Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.

  • I feel that Congress needs to pass a law that ends this duopoly of the money and the power in Washington. The end of the duopoly starts by opening the door for four candidates to be involved in the Presidential debates. When there is an actual vehicle there for an alternative in Washington; why should we fight for control of a party of dying old people– the same old people who got us into all of this debt spending and war because they never cared about the next generation?

  • Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • look at rands left eye is he reptilian? they got the paul family just like they got the kennedys. sounds like a bunch of b.s. you don’t change the system it changes you, as we have just seen and heard first hand. so how much did you lose in those money bombs? bunch of crooks they knew they lost and still asked for more. remember when the devil media was saying ron paul quits they were right and a lot of people got bled for more. for me it is revolution period i am done with the b.s.


  • Denise Appletone

    Rand is a fool in the way he is handling this, and a fool to think endorsing Romney early buys him clout for a “real” audit of the fed, or a vp consideration.

    Using Rand’s logic, Romney could buy lots of clout and legitimize his cause, if he’d simply endorse Obama as President BEFORE the November election, and simply “look for “commonalities” with the liberal agenda.

    I guess after 30 years, its time for Ron to go out with a whimper? I guess the “rEVOLution” has turned into evolution?

  • The only way I was going to vote for the Republican this year was if Paul was the name on the ticket. The media, without question, never gave Ron Paul the attention he deserved. Paul wasn’t treated as a front runner even though, in the end, he won Iowa and placed second in New Hampshire. Moving forward in 2016 (because Romney is a sinker & everyone knows it); Rand Paul has the mandate to storm the Primaries, following his father’s strong showing.
    If I vote this year; it will be independent.

  • Rand’s choice of making public his decision to endorse the Corporatist NeoCon Mittens Romneybot on the most evil of Murdoch’s FIXED News Channel’s NeoFascist Propaganda outlets – Sean Hannity – shows one of 2 things about Rand Paul: 1) Either he has NO Clue. Or 2) He’s been bought and paid for and is just another snake in the grass. Either way, Rands Choice to go on Hannity to betray his Father will haunt him forever.

  • Denise Appletone

    Rand’s interview today with Glenn Beck further infuriated me. Instead of simply asking unhappy supporters to be understanding, Rand responded to “unhappy” supporters by calling them the “smallest amount” and “extremists”.

    Rand Quote 1:
    “the people who are the most unhappy are often the really smallest amount of your supporters.”.

    Rand Quote 2:
    “So, I think really sometimes the extremists on the Internet get more credit than really the entire movement and they shouldn’t represent the entire movement.”

    In my opinion, Rand is just digging the hole deeper and deeper.

  • Tim Johnson

    Like many others, I personally made the bad assumption that Rand would replace Ron as the leader of the Liberty movement. I guess we had that all WRONG!

    The Liberty movement has thousands of people out there willing to lead and keep the movement strong, but eventually, we will once again need a single leader to speak on the national stage. Who it will be? We don’t yet know. But we do know one thing – it will NOT be Rand!

  • French Canadian


    Carol Paul says the same thing as Chuck Baldwin said on his incredible one hour interview yesterday on the Infowars Nightly News.

    Chuck said that Ron Paul would never support Romney.

  • robin

    French Canadian and Fellow Patriots,
    We don’t need experts telling us what we should already know. If we allow the infiltrators of this movement to divide us and so our energy goes into fighting each other and being angry, then yes, they will have won. It’s up to us now. People need to remember what other people in far off lands had to do to get their liberty. If they gave up or got distracted over people like Rand Paul, then nothing would change. We have to grow up and be adults now. We are on our own. No one is holding our hand…

    Keep in mind the trolls are hard at work trying to divide us and fuel the fire. Wake up and remember about what you are fighting for because we are a powerful force when we stay united and they know that.

    • DailyPaulPeet


      Look at the demonstration in Egypt now, these people don’t give up and are ready for revolution nr. 3 or 4, untill things are fair and square in that country. What a courage these young Egyptians have!!

  • robin

    An interview with Carol Paul yesterday. I’ll let you be the judge. Says Ron Paul found out 1/2 before Rand had his interview.

  • While I will not support Romney (leaning toward Johnson right now), I think that Rand Paul made a smart decision for himself and for the movement in endorsing him. Rand Paul is the most likely liberty-minded politician to be president. He isn’t his father, but I believe he can pull this nation out of the gutter.

    Those bashing him for a simple endorsement that he promised are not seeing the big picture. A Rand Paul presidency would undoubtedly be good for liberty. This endorsement helps that.

  • Romney is an ovomit clone.
    But, the fact remains that, so far, this is a two POS “contest”. I guess I really don’t think that voting will make one whit of difference. Remember how the votes are counted and how they’re cast.
    The district of criminals is beyond salvation.

  • Rand is a joke next he will be endorsing Hillary

  • Im so fucking conflicted.

  • French Canadian

    “During an interview on Alex Jones’ Nightly News, Pastor Chuck Baldwin concisely dissected Rand Paul’s endorsement of establishment candidate Mitt Romney and gauged its negative impact on the Ron Paul revolution.”

    Chuck Baldwin Warns Ron Paul (Video)


    Today on the Alex jones Show, the guests are Gary Johnson and Lew Rockwell

  • French Canadian

    Gary Johnson is the guest of the Alex Jones Show today.

  • I had my questions but now we see the truth, Ron Paul is a traitor, like no other.

    Okay this is how it went down , Ron Paul and these other jokers made sure that the Teaparty is hemmed in.

    The establishment has too much money and people have bought in to them. But we should not be discouraged this is a long term war.

  • French Canadian

    “The following video from 2008 shows Ron Paul at his finest, explaining that endorsing a candidate you do not believe in just because they are the best of a bad bunch is not the way the American people are going to restore their country to a sound political footing”

    Ron Paul 2012 Should Listen To Ron Paul 2008

  • Alfred

    Message to Rand Paul – if you endorse Mitt Romney you might as well support Obama! There’s no difference!