Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • This campaign is about Ron.. So no matter what Rand did (which he did NOTHING wrong) it has nothing to do with RP for President.. sorry. Ron Paul cannot be bought. Wise, Honest and Full of Integrity!!! Ron Paul 2012!! We Love You Dr. PauL!!!!


    • A California Surfer

      I see Ron Paul talking to his constituents with dignity and respect. I see him stand up to reporters, I see a man worthy of office.

  • Stop obsessing over negative. Go do something constructive instead of trying to pick apart a man who has had our backs for over 30 years. Are you a delegate? I’ll bet not. Then let the rest of us get on with on with supporting the only man we’ve ever been able to trust. You’re feeding off the enemy with all the blame and assumptions and negativity. You enjoy spreading doubt and poison?


    • A California Surfer

      There was no doubt in my mind either.

  • I’ve never heard of a former Ron Paul supporter..You are just another one of those trolls.. Ron Paul 2012.. we hope someday you’ll join us.. ☮ ☮ and the world will live as 1

    • A California Surfer

      That guy might just have to join us, ever heard this: Life is like a mule train, either you pull or you get pulled.

  • Your wrong. Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin in 2008. The Constituion party nominee. that’s called integrity.
    Rand Paul endorses the NDAA supporting goldman sachs funded sham of Romney.
    That’s called selling out.

  • You do know Ron Paul endorsed Johnson when Johnson announced his bid for Republican nomination right? And even now they both support each other. Both are libertarians. Both support liberty. RP supporters are just as bad as any candidate supporter at times. I support RP, and campaigned for him door-to-door for him in FL, but Im voting Johnson in the election if RP isnt nominee. Johnson is the candidate to support if RP does not make it.

    • A California Surfer

      And whats so bad about liberty? I’m sticking with Ron.

  • I think the Romney supporters are saying the same thing about Ron Paul supporters. lol the stupidity will never end will it?

    • A California Surfer

      Well, Ron Paul carries the best message.

  • Hey kid I’m not “you Gary Johnson supporters”, I handed out flyers for delegates at my primary all day for Ron. But now that Ron’s out of the race I’m gonna vote for Gary Johnson cause he’s the only libertarian running. What’s so wrong with that? Why do so many Ron Paul supporters seem to love to start fights? I’m a Ron Paul supporter and I don’t love fighting with other libertarians.

  • Rand Paul’s endorsement means nothing to Rand, and nothing to us. The only people the it will matter to are the sheep that believe the ideology of the republican party is to beat the democrats. They don’t care about economics, foreign policy, and civil liberties. We are the remnant of America that see that this country heading over a cliff, in no small part to Ron Paul. Let’s not let a junior senator’s endorsement derail our movement. That’s exactly what the establishment wants.

  • No Ron is going to tell his supporters to vote for Romney and his VP Rand Paul come November. Just wait for it! I can bet you he is going to convince people just like Rand tried to convince people that Romney is giving great consideration of his movements. Just you wait! 😉

  • NO. Not the nigger.

  • It is being fought, he’s just a very humble man and he plays his hand eloquently. I Love You Dr. Paul!! ☮ ☮ Ron Paul or none at all! vote for Peace on Earth!! ☮ ☮ Vote Ron Paul 2012 ☮ ☮

    • A California Surfer

      I’m voting for him too.

    • A California Surfer

      Go Ron Paul Go! you will always be a star in my show.

  • BS You Johnson supporters are all over the videos & the daily paul bashing Ron Paul. Johnson has less supporters than Romney, if that’s even possible. It’s all about ego for Gary Johnson, he should be supporting Ron Paul instead of opposing him. You’re not winning any new supporters either.

  • Ron Paul is one of the greatest ever known.

    • A California Surfer

      Ron is tough, good man for the job.

  • TRoLL!!

  • It’s nice to hear from Ron. However, his response to the election fraud just isn’t good enough for me. He completely dodges discussing it by comparing it to the Vietnam story and calls it irrelevant? I still fail to see why this isn’t being fought.

  • Don’t pay attention to or feed the troLLs. they are everywhere and they are SCARED.. They know the good doctor can win and are trying w/ everything they’ve go to discredit him and distract us.. aint no way it’s gonna work.. ☮ ☮ No One but PauL 2012 ☮ ☮

  • Ron Paul sold out the liberty movement to the luciferians. Treason.

  • Ron Paul Supporters (I am one) are very ardent! that being said… I think Ron is half arsed here… If i was him I would be energized and “all ahead full!”, I don’t know the numbers… But even if all of his supporters still voted for him(I am), would it even dent the Election between Obama and Romney?