the timing of his announcement. That will have for consequences, that people will not fight as hard for the remaining delegates to be chosen for Tampa.

    – RAND is probably a good person, but very naïve.

    After all, not so long ago, no one knew about him… he was an unknown doctor. So he has a lot to learn about politics and he has to realize that you cannot play in the hands of the devil. Rand doesn’t have the political experience and wisdom of his father. And knowing Dr Paul, he would never put pressure on anyone, including his own son… he let Rand be Rand and learn from his own mistakes. “Freedom of choices comes with responsabilities”. You do what you want but you assume your own mistakes.

    – I feel sorry for Rand

    Because he destroyed his own carreer and don’t know it now… but he will eventually.
    I’m sure Rand was badly advised from the Campaing crew… little opportunists like Jesse Benton and al.

    For all the above reasons, I can understand his bad move. But if I was an American, I would never vote for Romney even if RAND would be his Vice President… which he won’t be anyways.

  • WHERE IS RON PAUL ???????????????

  • to be honest i believe rand was not happy to endorse romney. he says “im uh happy to endorse governor romney” hmm uh happy could that equal un-happy? idk

  • Agreed. His silence on all this is completely BIZARRE!

  • WHERE IS RON PAUL????????????

  • French Canadian


    Yes I know. I am so mad at Americans for snobing Infowars.com. This is why so many Americans are still so ignorant.

    Infowars is the best site to get real information. The best documented site on the Internet.

    People like Jon Rappoport, Gerald Celente, etc… admits on the Alex Jones Show, that the first thing they do every morning to get real news is to go to Infowars.

    Phony ‘Houla Massacre’: How Media Manipulates Public Opinion For Regime Change in Syria

  • robin

    Hi Scott,
    Many have us have gone through a sense of betrayal with all the turn of events in this campaign. Now it’s time to regroup and do what we do best-continue what we have been doing in the remaining states. My convention is coming up and I look forward to it. I also believe that no one knows how many delegates we will have-not even Ron Paul. That was just used as an excuse because of something else, but it doesn’t matter because we have to stay strong and committed no matter what is going on. It’s up to us now. Some of us realize that we can not wait another 4 years. Too much at stake and why people are reacting as they are. I also know that these kinds of events are used to distract and polarize people and as you can see it has been effective. Now it is time to come together and do whatever we can to get Ron Paul nominated. We have to show him and everyone that we will not compromise our beliefs. We have to expose the fraud, which many Ron Paul supporters are doing. They are the heroes of this election year and have shown their commitment to this movement and have stayed true to this cause when many caved when they had to confront all the corruption going on. We have to wake people up about the lies and propaganda which continues to be spread about the Middle East. Ben Swann told me he has contacted the Ron Paul campaign to get an interview, so we’ll see what happens. If Ron Paul and his family have been threatened, then I hope this comes out so we can stop it. None of us know the real story..

    • meme

      Rand is off his rocker. The campaign does not yet have a nominee and RON Paul already won except they will not admit the correct vote count in most every state.

      Rand is a nobody. Who cares about Rand? He annoys the heck out of me.
      Rand needs to STFU and go away. He is inconsequential. He doesn’t even know we are still winning delegates and beating Oromney. Tell him to stuff it. HE IS NOT THE LIBERTY PARTY. He is another BS’r going along to get along.

  • if Rand Paul thinks he is going to get a positive outcome with audit the fed he is in dream land, even if they did they would just cook the books they have the manpower to do that, sorry Rand you are a sellout it was better to lose and be a mater, and win next time than sell out and screw up your good name, are you sure your not a bast__d son?, another word for politics is lying and making lots of money, thanks.

  • Rand you are not part of our movement and the only reason anyone ever cared about you is because you are Ron Paul’s son. I also just lost some respect for peter schiff

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    As Lenin once said, the best way to control the masses, is to lead the opposition and yes, the Tea Party was hijacked, the Occupy movement I believe was a CIA operation and that is exactly what they are trying to do here. The intelligence community does this with many dissenting organizations. Divide us and then defeat us. You’ve seen how this endorsement by Rand has taken us off course and has done a great deal of damage because we have splintered. Someone made a comment that those who have left the movement in disgust without knowing all the facts are the real traitors. We all need to be reminded what people around the world have had to do to regain freedoms in their country. Many have lost their lives for liberty. We really lack commitment when the going gets rough. We literally give up when it’s more important now to stay unified no matter what happens. One test after another. When we stay angry, we accomplish absolutely nothing. I want to hear from RON PAUL because we deserve that much as loyal supporters who have worked tirelessly on his campaign. I have not given up hope and no matter what happens, we have to regroup and move on. Right now, we have the fight of our lives=getting more delegates, making sure they are protected to vote their conscience and from physical harm, documenting election and voter fraud, etc. Too many people just want to give up because things haven’t gone the way they hoped.

