Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.

  • Should I not respect you simply because of your ideology, and overlook any merits of your character?

  • I understand you now Rand, thanks for explaining it a little better. I guess your playing it smart, that’s good.


  • Rand said something about committing to the party to support the nominee when he was wanting to run as a Republican senator. That was IMHO his mistake. Other than that, time will tell. I will be glad when this is behind us. It is the Liberty movement to bring liberty to humans.

  • death threats??? some people take things way to serious.

  • “WHEN you don’t have the delegates” lol I think he’s been wanting to endorse Mittens for a long time.

  • Billy Rivera

    DO NOT let the momentum of this movement dissipate!

    I will continue to back Dr. Rand Paul & Dr. Ron Paul. Who is in Congress right now that will push the ideas of Liberty? NOT ENOUGH. If there were more Liberty minded individuals in Congress we would not have to sacrifice so much just to have our voices heard. Rand Paul is fighting for our freedom. He has and will sacrifice as well.
    We should all be planning how we are going to run for political positions ourselves. If we want to win this Revolution, we need to replace the corrupt individuals in the House and Senate. Running for political positions at the local level makes a huge difference as well. As a matter of fact, that is where most of us will start.
    In Maine, Ron Paul supporter Ashley Ryan is now the youngest known RNC Committeewoman. We have elected Liberty minded individuals all over the country, and will continue to do so.

    Third party candidates are not broadcasted on mainstream media, and their voices are not heard by the masses. If you dont believe me, go on the internet and look up how many individuals are running for president right now.
    Who wants to put up a fight?
    DO NOT let the momentum of this movement dissipate!

  • The only thing that really disturbs me is that I know a lot of people who donated money to the campaign who really didn’t have a lot of money to start with, all believing that ron paul actually had a chance. But now it sounds like they never intended on winning… they never fought when vote fraud was obvious…. why didnt you fight? it seems like your supporters fought harder than you did ..now, 0 well we’re republicans, we gotta stick with them….. thanks guys, I’m so disappointed


  • ms.coyote

    im saddened by this….i feel let down by hope. slapped in the face for believing in the good in people only to flip and turn into ONE OF THOSE!!!!!!!

  • Rand Paul is Benedict Arnold.

    He has turned to the Dark Side.

    I regret giving all my money to this trader and his father.

    Romney will never support an audit of the FED!!! Listen to what he says on camera!!

  • I would love to believe Rand Paul. I want to believe him because i think most people generally have good intentions, but supporting Romney… really? The people need to understand and look into the real issues intead of being blindly lead by the status quo, leading their lives unaware of the problems that will affect them in time.

    The face elected in 2012 will be once more, a martyr of the backroom controllers calling the shots. Even if Rand sticks to his guns, he will be given no attention.

  • Brand Paul neocon!

  • Brand Paul

  • It doesn’t matter now,Mitt cannot beat Obama only Ron could,Rand you are wasting our time with Mitt.

  • French Canadian

    Thanks for your response ROBIN,

    I feel just like you and I think you are right on this. Ron is probably too much of a gentleman. This is his “talon d’Achille)… don’t know how to say it in English.

