Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.


  • I have to say that I agree with rand ….. But I still think nothing will get done

  • This just get better!! hahahaha. Rand, you sucker of satan’s cock!

  • That’s a laugh, it’s so unlikely for you Americans to start a Revolution (or People Power). The call for Revolution has died after the Civil War (147 years ago), and the population is too segregated. Blacks only care about themselves, US-Mexicans only care about themselves, US-Asians (Filipinos & Chinese in particular) only care about themselves, and lastly… Whites are incredibly fragmented and apologetic to everyone, as in “white guilt.” A nation of special interests the US has become.

  • Surfisher

    My 2 cents:

    The BO and Rmoney — both a waste of protoplasm in the attempt to create a human being (such cell formation could only be justified in creating a billy-goat — more precisely a Judas Goat (in the olden days when the sheep were wary to exit the pen to be slaughtered, a Judas Goat was introduced…it led them through the gate, where it passed safely, while the sheep that followed it got their brains bashed in)).

  • Those were fantasies? funny, i thought that was the Rp strategy. I didnt cook that up in my head. Wow man, fuck all this shit theyre talkin. I cant wait to hear what Ron Paul has to say when his spinsters are done talking for him. I have more respect for Romney, not that Id support him, at least Romney is honest about being a Douche

  • The question is, after being fucked by Bush, after being fucked by Obama, after being Fucked by Ron Paul, where do we stand as a people, do we get behind the next sweet talker? Or do we humble ourselves and admit we got played yet again and decide this is it, no more participating in a corrupt political system. You cant fix a corrupt system by playing by its rules. Liberty or death, give it to me now

  • French Canadian


    And by the way, in case you don’t know. We have a conservative Prime Minister by the name od Stephen Harper.

  • French Canadian


    You should be ashame to show so much ignorance:

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    Financial system that is the envy of the world—Canada’s remarkable growth is underpinned by a financial system that is the envy of the world. The sovereign debt crisis in Europe and renewed concerns about the global economic outlook have once again put a spotlight on bank safety. Canada, which has the soundest banking system in the world according the World Economic Forum, has become even more attractive than ever for global business leaders.

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  • whooboo

    looks like carcetti. friggin sell out.

  • Shaun

    Dr. Paul pls make a public statement about ur current stand .. do u support Romney or not ? why are u so silence ??

  • Finally, the Pauls are showing their colors…GOPers to the bone…

  • His silence is saying a lot…..

  • Kar

    RON PAUL is the only candidate, who will restore prosperity and peace. The only proamerican candidate, who respects, loves USA and US nation and who means improvement.

  • Surfisher

    After all the needed venting — Let us focus again!

    What, We The People (forget about the rest) must do:

    1) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    2) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    3) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!
    Invest all your energy and efforts to ASSURE, ASSURE, ASSURE Ron Paul gets that 5-state plurality!

    His speech alone will Rock the World! And the outcome may shock complacent America!

  • Don’t get me wrong, I completely disagree with Rand on his endorsement for Romney, but this would make a great story for the Revolution.
    The Betrayal of the Son.
    He does have a fair point though on some areas, so I’m not completely mad at him.

  • Get over yourselves. Good grief! The guy is trying to do the right thing and because he’s not a “cookie cutter” cutout of what YOU expect him to be, you’re ready to crucify the guy. Wow. I consider myself new to the Liberty Movement. I grew up in a southern democratic party household, I’m a constitutional conservative, I voted for “W” twice and Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party) in ’08. I’m the kind of conservative that you all have won over in the last 4-6 years (and need). Don’t blow it!

  • Bob Vondruska

    Regardless of why Rand Paul decided to endorse Mitt Romney, it really doesn’t matter anymore. I am supporting the father; not the son! I was upset just like everyone else, and I still am. We don’t expect to see our heroes go to the dark side, so when it happens there is a certain amount of anger toward our fallen hero. Eventually, we all have to come to the realization that this may only be an example of a child gone rogue like the prodical son in the bible. As with the prodical son, Rand messed up and will eventually need to make amends with his father. Knowing the kind of man that Ron Paul is, I am sure that he too will forgive Rand and welcome him back with open arms. It is unfortunate that Rand made this decision, and will be something that Rand Paul will have to deal with in the future.
    I would really like to hear Rand Paul’s “real” reason for endorsing Romney. Anyone who saw the announcement on Hannity’s show could tell that Rand was in no way joyful about the endorsement. Whether or not Rand did this to ease the establishment’s tension with his father, or maybe to make it possible for the RNC to give their final approval for the PaulFest; we may never know. Regardless, I can’t help but feel that Rand Paul made himself a small sacrifice for his father, without the knowledge or approval of his father of course. If this is truly the case, it would alieviate much of my resentment I have toward Rand. If he was only “taking one for the team”, it would take away the feelings of betrayal that most of us are going through. I sincerely hope that this is in fact the case, and that Rand says so in the near future.

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • boooooooooo.