Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.

  • It’s all a “paul plan” people he’s doing this so he can get in the white house which we need!

  • French Canadian


    I don’t think it is a good idea to tell people to “Grow-Up”. Ron Paul supporters are grown-up and very awaken to what is going on in this country and thru out the world.
    Romney, Rand, the Paul campaign’s crew and the medias are the ones who should “Grow-Up”… not the Ron Paul supporters.

    We have all the rights in the world to be sad, mad and to feel betrayed. As a matter of fact, if we were not, there would be something very wrong with us.

    Did you know that Rand told the media (don’t remember which one) that the supporters of his father who were sad, mad and decieved because of him (RAND)endorsing Romney was only a small portion of the supporters and that they were part of the radical extremist supporters? Now… if this doesn’t make you mad, nothing will.

    The medias of course , jump on this like wolves on a sheep… and everywhere they are now telling the Ron Paul supporters to “Grow-up”. Absolutely despicable!

    I still believe in RON Paul and still wishes he can get the nomination. But I have lost all faith in RAND. And I am proud of it. I do not like people with no principle.

    I rarely admire a person. In my life time… and I am very old, I’ve really admired only two people: Ron Paul and Alex Jones. And for the same reasons: because they will never surrender or compromise, because they are not afraid to tell the truth, and they will fight to the end for what they believe in.

    If Ron Paul would ever endorse Romney, this would be the biggest deception of my whole life. I am very good at judging people… and I don’t want to brag, but I was never wrong on my impression of someone. So this would be a first for me.

    As far as Alex Jones is concerned… lol… there is NO WAY he would endorse a guy like Romney… so I am not worried about him. .. I know this guy could never decieve me.

    • robin

      French Canadian,
      What I meant by “grow up” is that I would hope people in this movement realize that it is up to us now. Better to know now where Rand Paul stands than later. It’s a wake up call. People aren’t always the way we expect or want them to be. That attacking one another is going to undermine this movement. You don’t see the verbal assaults I’ve seen on forums and it is counterproductive. That is what I mean. Of course, everyone has the right to be disappointed and angry, but as long as we stay in this state of mind, we will accomplish absolutely nothing. I really wanted to hear what Pastor Baldwin was going to say about Reagan, but Alex Jones just wouldn’t let him finish and why I don’t care for his style of interviewing. He doesn’t know how to shut up and listen. This is what we are working on in our own GOP who are still stuck in an adversarial mindset. Instead of focusing on the issues that cross party lines and have a unifying message, they persist on the division. They need to blame someone-those democrats or those liberals. We are trying to help them realize that if they want to accomplish anything, they have to stop the blaming and remember we are all Americans. Also, all the profanity I’ve seen to get attention on these forums. We’ve seen it on this blog with trolls that come on here, or people who feel that is the only way to express themselves by verbally assaulting someone who does not agree. We all have a lot of growing up to do-I include myself here….

  • French Canadian

    WOW… and re-WOW!

    The two interviews on the Alex Jones Show today were incredibly fantastics.

    1- Lew Rockwell: What a man! His interview was absolutely breathtaking!

    2- Gary Johnson: The guy convinced me… and also convinced Alex Jones. If Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination… get behind this guy and vote for him… I would. Another great American.

    If you do not take the time to listen to these two interviews… you gotta be completely out of your mind…lol. MUST LISTEN.

    I will post the links to these videos tomorrow, they will be on Infowars.


  • Why would you be done with the ideology of liberty? Additionally, do you believe that nothing can be accomplished by exercising the political system, even now that Ron Paul is not likely to win the nomination? Without Ron Paul, I very much doubt that real issues would have been injected into the debate, and that the tea party would very much not exist.

  • Scott R

    A quick comparison between Gary Johnson, Romney and Obama.


    So why did Rand endorse Romney? As you can see, BY FAR Johnson is the closest candidate to Paul. Romney is closer to Obama then Johnson.

    What am I missing here?

  • Rand Paul fought PATRIOT Act renewal, fought Obama’s Libyan invasion, was against the NDAA and SOPA, introduced a $500-billion spending cut bill, is right now working on things (as he notes in the video) like a Federal Reserve audit and hemp legalization– the list goes on. I don’t think there has EVER been a US Senator with so liberty-oriented a legislative agenda as Rand Paul.

    • DailyPaulPeet

      That is true, and if you look at it from that side we got a hack of a friend in the WhiteHouse. But boy, is Rand walking a tight rope. Hope he stays all the way on our side.

  • mcain due to Rand removed one of the worst parts of the NDAA…

  • French Canadian

    Tom Woods: Ron, Don’t Endorse Mitt Romney (Video)

  • robin

    Ben Swann is doing a one-on-one interview with Rand Paul tonight and talking about Santorum and what he wants to do to undermine the liberty voice in TAMPA. I’m sure Ben will ask thoughtful questions. He’s been there with us when no other MSM would. Go to Reality Check as he will post it after the interview.

