Ron Paul: Exponential Debt Growth Continues – Day of Reckoning is Coming!

  • DUDE YOUR RIGHT!!! HE DID SAY POSITIVE STUFF ABOUT FED! That is insain. It is obvious what has ocurred here.

  • How is he propping up the Fed advising that they will be printing to oblivion?

  • This really do makes you go. Mhmm 🙁

  • They will keep printing until there are no more trees.

  • Yea, sad stuff indeed. People who keep wanting ride RP just dont seem to get they got duped miserably. Funny how this channel just magically comes back after all the Rand/Romney fiasco (lol the NSA google heads gave him a kickback)…talk about a rigged game, sheesh. And who would have thought it, him actually propping up the fed? Rand already admitted he cooridinated with his father to do all of this, so people need to stop thinking RP was so oblivious to this going down.

  • Agreed. Ron Paul is supporting the FED at 4:28 because he’s been threatened. This channel disappeared for a week and now it’s back with all the old videos removed.
    Revolution is necessary but it will never happen through the existing system. The system is rigged therefore the revolution can only happen on the streets.


  • The system is rigged therefore the revolution can only happen on the streets.

  • I doubt it… He has spoken before like this and said that he would be satisfied if the Fed would just allow a competing currency

  • Well thats what it says on his name tag I have Jesus and Jorge cut my lawn.

  • dumbest comment ever.

  • Could someone explain the last answer to me, did I miss hear it?

  • ? .. You’re dumb.
    That being said.. you might be TOO dumb to understand why we need RP as our president..

  • Meh, i dont think so…

  • 4:28 speaks in favor of the federal reserve. he has obviously been threatened.

  • I liked the manner in which the reporters seemed to be listening to Dr Paul. The days of reckoning are coming to the U.S. people and government if all stays the same with this spending like a teen with his/hers parents credit cards. Finances of people and nations have rules and the rules need followed or the entire system shall crash like the Titanic went down.

  • Jesus does exist he cut my lawn a few days ago and he is very good at it.

  • Jesus doesn’t exist, but hey believe whatever you want…

  • The system is rigged. Ron Paul delegates should stay away from Tampa.

  • Only Jesus can save us now.!.!.!

  • oh shiii back. Go Ron Paul