Rand Paul: Why I Endorsed Romney

Rand Paul appeared on the Peter Schiff Show today to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, how he came to respect many of his fellow senators even though he doesn’t agree with them on all the issues, and what he is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

Later, Rand Paul joined Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answer the questions submitted by the Daily Paul community.

  • But why did he HAVE to endorse anybody? Its not about the “party” Rand, your father has even said that… Left and Right is now what its all about… Its about big and small…

  • should of voted for gary johnson

  • Piece of shit Rand Paul… Disgrace to his father and to the founding fathers too.

  • If I turned into a zombie and my ideology was to kill people (also women children and babies) to make a profit, then please shoot me right in the head. Do not allow yourself to be fooled by my character.
    McCain wanted to bomb Syria already. This guy loves depleted uranium. This guy is a monster.
    Or maybe I´m wrong and Obama who killed 100.000 Libyans is also a great patriot?

  • Commentary sung to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood theme song.

    “It’s a wonderful day in the Neocon neighborhood. A wonderful day for a Traitor.
    Could it be Rand? Could it be Ron?
    Maybe they’re both just Traitors.”

    “Can you say “Traitors” boys and girls,… I knew you could.”

  • PUTZ…………

  • Erik


    I appreciate your response in full. You said it best in saying his son is a grown man that can make his own dicisions. I see that, know it. However, if even his own son cannot see the “establishment” and what it represents, thinking he can mingle with them to help advance the liberty movement, he has another thing coming. Somewhere behind a closed door, the GOP clearly approached Rand and he took the bait. Dr. Paul will be supportive of his son, what father wouldn’t be. I will hold my judgement until I hear from the doctor himself.

    Thank you, -Erik

  • French Canadian


    Great message from Ron Paul. We have to make this video go viral. I will send it to Infowars.


    • and call Jerry Springer show to have Rand as his gust to explains himself.

      God Bless Dr. Paul

  • own power to effect good change in this country. have faith, we will win this revolution, but we all have to participate because when we do, it will be a lot quicker and much easier.

  • just because he endorsed him, doesn’t mean he supports him or agrees with him. i see this as an intelligent strategy, i think hes making sure he has influence in gov even if Ron doesn’t get the nomination. i don’t like it, but i see what hes’s doing and its not selling out or disrespecting his father. i personally believe Ron will still win, but we have to cover all bases in the potential event that he may not. We cannot sit around and expect to be saved tho. we have to do everything in our

  • robin

    Finally a message from Ron Paul that someone just sent me.

    He looks very worn out emotionally, and I guess I can understand why. Glad to hear he wants to have a rally with all his supporters at TAMPA and finally came out of the shadows. I believe there is much turmoil that he is having to deal with that we don’t know anything about.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Thank you for going the extra mile as I’ve been very busy right now. I listened to the Lew Rockwell interview. I see his articles all the time, but did not know his connection with Ron Paul. I will listen to the Gary Johnson one tonight. So appreciate you sharing your links. That’s the power of the internet to share information.

    I have a site for you if you want to see something that was shocking for us. Go to Kay Griggs. She is the ex-wife of a high ranking military officer and what she has to say about the secrets in higher places is shocking. She’s fortunate to still be alive. We just stumbled on her site about 4 years ago and when we went to her website to send an email, it was delayed for 3 days and then we noticed that it appeared someone was in our hard drive. You’ll understand why she is under surveillance after you listen to her interviews.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQNitCNycKQ- Make sure not to go to any of the sites to find out more info. on these top people she exposes or your computer will be corrupted-happened to someone I know.

    Yes, I’m so thankful that lawyers/paralegals and volunteers are coming out to help expose this fraud. That’s what it will take=the first step and something that has not been done in this magnitude. If they had not taken the lead here, it would have been swept under the rug once again so as to not disturb the establishment. I am disappointed with Ron Paul at the end of the race. I don’t know what happened, but I really hope he talks to his loyal supporters who gave so much and deserve some answers. I’ll let you know when I hear from Ben whether he will do an interview. His wife and son did one, so why isn’t he? I also never put Ron Paul on a pedestal. He is human and is not perfect.

  • clyde

    The RNC estblishment is just using the liberty movement…by supporting Romney, this war loving, foreign bank loving cabal will do every trick they can conjure to undermine Rand Paul’s efforts if he sincerely is trying to establish change from within.

  • Bob Vondruska

    I do not want to see all of the hard work of all the Ron Paul supporters, as well as Dr. Paul’s message be silenced at the convention in order to allow clown and total idiot like Romney to take center stage. Romney is NOT going to beat Obama if he becomes the Republican nominee, no way….no how! Romney is only appealing to Mormons, neocons, and the truly ignorant. If these people are basically holding their noses and compromising their own principles for the pipe dream of beating Obama, boy will they will be in for a rude awakening when Romney gets trounced on election day. I promise you that Romney will lose to Obama by at least 15% if he becomes the nominee. As bad as Obama is, Romney does not have any positive attributes whatsoever, therefore, he will be unable to overcome Obama’s negatives. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out! How can anyone even think that a guy like Romney is qualified to be President? How can anyone get past the fact that Romney is a loon. He’s not even a good businessman. The truth is, Romney is not good at doing much of anything except making empty promises and then flip-flopping on them.

