Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • This election, vote for someone who refuses to be bought & sold, Ron Paul 2012


  • who wanted the war. the republicans. the bankers. they got him killed. i despise them. your father wept uniformed.

  • Obama wil win romneys a joke just like palin was wake up

  • This honest man (RP) could have engaged in tons of corruption like that fat ass Barney Frank if he knelt down to the Federal Reserve gangsters. But he’s walked the road of righteousness and never took bribes from lobbyists all through his career.

    God bless him. He’s a true patriot.

  • we will win the war thay cant stop us!!!!

  • All the banking goons are panicking because RP has created a movement that will shut down their racket.

  • We have a puppet he is the President. Ron Paul isn’t a puppet he is a messenger.

  • The great? yikes your words couldn’t be so wrong. Perhaps people need 4 more years of Obama to get slap in the face to face reality to realize Obama isn’t a great president.

  • Who are you voting for? Romney/Obama? I can tell who is brainwashed. This election was rigged and there is proof. You are just blind to not go research it or see it.

  • shhhhhhhhhh….don’t tell them. Ron wants more of their money. He has to drag this on a while longer. Then he’ll claim the nomination was stolen from him and write a book about it.

  • Ron Paul 2012 for WHAT? He just admitted he can’t win

  • PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (R) Dr. Ron Paul has asked for supporters to rally Tampa Florida -SUNDAY THE 26TH OF AUGUST 2012… Make the journey as will I from Sitting and watching history being made – To STANDING AS HISTORY IS IN THE MAKING. Peace.

  • Ron Paul has done an excellent job making people aware of the evil that is the Federal Reserve Bank, the Military Industrial Complex and the plutocracy that runs the United States. And that is an admiral achievement within itself. SAY NO TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!


  • love you RP

  • This is only the beginning of a political cleansing of the Right of the Neocon Leo Strauss/Trotskyites and their Internationalist Patrons being swept out of their power structure on that side. The continuing effort will be needing to eventually remove leadership from both sides of the current political architecture. We need more Larry McDonald Democrats.

  • Go ron go


  • So I’m torn. Should i vote for Ron Paul or the libertarian parties nominee Gary Johnson. I think it will end up being a write in for Paul.

    I have another over-arching question. Should I personally embrace the libertarian party or try to change the conservative party that Ron Paul has tried to do? Since I never identified myself as a conservative I think I will advocate the Libertarian party.

  • Thanks Travnisblasco, I wont. I just want to keep my little company going and feed the family.