    Still, Alex Jones is in top shape today… his show is fantastic. We don’t need Rand and Ron to lead the way. Every lover of liberty on this earth can carry the flame… and we will WIN this thing. Alex gives me hope, he never surrenders or compromises. He knows how to enhance a crowd. And there is a lot of people like him… this is all we have to know to keep on going.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    I don’t even have to listen to Alex Jones or any political commentary to know this is a likely possibility. He seems to be putting distance between himself and his supporters. We can only speculate why, and so I reserve judgment until we have all the facts. I’m sure the comments that have been directed towards his son and the in fighting has weighed heavily, but I pray that he realizes that instead of being silent and pretending as if everything is all right, he needs to talk honestly with his supporters. Avoiding the questions that people are asking is only fueling the fire and causing a rift in this movement. Maybe we are being tested to see whether we can stand on our own. The parent letting the children feign for themselves. This movement is more than Ron Paul, but right now we need to understand why he sent out that email. Is he downplaying the delegates we have, is avoiding any more violence and therefore conceding, wasn’t out to really win. It reminds me of a parent who gives their children the silent treatment when they misbehave instead of working out the conflict and giving them the tools to deal with problems in a positive way. He is a non-confrontational person and there is a place for that, but it appears to me that he hasn’t been in it to win and that bothered me from the very beginning. These legal battles should have been started a long time ago. The problem is the RNC and GOP have done things that they need to be accountable for, so I don’t agree with Ron Paul in just turning the other cheek and just smoothing things over. This has always been the problem in this country, but at the same time, what I’ve seen since Rand Paul made this announcement and the other decisions that have been made, is very immature behavior. All the profanity I’ve seen on these forums really makes me sick to my stomach because it says something about a lack of mutual respect. We are always in the attack mode. I’ve found myself saying things and wondering how I let myself be pulled into the muck. I told Ben that I don’t care about hearing what Rand Paul has to say because it’s much more important what Ron Paul has to say now. Why is he avoiding his supporters? Ben said he would be contacting the campaign to ask him for an interview, but I suspect he will decline. So, all we can do is wait and see what he does, and we just have to carry on if he does not have the strength or the courage to face us now. To be honest ,my disappointment was getting that email when we had such momentum. So many questions continue to go through my mind, but I’ll have to be patient and wait for the answers. Rand Paul’s endorsement didn’t affect me the way it did for other people because I didn’t see him in the same way. So, from what I can see, we have much to learn to carry the torch of liberty. We have to lead the way now.

  • French Canadian


    If you have the time, please go to:
    and listen to the first 15 minutes of the Alex Jones Show today.

    I want your opinion. Alex is saying that now it looks like RON Paul is not even sure he want to go to the Ron Paul Festival, because he doesn’t want to anger the GOP. Did I hear this correctly? Is this what he is really saying or what ????????????
    What is going on here???????????? Alex is on fire and very mad about all this.

    Give me your comments after you watched it. Listen to it with the WMV (in blue under the screen)… you have 3 choices “WMV, MP3, MP4… so you can start at the beginning of the show. Because if you just listen to the rebroadcast, you will fall wherever the show is at, at the moment you clik on it. To get the 3 blue choices under the screen, you have to go to the archives under the screen and choose today’s show… and then and click on “Listen and watch now”… and the 3 choices in blue will appear under the screen.

  • Citizen

    Rand is right on the money….

    The Tea Party Ron Paul supporters MUST be at the Convention to weigh in on the RNC Plateform!

    The Ron Paul deligates MUST “sell their vote” to support Mittens ONLY IF Mittens does as Rand said we would do.
    1. Audit the Fed
    2. End the Wars
    3. Immigration reform
    4. Balanced Budget!
    Don’t expect much more than that.
    The Lamestream Republican’s still think we can keep building the American Empire with our relentless Offensive Military power.

    Hey guess what, people…
    “We’ve run out of other peoples money” (China, Europe, etc) too!

    Last year alone, the FED monetized 77% of the National Debt, buying back the Treasury Notes that NO ONE else would, or worse, could buy!

    America is Greece on steroids, our deficit spending will SINK our ship.

    • AdamGmoney

      END SUBSTANCE PROHIBITION – The Crux of the Police State in America!

  • I don’t begrudge you your feelings, I’m disappointed too, but compromise is not always a patched with the devil. Jefferson originally wanted the slaves in the south freed, but needed to give in to unite the colonies. If he hadn’t, there be no United States of America.

    Compromise is one of many steps that must be taken rebuild our world, just as it was when we build a brand new one, so long ago.

    Regardless, I hope you continue to fight for liberty, we need more people like you doing so.

  • Hmm, weird, right after the Bilderberg meeting

  • I trust both Ron and Rand that they know what they’re doing. There’s only so much they can do. The Liberty Movement is gaining strength and the Fight is on!!!