Ron Paul: Exponential Debt Growth Continues – Day of Reckoning is Coming!

  • Hes still in the race and the delegates are now Legally unbound and can Ron Paul the Republican Nomination!


  • He is obviously too smart for them. I mean look at their faces when he is talked. They’re like LoLWuT?

  • sure bend “principles” here and there, “compromise” here and there. say what ever you need to say to get to your means. Your right i should compromise the liberty movement since they have no chance of winning and vote for Romney!

  • Single global currency coming to a world near you.

  • Actually I like his Rand’s tactic….His motive is to change things from the inside….he says that an endorsement is just words…words that are important to people in congress – but not to him…because he is not going to change his stance on the FED, liberty or freedom based on those empty words…(watch?v=ygwZHpTUmaI&) He did it to gain political points from WITHIN the republican party so that HIS people can win elections with their support. Pure political move.

  • Come to my channel to watch my quick Romney interview~~


  • no.

  • anyone else thinks he looks like the president fron G.I JOE the new movie

  • unlike his son!

  • Get behind Gary Johnson.

  • 1. Election Fraud
    2. Mainstream Media Brainwashing. Keywords *Loon, Fringe, Kooky, Unelectable, Can’t win, Isolationist, Nutty, No Chance, Dangerous.
    3. Least amount of speaking time at almost every debate.
    4. Mainstream Media blackout of all important events. (Veterans March for Ron Paul on D.C., thousands at rallies)
    5. Not banker owned puppet.

  • why do the hosts keep changing, its disorienting Wouldn’t mind boning the red head though

  • Welcome back RonPaul2008dotcom!

  • Does anyone want to play the game Monopoly where the banker in the game secretly creates all the money he needs to buy everything. That’s what the FED does, and they and all their buddies now own the world including all us peasants.

  • no… the rich fucks didnt him WANT him on there…

  • Thank you for having Ron Paul on and getting his opioion

  • I agree, but whats really sickening is that our founding fathers have warned us and safeguarded against it, and now we dont even listen to the people who started this experiment. 4th of july is coming up, ask your children if they know what we are celebrating. most kids have no idea as well as adults. its become an empty celebration, .

  • Ron Paul was our last chance for a PEACEFUL revolution.

  • No one has won it yet -_-

  • why did he drop out and why is he backing Mitt?