Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • Hey, if Ron Paul runs as an independent, vote Ron Paul, but as it seems he will not, Gary Johnson seems the next best choice. I think “write in Ron Paul” seems silly to me.

  • Sorry, but a stated foreign policy of “Bring the Troops Home” and “decrease all remain scattered throughout Europe” sucks how? Or do you think Ron Paul’s foreign policy stinks too?


  • Ron Paul Rocks !

  • No I meant %3 inflation compounded yearly adds up quickly, forcing people to attempt to get raises constantly in order to have the same spending power.A dollar earned in 1970 has $0.17 in spending power today.The exact same good that cost $1 then costs $5.55 today. As far as the currency question goes I was making the point that most people would rather have the ability to choose between a currency that held its value and one that did not vs being forced to use one that steadily loses value.

  • 3%/year does not add up quickly. In 2011, nominal GDP grew 3.9% and Ron Paul said the economy was growing very slowly. (15,094/14,526.5=1.0391). He said 3.9% growth was a “depression” and the economy was “on the verge of collapse.”

    If you can choose between using a currency that is losing its spending power and one that retains its spending power, you should use the one that is losing its spending power and hold onto the one that keeps its spending power.

  • Gary Johnsons Foreign policy stinks.

  • That’s what I’ve been preaching for quite a while now it seems.

  • I’m voting for Ron Paul….win or loose. they say we have to vote for the lesser of two evils…well i’m not voting for any amount of evil.

  • I thought it was Ron paul who lost , XD ha ha ha!

  • By “racist scum” you just mean “white man who doesn’t grovel before non-whites.”

  • Gary Johnson is great, but Ron Paul has the real steam behind the momentum thats been building, and he hits at more key issues like unlawful printing of money while gary johnson only hits a few of these points. I love gary johnson, but gary johnson also loves ron paul and would rather see him as president if possible. The national delegation convention in tampa in August will be a BIG surprise to the establishment, so we’ll wait for that and call your local representatives in the meantime!

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  • Mitt Romney 2012!!!

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  • Oh yea, I think it is at least 99.8% sure Gary Johnson will not win, but with 10+% of the vote, he can change the discussion much like Paul did in the in the primaries. And maybe next election the libertarian candidate can get 20+% and the election after that the libertarian candidate can win… maybe…

  • Its just a tie man, just a tie.

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  • Cuz that would split the liberty party movement, i like gary johnson but i dont think its his time yet, but in the next coming years i think paul supporters need to support him and make him popular

  • OBUMMER and ROBBERmney are phonies and they both suck. BRING BACK Ron Paul!

  • I will only vote for Ron Paul and for Ron Paul only.