Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • Is that Dallas behind him?

  • Libertarianism is the end game of the new world order where the corporations wield absolute power unfettered by governments.

    Wake up sheep!

  • He did recieve a lot of money from supporters, but he said himself that they didn’t have the money to keep campaigning in the new states and that they will just focus on getting delegates…..

  • Send a message. Write-in RP in November.

  • don’t have money?
    he received so much money from supporters

  • haha I like how you stated things (911 and illuminati) you came up with instead of the things i actually said. Ignorance is bliss my friend. What you say is illegitimate, false from the beginning

  • Thanks! i will 🙂

  • The only thing that come of this . Is I found out the system is corrupt . I became a deleget and seen the RNC cheating at ever level . and you want honest people to stay in this party? 2 wrongs don’t make right.To do evil to beat evil.NO thanks . Now I have let the enemies of freedom know my identity and I have put my family in danger. Was this in reality the true big picture identifing freedom lovers . I think it was. Thanks for nothing. We don’t have the time for all this change you speak of.

  • He is still on the ballot. I just looked it up. but he is not actively campaigning anymore because we don’t have the money (Still getting delegates though). Please vote for him and write his name in because I can’t vote yet i’m too young.

  • Ron Paul is the only one who makes sense.. The only one who realizes that the government is too big and spends to much money. I’m sure he’s not perfect.. But he’s got my vote.


  • of course it is, but in comparison to the other 2 candidates, there is no complexity. Gary Johnson’s foreign policy vs Ron Paul’s foreign policy are far more complex then the points I made, but I am assuming as Paul supported Romney he is not running and then the question of Gary Johnson’s foreign policy is simple and great compare to Romney or Obama

  • ron you didnt take your self off the ballet

  • ron Ill vote for you, keep your name on the ballet

  • ” globalist consumer-mania criminal illegitimate Society government & corporation $ banks ” and THIS is why he is moving away from his own movement and he is retired..batshit crazy fan boys, going on and on about 9/11 inside job, and the Illuminati or other pure HORSESHIT

  • I love this guy!

  • He stated he was done campaigning in the primary states in may, where he doesn’t have any cash like romney to spend you chump, he has been racking up delegates in multiple caucus states recently anyhow. I’d just rather not have to DEAL WITH THE globalist consumer-mania criminal illegitimate Society government & corporation $ banks wreaking hell onto you and I. good bye!

  • everybody keeps telling me that ron paul is not on the ballot for 2012 anymore i am confused did ron paul drop out or no because i want to vote for him

  • Wooo! Go ron paul! You give me hope in these dark times, and surely if you are not elected, darker times are sure to follow…

  • I think you better look into a bit deeper. It is much more complicated and interventionist than that.

  • I feel that he was about to break and i wish i could give him a hug D: (not creepy or anything). He still has my vote no matter what!!! ^_^