Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.

  • Gary Johnson 2012!


  • i support all the paul family 🙂 RON PAUL 2012

  • robin

    I’m sure that Ron Paul is in deep spiritual mediation now because of what is going on with a movement that he fought for his entire career. Because he doesn’t like confrontation, that’s why he seems to have gone into the shadows. I am waiting to see what he does, but I have not given up hope that we will have a brokered convention. I believe this is his greatest test as a wise leader of this movement and doing the right thing by his supporters. I don’t believe even Ron knows about the delegates, but that email was because of all the fighting going on and he wanted to end that. Ben Swann will do what he can to get him to break his silence because he needs to do the right thing. I’m certainly glad I did not get those Rand Paul emails for money. I just couldn’t believe how much Jesse Benton made, but apparently most make more than he did-over 1/2 million this year alone. People living from pay check to pay check digging dip in their pockets because they thought that this campaign was about winning the nomination and standing up against the fraud. I know that people will work even harder now who are delegates and going to their state conventions just to send a message to the GOP that they can not demolish the liberty movement or control it and our vote.

  • Scott R

    Ron Paul if you are reading these comments, PLEASE consider the 3rd party bid. The GOP has NEVER done you any favors. The media bias was horrible durring the primary. Rand has shown us all that we can not “play nice” and keep the support base happy. Are you really going to be silent after all the mud they’ve dragged you though?

    If we truly don’t have the support we need at the convention, you need to break your GOP ties ASAP and join forces with Gary Johnson AT LEAST with an endorsement and an appeal to the support base to vote for Gary rather then writing you in. Of course joining forces with Gary would be ideal. This is because we need at least 15% of the vote to participate in the debates. I know you can get the 15%. Even if you don’t win, it would still be a boost to the cause to get the message out again on a national stage. Who cares if you steal votes from Romney and Obama wins. Does anyone really think it makes a difference which one wins?

    If we DO have enough support to keep hopes alive, your supporters deserve to know that FROM YOU after Rand publically endorsed and committed to campaigning for Romney.

  • Alfred

    If people are disappointed at Rand Paul’s decision to endorse Mitt Romney, just imagine how disappointing it must be for Ron Paul! Maybe Rand Paul discussed his decision to endorse Romney with his father, but what could Ron do? Rand is a grown man, and he made his choice.
    Now Liberty movement is behind Ron Paul, not his son. Let’s go to Tampa, and show the establishment our support for Ron Paul! The media got to Rand Paul, DON’T LET THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA GET TO YOU TOO!

  • I actually don’t think it comes at all but yeah… keep on hoping, it might help.

  • Quentin Lewis

    After receiving letter after letter from Rand Paul as the “face” of the Campaign for Liberty”, he goes off and does this and this is how he “explains” to these followers? (on a radio talk show)

    It would be nice if he penned another one of those Campaign for Liberty letters asking for money, except this one with his explanation for the Romney endorsement. I suppose the Campaign for Liberty might not be so happy to see that…but then again, I have seen nothing from THEM explaining that they think happened in this regard. How do they feel about Rand Paul and a Romney endorsement?

    This idea that the Ron Paul delegates can do more good “from the inside” of the party than as people coming to demanding change is total BS……it is one way to “quiet” them……one way to “herd” the whole liberty minded group of us into the fold.

    Way back in the 90’s when I lived in NH, I asked Conservative Presidential Candidate Allen Keyes if he thought he and Pat Buchannan’s Presidential race activities might be used as a way for the Republican Party to “herd” conservatives into the party so that they would offer up their vote for whatever milk-toast the party would forward into the election, and he did not think that was what happens…..but the more I see how BOTH the Republican and Democrat party works, I think this is exactly how they operate……they might NOT get Liberty minded people to vote FOR Romney, but they will now do their level best to make us hate and VOTE AGAINST President Obama, all the while convincing us that voting Libertarian is wasting a vote. (because they will tell us it would not be AGAINST the President)

    Well, I for one and tired of this garbage, and am not going to be “herded”. I plan on voting FOR someone…..and NOT against anyone. I would rather write-in Ron Paul than get sucked into either party of manipulation. I will look closer at Gary Johnson and if I like him….vote FOR him….otherwise, Ron Paul is my vote.

  • Armed Revolution, the only thing that changes governments…. Coming Soon 😉

  • Armed Revolution, the only thing that changes governments…. Coming Soon 😉

  • How many members of congress came out to endorse people? So why did he absolutely have to?

  • George Simpson

    By endorsing Romney, isn’t Rand indirectly endorsing Romney’s top supporters?

    If Rand thinks these guys are going to let Romney do a true audit of the fed, he’s delusional.

