Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • why are you talking like your from another place? where did you hear of this date?

  • Quite a thick bulletproof vest under his shirt O.o

  • Now even alex is slowly endorsing romney…let’s hope this doesen’t become a huge third party circus and once again a globalist gets in charge as the “savior” so the obama deception thingy begins once again. Don’t let your decisions get totally lead by emotions america!!

  • sorry no comment until 01012014 when The World War 3 & Final world will take place world wide starting in The Middle East.

  • Or are you referring to the Rider On The White Horse?

  • are you referring to the rapture?

  • Your time will soon arrive when you shall be raised by The Unknown to take over the world but until then remain calm don’t worry we will make sure nothing happens to you our eyes are watching in the sky’s. Remember to stand your grounds and not give up

  • Ron and company took the money and ran.

  • alex jones the lobbyist shill has been exposed as a fraud ..

  • guys, he is extremely emotional throughout this whole video. i think he is being held captive

  • Rand is giving us desperately needed leverage, he says on Reality Check with Ben Swan that the libertarian liberals need a seat at the table in Politics. This could help us win a 2016 election. Smart chess move…yeah it’s evidently transparent, but it still give us leverage!

  • I can not support Romney or Obama.


  • I hope people don’t prematurely turn their back on him….He’s strategizing right now and given his track record, I think we need to continue our support for this man. He’s is leading a movement right now that is bigger than himself and we need to be a part of it too or it won’t work. His presidency is not the be all end all. We need influence. I am a Canadian supporter and I know that Ron has love and support world wide. Just look at the comment section to any of his videos.

  • Good to hear Ron Paul’s reply on this “disappointment” on the liberty movement.

  • What Rand Paul does is what he does. Ron Paul can’t tell his son what to do. Rand Paul is also different from his dad and alot of people don’t seem to realize that. I personally don’t like Rand, I knew there was something I didn’t like about him. I’m glad his true colors came out now than later. Can you imagine us voting in Rand as a president and then he would turn the way he did now. Rand is NO Ron.

  • Yet the “real world” you mention is based upon NEGATIVE LAW, which becomes manufactured and leads to tyranny (Total Command Structure = Despotism). POSITIVE LAW, on the other hand, BUILDS upon what works for the individual, as part of the state, and then, as part of the nation, of which the elect are then supposedly being represented by, and upholding those laws – NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!

  • Ron Paul is 1000 likes away from a million on Facebook.
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  • I’m in Australia, my father wept when JFK was shot by a magical bullet, now I know why he wept, go RON PAUL!!!!! PS. Get Ice T off Law and Order and get him to rap