Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • ok…

  • We should be disruptive, just how they disrupted the election with fraud.I will never or nor should any American ever vote for any Rebloodlican or Democrypt.Vote 3rd party for liberty. The elite have taken over the entire voting system,a true American REVOLT is needed now.

  • Absolutely nobody. I’m not registered to vote. Any vote that I make would be 100% pointless, because any vote for a republican or democrat is a vote for corruption. Any vote for non-redumcrat won’t get a single state wtih lack of electors and overall supporters.

  • Because this was pre recourded can’t you tell, at 8:20 he mention this weekend, convention ain’t till august.

  • I love you dr paul

  • You must be new here.

  • Really? Really? Are you new to Youtube or something? It’s the view freezer

  • Why didn’t he mention his son endorsing Romney?


  • Houston in the background!!!

  • HONEST RON may think he does not have the Delegates needed but maybe you should check out this link that has a union of 675 Delegates that will NOT vote for Flip Romney and are NOT Ron Paul Delegates!!

    If we can get these 675 Delegates to vote FOR HONEST RON, along with his 500 or so he has already, he would WIN the nomination.



  • This ^

  • ex CIA members to keep tabs of what Mormons do in almost all walks of life.

  • Romney like Santorum is authoritarian and pushes a secret hidden agenda that has yet to rear its head, but that will when he takes office. One can see that from the billions of tax free donations that he makes to the Mormon Church. Its been The Mormon Church’s ambition to overthrow the US Constitution since Joseph Smith and Bringham Young made their journey West. The Mormon Church fires any professor at Mormon Universities that attempt to tell the truth about their church, and they use

  • …in the future, with our ideas slowly working through the conservatives, & showing it through how we spread the message. However, I believe this process is too slow. We need change for the better, but we need it NOW, NOT YEARS FROM NOW. Come on people! If you give a flying f*** about your own liberties & those of our children, let’s write Ron Paul’s ass in!

  • Ron Paul needs to show himself from now on instead of just doing his voice.

  • One day we will realize the constitution was not written in pencil. And you cannot just add and erase as you see fit. It was written in the blood of the people who fought for it. Whatever the motive on one man are. We as humans know liberty. We know freedom. Stand for that. Not for a man.

    • A California Surfer

      United we stand.

  • Gary Johnson stands lesser of a chance than Ron Paul. Ron Paul stands no chance. Romney stands no chance. Johnson because he’s a libertarian and the majority of the country probably hasn’t a clue what that is. Paul because he won’t magically end up with enough delegates come tampa. Romney because plenty of Republicans will either write Ron in or just go with Johnson.

    • A California Surfer

      Try to tell that to todays American, that might put a run on the banks if it’s going to be the way you’re saying it, and thats what Americans may do if liberty isn’t upheld.

  • supporting a man who believes in nothing you do just to advance politically..

    Yea… NOT ETHICAL. “nothing wrong” my ass…

  • You’re going to hear of a lot of former Ron Paul supporters because the primary is fucking over dumbass.

    • A California Surfer

      The message is just getting stronger.