Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • we are waking up and recognizing! WOOO RON PAUL!! STAY POSITIVE!


  • They always wote for Us, No matter what people wotet for, they always wote for us…:-)

  • Then you’re a brainwashed idiot. Go vote for Romney, you neocon fascist.

  • I don’t believe that he writ any of those racist parts of the newsletter that you’re referring to. Reality Check explains it in good detail.

    Although, he’s certainly responsible for it going out under his name. We can’t deny that.

  • At the end of the day, both Republicans and Democrats have bombed and killed millions of innocent civilians in the third world, stole trillions in wealth from the poor & middle class and given it to the wealthy, imprisoned and tortured Muslims without due process, incarcerated minorities at 4 times the rate of white then had the temerity to call Paul, one of the few to speak out against these policies, a racist.

  • i liked him until i read his racist newsletter…

  • Let’s all try to make it to Tampa to support Ron Paul!! A true Patriot!!


  • Please know your write-in policy for the state you live in.

    NV, SD, NM, OK, AR, MS and LA do not allow write in votes.

    I will be Voting for you Ron Paul this November 2012. Do not abandon the people, Dr Paul.

  • we all know obamas ganna win but if any republican actually won i whish it was u not that retard romney

  • i am portuguese… sorry, tl;dr

  • He’s got the backing of so many people, with Dr. Paul there is final hope and a positive solution for America. And no thanks, you can keep your Obama or Romney. Just wait till after the lawsuit against Romney, it’s going to be like rats jumping overboard off a sinking ship.

  • I will write Ron Paul in if I have to!! He is my only choice like previously said I won’t vote for the lesser of two evils. Ron Paul 2012!!

  • This will be my last statement to you. I am an Army Veteran of 16 years service. I can say I did my duty for a country that I use to believe in. I would think that purplehazed54 has something to do with the type of person that you are. Get real man/woman, whichever you are. And Douchebag? really? Is that what your college education paid for? Good night and good luck!

  • Is Ron Paul still technically in the election or did he drop out of the 2012 election campain?

  • mabye austin?no it could be houston,but that brown building right behind him to the right looks very familer

  • To Tampa and Beyond!

  • This man is better than all other presints 🙂 But he is the best friends of tthe pupet masters…:-)

  • Romney’s backers in the financial sector have deeper pockets than Paul’s backers, average middle-class workers. In a competitive system it doesn’t matter how much money you get it is how much you get relative to your opponent because you have to match their ad spending due to most voters being passive acceptors of what the T.V. says they should think vs being active researchers in facts. Combine that with the fact Paul was completely marginalized from day 1 and he had an upward hill to climb.

  • Ron Paul wants the control of money decentralized. The NWO would be a diametrically opposed system, totally centralized control of money which would make everyone beholden to that power center, which in essence is already the case. So no, rational libertarians want more freedom through decentralization not more authoritarianism through centralization.