Ron Paul: Exponential Debt Growth Continues – Day of Reckoning is Coming!

  • And the people are to dishonest and unprincipled. That’s sad.

  • They always are.

  • The media people look clueless haha

  • and the polls are rigged….electronic voting is severly flawed set up for fraud as affidatives in court purport. Ron Would have won without crooked fraud by the GOP and RNC. This is all fraudulent. When will the people wake up join together to oust these machines and revolt?

  • woooo this channel is back!! yay lol

  • I like the last minute + when Ron Paul is talking and the camera is just cycling through the news people silently listening. I wish more people would listen to what he has to say.


  • Two dislike? Two ignorant communists..

  • Only Jesus saves.

  • Thought RonPaul2008dotcom got deleted by youtube 🙂

  • You know, people. There’s still a chance to vote Ron Paul into the White House.

    Don’t vote for what’s popular. Don’t vote for the lesser of two very evil choices (“Hitler” or “Stalin”).

    Ron Paul. Liberty! And restoring the land of the free and home of the brave.

  • I thinks it become obvious that the plan is to institute a global financial institution and global laws which were already signed into effect in the US by Obama in May through trade agreements. Once the global military begins to police US streets we will have to once again fight for our sovereignty if we want it back.

  • He says: “our FED will stand ready to use currency swaps, they’ve been involved before and they’ll be there again and they’ve insured the world that they’ll be there if needed.”

    Dr. Paul, as an Austrian economist is definitely not speaking in favor of the Fed. He’s basically saying that countries know that the Fed will print more cash (inflating the currency), therefore they don’t care if they keep bailing out countries, that no real solution is being taken…

  • I like your post except the part about “manage/run the Economy.” No one can do either. This is the point missed by almost all politicians and their Statist worshipers.

  • You guys should google “delegate count nytimes”

    and see how bullshit wrong it is.

  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul is the only one who understands the scam… so therefore, he is the only one they do not want.

  • Probably so, but the result of that big of a scam would be to revolutionise half the USA — and that is MORE than enough people to bring down the federal government by simple non-cooperation.
    The empire is terrified of the growing number of informed US citizens and everything it does to alienate them only causes their numbers to grow.
    The US empire and the NWO are doomed no matter how viciously they lash out in their death throes.
    And I say to hell with the empire and its banksters.

    • Life

      Must be fuckin nice canada


  • That’s not the most helpful attitude, tiny.

  • Wow, conspiracy theory much?

  • i could listen to him for ages! so much logic!