Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • Ron Paul disappointing massively. And Rand, well hes like a traitor for endorsing Romney. The Ron Paul revolution is dead.

  • Ron Paul just hit 1,000,000 “likes” on Facebook 😀


  • Thank you

  • until ron comes out and endorses romney himself, i see no foul, rand is a different person and politician…i would be SHOCKED if ron endorsed romney

  • wow .. your kinda a sore loser .. now there’s a shock ..{wink}

  • if he is GOOD !! just like the founders … maybe it’s time for another one …
    help get rid of the blood sucking parasites in D.C

  • He hasn’t given up on us so we’re sure as hell not gonna give up on him!

  • Same trick as here in Uk we vote blue get bored of them, vote red get bored of them go back to blue red blue red blue red blue republic democrat republic democrat Obama, Ron Paul don’t fall into the trap of an alternative choice it is all fake, stop voting for liar after liar after liar. just don’t vote.

  • YES it does !! and praise God, Dr. Paul knows that !

  • well .. I hope with that comment, it’s means you DON”T listen to jones, !
    which would be to you benefit

  • RED AND BLACK you old MASON you RON

  • The NY primary took place in April. You needed to be a registered republican in order to vote for Ron Paul. As far as i know, there isn’t going to be any other vote, other than the general election, in which it doesn’t matter what party you are affiliated with. You can vote for him. Personally, i’m writing his name in regardless. A vote for Obumba, and Mitt for brains, is a wasted vote in either case.

  • Im a registered democrat in New York City, am I able to vote for Ron Paul and if I cant, HOW CAN I?

  • You are a fool or a shill.

  • Mitt Romney is the white Obama!!

  • Working through the political system won’t work. BUT, “An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped”… Amen.

  • “not winning every single battle is irrelevant if you can win the war, and the real war is the war of ideas” … i love youu

  • What Ever… Blaaa Blaaaaa Blaaaaaa…..

  • I am Canadian and I support Ron Paul.
    America NEEDS Ron Paul for president.

  • Shut up, Ron.