Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • when was this aired?

  • this problem has been about for years… if it was a problem that google wanted to address it would be fixed tomorrow. they obviously do not want it ‘fixed’, as they like the way it is already fixed…

  • split general issues. Occasionally they like to split in between to make everything look pretty normal. Then they have people that jump from parties. Oh hey like Ron Paul. Ran for libertarian, ran for republican, endorsed constitutionalist. 😮
    there are also quite a few in congress that have gone from parties in a split of a second.


  • It is sad but when have you ever seen a HUGE team of GrassRoots Lawyers come out of the woodwork to fight for Freeedom and to fight the system?? NEVER!! And they are doing it all for FREE!!! Wake up AMerica.. everyone is falling in behind “The Good Doctor”.. He’s showing us the light, WE must extinguish the darkness.. ☮ ☮ Vote for Peace on Earth ☮ ☮ Ron PauL 2012 ☮ ☮

  • You just jealous cuz Obama gonna win HATER!

  • power to the people . the power is IN the people .

  • no they will win, because there is no way for them to lose. Even if some of their men and women lose elections all the time in the end one of their pals will win. And of course they have to have some consideration for banks and large corporations and the media that make their wins possible. Other than that it’s just little cover ups to make the people happy occasionally. oh and lets not forget about divide and conquer! That’s why they love two party systems! It’s just easier to focus on two..

  • I’m voting for the greatest president to ever live…Obama!!!

  • Someone say something to hurt you?

  • and who are you voting for lol?

  • nope. I am not from Texas so I didn’t know him when he got elected.

  • Politicians don’t have any of the above mentioned character traits. This is why they will lose. To a patriot, its not about money. Its about their love for country, family and God. Yes politicians love their pocketbook. This has always been their downfall.

  • That’s called “pay me and I’ll put you on top of everyone else” haven’t you learned that since well google started ads?

  • I,m not sure if this is a spin or win . I’ll leave it in the middle , and give Ron P .. the credit he deserves for the good things he has done.. This all is getting sticky ,. I live in EUROPE , but follow your political system with GR8 interest.. If we fail here , as we are , it would be of some consolation that you guys don’t . Tall order and complex , situation , and diss info / BW .. in all areas .. but keep the liberty movement alive .. what other choice is there? ( .Ran ,$ man cell out)

  • That is like a big old oxymoron. Ron Paul is against world government.

  • politicians don’t care about the ritch, poor, or the businesses. They just care about being set for life rolling in the millions!

  • no no no the RNC doesn’t care about the legality of delegates. They just want Romney to win. Remember how they endorsed him soon after Gingrich dropped out.
    They also spend a lot more money on Romney. They will fight the case. But wait it wont matter because in the end democrat and republic.. all the same!

  • To everyone that are Delegates the best leaders are the ones that have power thrust upon their shoulders. You have went this far so take it all the way and take over this convention and force him into the position. There is no tomorrow on this no Ron Paul and America will fall. Like Ron Paul I too took the oath to defend this nation if him getting into office gets him killed then he will have done exactly what he swore to do. Make it happen Delegates as the ball is in your hands.


  • STFU Ron…9 min of video and nothing sad. Tell us more of genocidal Austrian economic, or something new on the fed fight or how about that endorsement of the warmonger. Ooo still nothing on the 9-11 so I guess we have to stfu now.
    You know what Ron?…You can’t led us across the street YOU FKN SHILL!!!