    We need to run this clown through the ringer. He is going to lose anyway, so what do we have to lose? Everyone needs to spread the word through persistent incrementation that Romney is a joke, a yes man for his establishment masters, and as big a threat to our way of life as Obama.
    We need:
    * Television and radio ads running 24/7 through August that expose this idiot
    * Signs, banners, and bumper stickers that taunt this man with no core
    * Anti-Romney Money bombs
    * Big-money donors to contribute to the Anti-Romney cause

    We are running out of time to get Ron Paul nominated. As you read this, there are Lawyers working for Dr. Paul to expose the corruption during the primary elections and state conventions by both the RNC and the Romney campaign.
    It is so important that the truth be told so that Romney is so beaten down and embarrassed, that he refuses to accept the nomination at the convention. He’s wasting our time, and we cannot go another four years like this. Ron Paul CAN beat Obama! Let’s get the right man nominated!

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • French Canadian

    Sorry, I made a mistake in my point No. 7-.
    I wanted to say delegate, not candidate.

    7- When all is done, every DELEGATE of the Tampa Convention will recieve an official copy of the ruling of the case, and will be 100% protected.

  • French Canadian

    By the way Robin,

    I hope that you saw the two links for the interviews of Lew Rockwell and Gary Johnson, that you asked me to post. They are somehere down here… I posted them around 12.48 today.

  • French Canadian


    Thanks for the good news and for the link regarding the Lawyers for Ron Paul.

    As you must know by now, I am a very curious person who likes to be well informed, so I look up your link…. and I found another link in the comment section… here it is:

    “There was a conference call Thursday evening @ 10pm EST. This call was recorded and I have the link below. Two major announcements were disclosed, one being a update on the lawsuit and the other one I’ll let you be surprised by listening.”
    Here is the link: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web…35553&cmd=apop

    So of course, I listened to the full radio show (1 hour)…lol

    I have a bit of new information:

    1- The lawyers said, that even thought the RNC were a private club, that there are federal laws regarding the elections, and that the RNC are bound to them.

    2- This law suit will be heard before the Tampa Convention.

    3- The Judge who will be on the case is Judge Carter (former Marine)…. I already know about this Judge, since when I was bloggin on American Grand Jury.Org and on Dr Orly Taitz Esquire… they were both hoping to get Judge Carter for the the birther issue. They thought he was the best Judge to be fully impartial.

    4- Everyday, more and more lawyers joins the Lawyers for Ron Paul

    5- They are gathering incredible information on the fraud… and they give a link or phone number (not sure which)… so the delegates can come out and explain the fraud they had to deal with.

    6- They said they will WIN the case, since they are not asking the judge to rule on something new… but only to confirm the law that no delegate is bound to a candidate.

    7- When all is done, every candidate of the Tampa Convention will recieve an official copy of the ruling of the case, and will be 100% protected.

  • robin

    Fellow Patriots: The best news I’ve heard in a long time that the lawyers for the Ron Paul campaign took control. They are working so every national delegate can be unbound and expose all the fraud. Stay tuned because this is exactly what has to happen. Ron Paul said it early in the campaign and was counting on us to follow through which we have done. Finally, we are doing something constructive to expose all the shenanigans. The federal judge who is listening to the case is suppose to be strict, but fair and honest. Let there be some divine justice after all that has happened in the homestretch. Thank you to every delegate who is participating in this lawsuit. While many are giving up, they are using their time and energy in constructive ways to do whatever they can for the democratic process and the future of liberty.

    • robin

      Romney and the GOP better watch out as Ron Paul now has a legal team of 60 lawyers, hundreds of paralegals and thousands of volunteers going after them.
      Let’s pray now that the federal judge also sees what we see once they present all the evidence. I’m so glad to hear that these attorney’s are very passionate about this and are doing everything pro bono…

  • robin

    Before you pass judgment on Ron Paul because of what Rand Paul has done, wait until we hear from the man himself. He does not control his son nor would he. He believes in liberty in his own personal life. This is exactly what the establishment wants to happen. Ron Paul is being tested just as we are. Remember that. If a movement can be crushed that easily, then people are not very committed. Look at all the countries and what they have had to endure to have liberty. Our strength is in our numbers, so don’t give the GOP establishment the satisfaction that they have crushed our morale, or our belief in Ron Paul until we hear it from the man himself. It’s also more than about any one man which is the lesson here.

  • Erik

    I am extremely disheartened with deep disappointed by Rand’s shocking Mitt Romney endorsement. I am a long-time supporter and advocate for Dr. Paul. In one swift action, Ron Paul’s son has changed the course of history for the Liberty movement. I hereby publically declare a total withdrawal of my endorsement for Ron Paul through my business, to friends, colleagues and associates. — Former Ron Paul supporter, Business Owner

    • Alfred

      You said it best.. “you are a long-time supporter and advocate for Dr. Paul” just like many other people. Ron Paul is leading the Liberty Movement, not Rand Paul. Rand Paul is his own person and he is free to make his own choices.
      Rand Paul’s action didn’t change the course of history for the Liberty Movement. It simply means he will not lead the Liberty movement. And Ron Paul will not lead the Liberty movement FOREVER either. This why Ron Paul focused on educating the people so that more people will take upon themselves the role of leadership. This country needs a Leadership Revolution where individuals take it upon themselves to learn the truth, share the truth, and live on principles.