  • Bob Vondruska

    Contrary to how Rand Paul feels about Mitt Romney, I happen to feel just the opposite. I do not believe that Mitt Romney has it in his DNA to advance the cause of liberty, so I am really not sure what, if anything Rand Paul sees in this guy. I personally think that Rand’s endorsement of Romney was more about “being a team player” than anything.
    Regardless of what you may hear in the media that the race between Obama and Romney will be “competitive”, don’t believe the hype……it’s pure BS! The media knows that Obama will trounce Romney by somewhere between 15% and 30%, and that there will be nothing “competitive” when Romney gets blown out like Bob Dole in 1996. Anyone with half a brain can see the writing on the wall! It’s not that Obama is that remarkable as much as it is about Romney being an equally bad choice. When you are choosing between two turds, does it really matter if one stinks a little more? Crap is crap folks!
    Romney is simply not an exciting candidate. He is boring, robotic, and unbelievable (the supreme flip-flopper). He has no real plan, no principles, and is a man with no core. As much as some people say that Romney has business experience, all I see is a guy who runs businesses into the ground and destroyed more jobs than he created. He did a piss-poor job as governor of Massachusetts, where he only served one term, and was essentially spoon-fed by his daddy for most of his adult life. But the thing that is most dangerous about Mitt Romney is his mental state as it relates to his religious beliefs. All I will say is read this stuff for yourself (google “Joseph Smith”) and then see if you still feel the same about Mitt Romney afterward.
    I honestly wish that some multi-millionaire would step forward and pay the expense of running 30 second ads nationwide that expose Mitt Romney for who he really is. If we could do something like this all the way up to the RNC in Tampa, we might actually come out of it with a different nominee (like Ron Paul). We don’t have to settle for an empty-suit robotic clown puppet for the establishment like Mitt Romney. Four years is a long time, and much can change (for the worse) during that time. If we want to turn things around, it won’t happen with Mitt Romney (even if he could actually beat Obama). Ron Paul is our only choice!

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • robin

    Scott R,
    You are absolutely correct that these folks who have been working tirelessly to become national delegates, fighting all the fraud, are the heroes of this campaign. I commend them for doing what was necessary for liberty. I am waiting to hear from Ben Swann whether Ron Paul will do an interview with him. I was disappointed to hear that he may not come to the Paul Festival because it may upset the RNC. There is always a time one has to stand up to a bully otherwise they will think it is acceptable to do what they do. This is Ron Paul’s Achilles Heel. Nothing is set in stone, so I will continue to pray for some divine justice here and those of us who still have state conventions and are national delegates should not give up. We have to send a message that we will not compromise our principles. Watch the video that French Canadian posted where he interviews Pastor Chuck Baldwin. I think it is worth your time. When those in my meet=up group were looking forward to Rand Paul, I said that he is nothing like his father=especially in foreign policy, but when people put anyone on a pedestal then they fail to see what is right in front of them. That’s why I don’t real any anger because I saw this coming. Ben Swann said he would be contacting the Ron Paul campaign to interview Ron Paul, but I said to make sure and try and talk to him directly because many of us don’t trust those running his campaign. I think we deserve to hear from him directly, not in an email. This is his greatest test in the end=of biblical proportions as it is ours in what direction we take.

  • Scott R

    Gary Johnson 2012

    That’s where Rand has left the “extremists” within the Ron Paul camp that can’t support someone who:

    -won’t repeal the patriot act
    -was the author of Romney Care
    -is more then willing to keep us as policeman of the world
    -nationbuilding overseas is prioritized ahead of the US which in case you missed it is still struggling with unemployment

    hmm isn’t that like cutting the HEART out of the true grass root support base??

    I still think that every delegate that shows up and fights for Ron Paul deserves the HIGHEST honors.

    But seriously? We need to get behind Gary Johnson folks. There is nothing wrong with having a VERY SOLID backup plan. Look him up. Go to his website. Start telling your peeps about him now. Don’t write in Paul if he doesn’t run 3rd party. We need YOUR support! IF Gary’s numbers increase we could get him in the debates and REALLY gain some popularity and momentum for the movement.

    The failed 2-party system is a bigger problem the Obama.


  • robin

    Where are we in terms of the 5 state plurality? Do you know?

  • Jess

    Ron Paul – Fire all your staff members whom are supportive of Mitt Romney, as they are traitors and working for the corrupt establishment.

  • George Simpson

    One of the great attributes of Ron Paul is that he has the exact same message, no matter what type of audience he is addressing or who is interviewing him.

    Rand on the other hand is the typical politician that changes his message based upon the audience. Just compare Rand’s interview with Kurt Wallace to the one earlier today on Glenn Beck where Rand basically says those supporters who are unhappy with his endorsement are the “smallest” part of the movement and they are “extremist”.

    So Rand basically bashed us “unhappy” Liberty supporters behind our backs to appease Glenn Beck, but delivered a completely different message during for the Wallace interview.

    Personally, I find this extremely disappointing and insulting!

  • Hes just kissing ass to become our next-next president.

  • Thats political jargon. His goal was to run for president, fuck all that bullshit talk about liberty after the fact. If he just lost and was straight forward about it that would be fine, we all knew it was a longshit, but to hype people up to the last minuite and then just go underground and send his son out to endorseRomney to secure a political position in the same old party is just bullshit. So I guess were all supposed to vote for Romney now. Liberty? Im done with this bunk ass shit.

  • Rand Paul is simply “playing the game” in order to make our principles a permanent part of the GOP platform, which can only be done from the INSIDE. Paul supporters are winning public office all across the U.S. So just relax, but don’t stop fighting.

  • yea our greatest friend is sleeping with the enemy.