  • Scott R

    I’m starting to calm down now about the whole Rand Paul thing, but I still think he made a mistake… but the mistake was made months and months ago when he promissed to endorse the GOP candidate whomever that is.

    He didn’t want to look like a liar, so he had to go thru with this.

    Folks, if you read between the lines what is Rand Paul telling us by making that promiss?
    -no 3rd party candidate has a snow balls chance in hell of winning
    -Anybody is better then Obama

    The timing of the announcement shows that Ron Paul does not have enough delegates to take over the convention but we can hope for influence or VP pick.

    As long as we let that notion of 3rd party candidates do not have a chance continue, we will keep voting between a giant dusch and a turd sandwitch. So I disagree with him there.

    For me, it is hard to argue against Obama being one of the worst I can ever remember.

    I think calling him a “sell out” might have been a little harsh on my side, but that was before I knew he made that promiss. Promiss was made BEFORE the manipulation and the media bias showed up so I can’t hold it against him after all.

    Maybe Rand might get a temperary “bump up” in status at the GOP, but he will lose equal amount or more of his grass roots supporters because of this. It’s like selling 1/2 the bricks that make up your foundation in order to add on to the house. It doesn’t make sense.

    • meme

      Rand is off his rocker. The campaign does not yet have a nominee and RON Paul already won except they will not admit the correct vote count in most every state. WE DO NOT YET HAVE A NOMINEE. We have a “presumptive nominee” THAT”S ALL FOLKS. Don’t lay down and play dead. Rand is lying to us. Fight back and take the delegates to TAMPA.

  • his endorsement does not mean anything in terms of political philosophy?

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Getting Ron Paul nominated is top priority, but so is exposing all the war propaganda to get people to accept invading Syria and overthrowing Assad and then invading Iran. They have put up billboards in LA protesting the 30 Billion to the war machine in Israel. It was not easy to do, but we’ll see how long that lasts before they are told to take them down. Many in Israel, including top leaders have spoken out about how the Holocaust and anti=Semitism has been exploited to get the US to do their bidding for them. I commend all those peace activists here and there who are speaking out and getting ridiculed or labeled as racists when they are being ethical and moral and are concerned about the future of our own country financially and to prevent WW111. You will never hear about what Israel is doing to the North Africans who are there legally and all the other minority groups. I’m always amazed how we continue to turn a blinds eye to the human rights violations there because they are an ally. Don’t condone it anywhere else. The propaganda in Syria is exactly as it was in Libya and Iraq. Most Americans don’t realize how many Christians there are and they know Assad is trying to protect them. Most Americans don’t know that all the intelligence communities are doing false flag operations and blaming it on the Assad regime just as they did in Libya. I’m praying for some divine justice here and trying to wake people I know up who are buying into all these lies.

  • French Canadian

    Do you want to know what I really think?

    I think that the Tea Party that was started by Ron Paul, was hyjacked by the Neocons.
    And I think that the Neocons are now trying to hijack the Liberty Movement.

    This is what I think and this is what I fear the most.

  • robin

    FELLOW PATRIOTS: Ben Swann said he is trying to get an interview with RON PAUL, so we’ll see what happens.

  • French Canadian

    If you want to know what Adam Kokesh is planning for the Tampa Convention… watch this video:

    The Mechanism of Power with Adam Kokesh

  • French Canadian


    Don’t worry, I sometime get “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. I think they do it ramdomley… or when you posted a link that seems a bit suspicious. But they do not remove it. They don’t do the “moderation” right away… sometimes hours later… so your comment comes in on a different page. I know, whenever this happens to me… I look thru all the pages and I finally find it.

  • BP

    What happened to the videos:

    An appeal to Ron Paul, on Mitt Romney


    Linguistic Analysis of Rand Paul’s Endorsement of Romney Contradicts his words

    Looks like ronpaul.com removed them. Also, they are removing my comments, which are pretty reserved I think. So beware, censorship is alive a well at ronpaul.com

    When you post a comment does it say ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ ?
    Mine does, and then later the comment is removed.

    No I’m not offensive, but I have been critical of Rand Paul.

    I get the feeling that ronpaul.com is very much pro Rand Paul.

    Fall in line peeps, and get with the ronpaul.com narrative.

    • Michael

      Well, rest assured that I read this comment.

  • McCain is the biggest terrorist in this world ! that fucker need to be hanged !