Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.

  • robin

    The RON PAUL FEST is *STILL* definitely on and definitely at the Fairgrounds in Tampa as announced !!! The RNC has really backed itself into a corner because of the stupid games they play. This definitely reveals how many decades of fraud have been controlling the illusion of our “votes” in this country !!! Here is the REAL STORY from one of the organizers:

    Susan Wolfe –
    Here’s what the deal is: The RNC Host Committee told us they do NOT want to tell the media that they have approved our event. And they don’t want to have the media think they DENIED our event. So they are letting the contract go through BY DEFAULT. They told the Fairgrounds that if the Fairgrounds signs a contract with us, that they will not stop it from happening. So when the media contacts them, they are telling them “we did not approve it”, because they don’t want the got-dang GOP to think that they approved it. But they are letting it happen by default.


  • Ericrunnera

    Politically, what Rand did was unwise. His first mistake was going on the Sean Hannity show. Throughout the years Hannity has been extremely unkind and unfair to Ron Paul. Hannity is Ron Paul biggest enemy in the media. Second, if he wanted to endorse Romney for politically reasons he should have done it differently. He wholeheartedly endorsed Romeny without any qualifications.

    Rand Pual should have said something like this: “While Romeny and I (Rand) dosagree on a number of key issues, I think the most important thing to do right now is work towards defeating Obama in November.” Then Rand could have said: “The American people are fed up with big government, debt, and endless wars not declared by congress. I am confident that Romney will listen to the American people when he gets elected.”

    Rand’s advisors like Jack Hunter were concerned that Rand may alienate mainline republicans if didn’t endorse him Romney; however, did Jack Hunter not care about alienating the Pauls grass-root supporters? Unless Rand does a 180 on every single issue, the establishment, and mainline repubs, will never fully support or like Rand Paul. Which is scarey because is Rand Paul planning to convert fully to the big government, neocon camp? If that is the case he will be supported by the estavlishment in 2016.

    Politically Rand has made a few allies in the establishment friends at the xpense of his base.

  • Ron

    Everyone,please just read and listen the video on what Ron Paul told in 2008.


    Please Dr. Paul come out and talk to your supporter!

  • Again…WHERE IS Dr. RON PAUL ??????????????????

  • robin

    Surfisher and FELLOW PATRIOTS:
    Do we know if we have a plurality of 5 states to get him on the ballot? I think many Ron Paul supporters don’t realize that we need to secure this first. I just assumed we did because of the delegate map I saw. So, this is our biggest battle right now. Forget about Rand Paul. He does not matter. Also, we need to pray that these national delegates get the protection they need to vote their conscience and are protected from any coercion or intimidation. I hope we have some of our own protection in TAMPA because you know they are going to use us to test the waters when they declare martial law. They are setting up the training ground for a police state there. I also hope that Ron Paul does not cave into decorum and not attend the Paul Festival because the RNC does not support it. I believe this is his greatest test as it is ours. People, you are playing right into their hands by fighting amongst yourselves. We all come from different walks of life, and have our differences, but we have to come together for liberty. There are many who would like to undermine this movement, so why are some of you making it so easy to do.? Just keep in mind that many have infiltrated this movement as trolls that are fueling the fires now. STOP, take a deep breathe, and remember what you are fighting for and why you have supported RON PAUL. It is far from over….We do not have all the facts, so withhold judgment until you do and put your energy into getting RON PAUL a plurality of states and nominated in TAMPA. That’s all that matters right now. Document fraud and then follow through with others who are filing lawsuits.

  • I’m sorry Rand this just doe’nt wash> Look at Mitt’s record. Well maybe not, he flip flops so much, his record is a joke. Do the right thing Rand, apologize soon. Ron Paul’s suporters will never vote for Mitt. They will either stay home or back Gary Johnson. Man you’ve only been in Washington a couple of years and already you’re acting like a typical insider. You need to honor your father and the millions of people around the world who saw your dad as their last hope for sanity and freedom.

  • I don’t support Rand’s actions in this instance, but I understand his reasoning. He is the greatest friend to liberty the US Senate has seen in many years, and is not a traitor.

  • Rand will be used and dumped by the GOP, this is a attempt from the inside to destroy the revolution.

  • Ron needs to come out and say “hey my son might endorse Robomney….NOT ME!”

  • Avoiding Death

    Has anyone ever considered the possibility that the global elite, the ones with the power, the Mitt Romneys of Politics, TOLD Rand Paul to either support and endorse him, or take a fuckin bullet to the skull? This didn’t cross anyone’s mind? I mean it seems like a great way to lose any hope or momentum if they can manage to get Ron Paul’s son to turn against him. Kinda seems like a Do it OR DIE, situation to me. Hell, he probably told Dr. Paul about it and he probably encouraged him to do it. The People in Power will do Any and EVERYTHING to remain in power. Murder is not outside of the box, ask JFK.

  • Rand, you are wrong this is NOT about politics it is about principles and YOU are not your Fathers son! There is nothing in the rule book that says that you have to “endorse” anybody out side of your dad just because he ” don’t” have enough delegates…Recant and simply let the Republican party crash and burn its nothing but a whore house anyway…Get back to American principles!

  • getnewadvisorsbro

    in this case the apple did fall FAR from the tree, rolled down the hill and got tramppled by a herd of elephants.

  • But he didnt betray Ron Paul.
    He even says, that Ron Paul is his first choice.

  • Agreed; It is philisophical totalism.

  • No, he takes a different approach to solving what he perceives to be problems and injustices.

  • Is that the linch mob asking?

  • How were you “Fucked” by Ron Paul? Did you not understand that his goal as a politician and as a movement was to spread the ideology of liberty? Think of how much you have accomplished.

  • Of course he will be given attention; he has tremendous appeal across the spectrum of ideologies and he is one of the most recognized individuals of congress.

  • I did not realize you could read the minds of politicians.

    There are many reasons to believe that Romney will support an audit of the FED, he after all has a history with dealing with bankrupt companies.

  • Does that make Ron Paul a sellout for having endorsed Newt Gingrich as chairman, or for the Afghanistan war?