Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.

  • Alfred

    Message to Rand Paul – if you endorse Mitt Romney you might as well support Obama! There’s no difference!

    Message to Ron Paul — There’s not a man like you in politics! Thank you for defending Liberty and the Constitution! You have shown the American people what freedom was suppose to be all about. Freedom is also appealing to individuals all around the world. This movement for Liberty is world wide! Reaching one person at a time.


  • John

    RON PAUL without any doubt is still the best candidate for the oval office and he has my support all the way to the white house. I will not be divided or blinded by what happened. Rand can support any candidate he wants to. I’m still voting for RON PAUL.

  • No endorsement

    Why will Ron Paul endorse Romney, the establishment candidate ?


    • Scott R

      A quick comparison between Gary Johnson, Romney and Obama.


    • Scott R

      Nader is a socialist… but if you think it is better for the government to spend your hard earned money then for you to spend it yourself by all means.

      I for one think that the government is like a middle man, taking a cut out of our tax dollars before spending it on various programs. You also end up with crap we don’t need or demand “propped up” by the government due to the lobbists. In the mean time stuff we REALLY need we can’t afford because we’ve been over taxed. So those businesses that provide what we NEED suffer while those that help those in power stay in power with their “donations” get an undeserving break.

      This is all aside from the point that the government SHOULD NOT be spending tax payer money on Abortions. Even if you are pro-choice, isn’t is my religious right to NOT spend my money on them? MILLIONS and BILLIONS of tax payer dollars are constantly sent to areas of the economy that probably violate YOUR moral and religions beliefs every day.

      Socialism gets a BIG thumbs down!!!

  • “Liberty? Im done with this bunk ass shit.”
    Unlike you, I am not gifted with the ability to read other peoples minds. That being said, I think it is unfortunate that such zeal is not directed to making the best of a non ideal situation.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    What I meant by “grow up” is that I would hope people in this movement realize that it is up to us now. Better to know now where Rand Paul stands than later. It’s a wake up call. People aren’t always the way we expect or want them to be. That attacking one another is going to undermine this movement. You don’t see the verbal assaults I’ve seen on forums and it is counterproductive. That is what I mean. Of course, everyone has the right to be disappointed and angry, but as long as we stay in this state of mind, we will accomplish absolutely nothing. I really wanted to hear what Pastor Baldwin was going to say about Reagan, but Alex Jones just wouldn’t let him finish and why I don’t care for his style of interviewing. He doesn’t know how to shut up and listen. This is what we are working on in our own GOP who are still stuck in an adversarial mindset. Instead of focusing on the issues that cross party lines and have a unifying message, they persist on the division. They need to blame someone-those democrats or those liberals. We are trying to help them realize that if they want to accomplish anything, they have to stop the blaming and remember we are all Americans. Also, all the profanity I’ve seen to get attention on these forums. We’ve seen it on this blog with trolls that come on here, or people who feel that is the only way to express themselves by verbally assaulting someone who does not agree. We all have a lot of growing up to do-I include myself here….liberty, prosperity, peace….

  • How can you trust, believe and even defend someone who has flip flopped as many times as Romney…Give me a break Rand.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Can you post the Lew Rockwell and Gary Johnson interviews? Thanks..I really appreciate your posts. I was disappointed in what Ben Swann asked Rand Paul(it was very short-only a few questions and no new insights), but I’m praying that he is able to get Ron Paul to talk to his supporters. This is Ron Paul’s most important test about what it means to be a wise sage….He’s got to come out of the shadows….

  • “Do you think those things would happen were I not here. I get disturbed that nobody is willing to acknowledge or care about those issues.”

    Cry me a river, dick face

  • “People say ‘Well you didn’t work hard enough for your dad.’ I take that as an insult.”

    It is an insult, you boob

  • Oh so we’re [Ron supporters] are delusional now, huh? Way to add insult to injury, Rand, you creep, you Judas goat.

  • Ron Paul supporter

    I find it interesting that rand paul asks that people act responsibly, yet, he endorses a man who will not bring our troops home from around the world.
    A man who will not cut the size and scope of government.
    A man who will not fight to abolish the patriot act and all of the surveilence into the private lives of American citizens.
    A man who will not demand and support an audit of the federal reserve.
    A man who will not fight to put a stop to the perverted acts of the TSA.

    rand paul, it’s time to act responsibly and withdraw your support for communist romney.
    No more compromising with these communists.

  • I want to personally thank Rand Paul for his father collecting hard earned dollars from struggling Americans and GI’s while this was all just a farce….I hope there is a warm place waiting for you in the after world..

  • david

    so many people had so much faith and still have much faith in Ron Paul because we see him as a man of principle.
    If Ron paul endorses someone like rommeny we will lose respect for him and this will only hurt him.
    Ron paul needs to keep going no matter what.

  • Stabbing his own father in the back? Never trust this snake again.

  • Rand Paul for VP 2012!

  • Oh your gonna be a spinster to now? I didnt say I was done with liberty and you know it. Worship your readymade puppet just like the Bush lapdogs, and the Obamabots. Pathetic. Ron Pauls a fake, your a blind sheep, nothing more to say

  • John

    Please post this YouTube video:

    RON PAUL 2012 should listen to RON PAUL 2008


  • Rand paul is a joke !

  • This is why America is Falling and the gullible are PROUD AND PLEASED.

  • It’s sad that people focus too much on one seemingly negative action, while ignoring several positive aims. Rand’s endorsing of Romney though, seems to have created some kind of divide in the liberty movement.