  • robin

    FELLOW PATRIOTS: The state department is spinning more lies about Syria. I have relatives in Damascus who are Christians and know all too well if they depose Assad, their days are numbered because these Syrian rebels we are giving weapons and intelligence equipment will think nothing of wiping them out. I’ve asked Ben Swann to look into this before we start WW111. This is paramount right now. Beware of a big false flag operation. Now just how did NATO know ahead of time where these massacres are going to be unless they are in on it? The people continue to buy all the lies about who committed the massacre of those children. A Catholic priest says the rebels are using Christians as human shields and then blaming it on the Assad army. We just have to wake people up because this will be the beginning of the end for everyone on this planet.

  • French Canadian

    Scott R,

    The interview on the Alex Jones Show yesterday, with Gary Jonhnson, will boost his ratings tremendously.

    You can listen to it at the link I posted at 12:48, today (June 15).

  • Scott R

    The ONLY way I can see Rand coming out of this mess that he’s made is for Ron to run 3rd party, and for Rand to change his endorsement.

    Paul and Johnson should team up!

    • Scott R

      What did I get, an email every day asking for money from Rand? Rand switching sides as just as bad as finding out that a church donation instead of going to the poor went to buying a shiny new drone to spy on the American people.


  • French Canadian


    “I really wanted to hear what Pastor Baldwin was going to say about Reagan, but Alex Jones just wouldn’t let him finish and why I don’t care for his style of interviewing. He doesn’t know how to shut up and listen.” (ROBIN)

    I know what you mean. When I first started to listen to him, I felt just like you. But I got to know him better. Alex is a passionate patriot, whose brain speed is at 1,000 miles an hour…lol. Alex is a real encyclopedia…. and he can’t shut up. But don’t worry, he criticizes Reagan often… you should have seen him in interviews with Charlotte Iserby… oh boy!

    Alex is a regular American… he doesn’t have the class of a Loo Dobb… He is part of the populous… like a guy on the street. Finally, this is why I appreciate him so much: He is for REAL. But he knows his flaws. He keeps apolizising for interrupting all the times… he says: “I can’t hepl it… my brain goes too fast and I don’t want to forget what I was just thinking.

    Anybody who listenned to him feeels just like you and me when they firt start listening to him… but it washes away fast when you realize who he really is.

    All his incredible guests with no exception, always tell Alex that it is a real honnor and great pleasure to be on his show. He is very well respected by all his guests and audience.

    Alex is very humble… he laughts at himself, sometimes he ends the show saying things like: “I’m Alex Jones , the Texas Hillbilly, who can’t shut up and cuts everyone…. signing out.

    Hey, he started the “Infowars Nightly News” who was supposed to be an half an hour show… and sometimes it is almost as long as his daily show… lol

    In short, the guy is for real and the more you listen to him, the more you like him.


    Thanks for your explanation for the “Grow-up” stuff.

  • Scott R

    A new survey by IBOPE Ineligencia has found 20% of Americans will likely vote for a third party candidate in the November, 2012 election.

    Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson is viewed favorably by 18% of voters and unfavorably by 19%, while 61% are not familiar enough with him to have an opinion.

    “The Federal Reserve has destroyed the buying power of the U.S. dollar and weakened our economic position in the world. It’s time to audit the Fed, kick out the bad actors, reform and restore the strength of our currency.”

    Help him people…. help him!!!

  • Scott R

    Gary Johnson on the military:

    “I pledge to reduce military spending by 43 percent — to the disbelief of those who refuse to let go of interventionist, nation-building foreign policies. As I have said many times, if we stop playing offense and focus on defense, a 43 percent cut in military spending is not only feasible, it will still leave us as the preeminent military power on the globe.”

  • Where is Ron Paul? Would be nice to hear something from the horses mouth. Rand we have been through this already with Obama who also promised change and nothing happens. In fact things got worse with more and more government. So your just going to work with the government. Just like Obama when he said “Change you can count on”.

  • French Canadian
    • Scott R

      To secure a spot in the national debates this fall, the Johnson campaign will need to lift their polling numbers above 15% in a series of recognized national surveys. Currently sits at 9%

      Mitt Romney (R) …………….. 45%
      Barack Obama (D) …………… 41%
      Gary Johnson (L) ……………. 9%
      Undecided …………………….. 6%

      Note Ron Paul was not included in the survey as a choice. What’s new?

      Folks, we need you to get out there and start supporting Gary NOW. Buy a bumper sticker… pick up a yard sign, talk to people about him. As mentioned before we need to keep our movement going. Do not let Rand derail it.

  • French Canadian