Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • Right, just use caps and your nonsense becomes fact. He consistently states he is staying in the race until the convention in order to attempt to mold the insane neo-con platform into something that does not look like it was written by a psychopathic madman.

  • Don’t kid yourself. The oligarchy that controls the USA is pan-national. It controls Britain and the Commonwealth, Europe, Canada, and increasingly, the rest of the world. If you think it’s just a Republican or American problem…think again.

  • hes already stated he’s out DEAL WITH IT

  • Ron Paul says the Declaration of Independance and the Constitution are “replete with references to God”, which is total bullshit. He goes on to say the separation of church and state are “one way”. Anyone who has ever read Madisons (who PENNED the fucking Constitution!) letter to Edward Livingston knows that too is bullshit. It’s easy to pass yourself off as an expert if your followers are uneducated half-wits.


  • I will never join the republican and as you stated I am Canadian so I can’t join the democrat. I just not agree that Ron flirted with republicans and that his son endorsed Romney. I am for a third party democracy witch USA isn’t.

  • Good for you. But you should feel the same way about the Democrats too. As long as people keep playing the bullshit left/right – liberal/conservative – Republican/Democrat game, we will continue on the path toward totalitarianism. It’s all a show…both sides are controlled by the same people.

  • Yes, they are both bad, but I will never join the republican whatever the reason.

  • The Republicans are no more fascist than the Democrats. Did Obama undo any of Bush’s expansions of the police state? No, of course not. He actually picked up where Bush left off. Did he end the wars? No, he started new ones. Enough with the Republicans are bad and the Democrats are good, or the Democrats are bad and the Republicans are good. THEY ARE BOTH OWNED BY THE SAME PEOPLE! Wake the hell up already! Why am I even arguing with a Canadian about this? God bless Ron Paul!

  • google and read “Ron Paul to blow off Paul Festival for GOP delegates rally” by Mark Wachtler, Independent Examiner

  • he is not out. The nominee is not determined until the national convention, and Ron Paul will surely have a louder voice than the unbacked mitt romney (nobody likes mitt romney if you havent noticed, besides the banking institutions!). You must know the rules before you spit back some chewed up propagandized mainstream media bullcrap, and admit that ron pauls plan is the only one that is good for our country. unless you want your children to be explicit slaves to an oppressive system.

  • Show me that proof. Did you even watch this specific video? People who have nothing better to do than knock on the revolution that needs to happen here in the us usually are not fully informed about whats REALLY going on. So no matter what you say, I still believe in a limited constitutional government based off sound currency, trade and peace for foreign policy, Abolish the criminal federal reserve, IRS, and income tax, get government out of healthcare, education, energy, etc… im missing afew

  • When Ron win’s.I will try not to say.TOLD YOU SO.Just so ya know,42% of Registered voters didn’t Vote in 2008.and Ron Paul supporters know why.

  • damn hes mad good in front of the camera, doesnt choke, sweat, hesitate, his flow is good just like rap hip/hop music. props to him, he needs to be elected. actors and actresses’ could get lessons from him!

  • Agreed, he could run as an independent or still win the republican nomination. But if ron paul were to say hes totally out, id vote for gary johnson

  • Ron Paul is a whitened African Woman from NIGER. The name Ron Paul is also a stolen name. (Stolen from the dead employer.) (She stole his name, stole his credits.) She stole!

  • I love Ron Paul but I don’t like his son (Rand Paul). I don’t like the republicans. They are fascists (I know Ron is different). I unfortunately will never join the republican ever.

  • Nebraska is the deciding factor whether Ron Paul can be nominated at the Tampa Convention

    Nebraska, Saturday 14 April 2012!!!
    We goto War Now in Nebraska!!!!!

  • My heart hurts that RP was shunned by the media and the establishment. We as a society have been conditioned to think a President has to “look” and “talk” like a “President”. Otherwise, the norm’ is threatened. I only hope this R3VOLUTION will continue to grow and will speak loud to Washington that we are now aware that we have been led off of the path. The future of our country and children are at stake.

  • I hope Ron Paul never gives up… I respect this man so much.