Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • You have to watch the entire video for it to count.

  • Ron paul you need to make a speech out why your son is supporting. Mitt romney


    • A California Surfer

      Who cares, Ron didn’t raise a mama’s boy, and Rand can take care of himself. I actually admire the independence in the two of them. It reminds me of liberty.

  • Because people aren’t really watching the complete video. I do believe that’s what you have to do for a view to count.

  • Fuck Rick Santorum.

  • or maybe people aren’t really watching the complete video. I do believe that’s what you have to do for a view to count.

  • buy guns and ammo…this shit is on…

  • I’ll address your concerns. What do you need to know? He’s already announced there is a zero chance he’ll ever endorse Romney or ask his supporters to, via Tom Woods video. He hasn’t changed anything. He loves his son & Rand is in there getting the job done — he just put through 4 new bills against the TSA, drones and for hemp! He wants us to keep going to Tampa to WIN.

    What else do you need to know? He’s had our backs for over 30 years and now all of a sudden you can’t get his?

  • Thats not what Ron is about…he is about peace

    • A California Surfer

      Ron is right up there with Gandhi. Ron is walking with history, I can tell he is tune with life.


  • Words have meaning….but when there is no meaning behind what he is saying those meaningful words become pointless.

    How do you know he did make deals?

    Rand isnt his dad…they arent going to have the EXACT same beliefs. so what if he voted for one thing against Iran. just looks better for the GOP in 2016.

    Yes the establishment pulled terrible shit against Ron and his supporters. But we cant go around smashing down doors and pushing people out of the way to make a point across.

  • Um…I couldn’t disagree more. They may agree only on a couple of issues. However, I could never vote for anyone who doesn’t believe in economic liberty. Economic liberty and Religious freedom were the two big reasons why we have the system we have today. I would rather vote for someone who gets the U.S. involved too much around the world than to tamper with economic liberty.

  • The isse is NOT that we feel the campaign was less than perfect. The issue is the RomneyItes CHEATED MASSIVELY Broke our BONES and Threw us into the PARKING LOTS. Sorry Paul.. You don’t get it.

    • A California Surfer

      It took alot more than that in the past.

  • i love this man.

    • A California Surfer

      Ron is a nice guy.


  • hey status quo, you had your chance…you could have let us have our President the easy way…but you couldn’t let it go…

  • Don’t insult Rand, please.

  • Restore your gay-pride now!

  • If this wasn’t a Ron Paul video it would be on Youtube’s Trending videos but whenever a Paul video gains serious momentum it “magically” disappears from the trending list….smh
    I’m glad Ron spoke out, great video/message we’re with you Dr. Paul. Though I was hoping for him to touch on the Rand Paul, Romney endorsement.

  • We love you Ron Paul! You are our President and we still believe in miracles… the glass is half full because of you!

  • we love you ron.. but you didn’t address any of our concerns.