Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • Rand Paul is currently sitting on Romney’s cock. Ron Paul will be coming in licking his hairy old balls come November that is IF he does convince RP supporters to support Romney. I think he’s also digging his tongue in his asshole.
    Poor Santorum is jerking off alone in the corner while Gingrich is fingering his 12 year old fiance.


  • He didn’t mention Rand Paul?

  • remember that time ron paul was elected .

  • The day has come, we shall all unite and go as brother and sisters to support our great brother Ron Paul, we should all unite bring as much people as we can, we must show the world that we care, that there is hope, we live now! We show media and government that we are here and standing right now, we will show that we care, we will change the world not they, we are hope, we are legion, we are soldiers, we are human with souls….AND THEY ARE JUST MACHINE THAT BROKE, AND WE WILL FIX THEM ALL!!!

  • what does it say on the back of the page he holds up to read ?

  • The RNC and the establishment do care and are scared crapless. They are fighting delegates in Nevada, creating their own slate. They are fighting delegates in Maine. You under estimate the power of truth, freedom, liberty, conviction and a .223 round.

  • I don’t know what that means, but that guy is a bowl of nuts.

  • why he in front of greenscreen ?

  • I love you Dr. Paul!!!

  • day. In some ways Paul is too Christian for my liking though. I think William S. Burroughs was a real American Libertarian.

  • And what will Rand be doing while all those delegates are pouring their hearts out? Oh, that’s right, he’ll be sucking Romney’s dick.

  • Remember all of your Paulbots are conspiracy theorist! Even over global warming! :O

  • Thanks for your respectful reply. I beg to differ. 1. This doesn’t hurt Romney it was most likely coordinated partially by Romney. 2. You don’t compromise with the devil on a gigantic endorsement over one bill that by the way Romney has said he opposes audits, that’s preposterous and not correct. Romney clearly supports independence of the fed and it’s continued existence. He is a corrupt corporatist. This is not just about that bill, and such bill provides no rational.

  • Oh, I like Ron Paul well enough. He is the best of the Conservatives by a long shot. Of course like the rest of the Conservatives, his Ayn Randian based economic policy would be harmful to many people because if you cut out all the Entitlements that a lot of people in places like Appalachia have become addicted to over the past 70 years, then there’s going to be a lot of problems because people like those in Appalachia just aren’t going to be able to go out and get white collar jobs the next

  • READ THE FUCKING COMMENTS. there isn’t a conspiracy going on with youtube. Part of Ron Paul’s contribution comes from Google. Google owns Youtube. So…. 😉 Also it’s no different than many other videos get. Just have patients.

  • You sir are my hero 🙂

  • Revolution 2012!

  • Yes!!

  • I think I’ll enjoy that in 10 years when I’m 30. 😉 2012-1992 = 20.
    Plus I see nothing in the comment that sounded like a 15 year old.
    If I were to be I would be like “Umm like omg I like love to watch teen mom and glee! Who gives a shit about politics?” Even though I am not voting I give at least a bit of care about it. 😉

  • Hasn’t he already lost the nomination? Or was this recorded before that? Or am I ignorant of an exception? I’m flummoxed…