Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters

  • RP is a liar and a complete fraud. You really dont have 2 look much further under the surface of his deceptive posturing to know that. I Wish these sleepy sheepy chumps would ever cop on.



  • Dr. Paul, I’ve just got my US citizenship a few months ago. This will be my first vote, and it will be yours.

  • I love you Dr. Paul!!!!

  • ron paul i just turned 18 and this will be my first vote and it will be yours.

  • Ron Paul your the only candidate that makes any sense. If i was american i would stop at nothing to help you become president. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Canadian Debt – Rothschild Scam
    Bank Collapse – Dwindling Mortgage Customers to Kill Banks and Housing
    Gov Lies – Municipal Bankruptcy Lie vs CAFR Reality
    Rothschild’s Central Banks Global Banking Empire
    IMF Bankster Appointee Christine Lagarde – Secret Theft from French Tax Payers

  • Global Government Corruption Due $700 Trillion Derivatives Market watch?v=uVpHW_MRjJE
    Child Murder by Finance Soars in the US – Direct Democracy is THE SOLUTION watch?v=xr5BlpmyfMY
    Obama Saddles Kids with Edu Debt in Dead End Economy watch?v=drybZMu-4Vo
    Banksters Driving Up Oil Prices by Manipulating Commodities watch?v=f3RQyGrvZ34
    Greater Depression – Establishment Fudging Jobs Numbers watch?v=Lv4U7VbCTZE

  • ok.

  • Ron there is many people out there praying for you ,American needs a leader like you. the bad people are take our rights away. “for their gain ” The world is watching us. God speed , Captain American

  • If you support Obama but hated Bush, you’re a hypocrite. He’s sadly a horrible President who will keep on lying to the people. Keep in mind that he’s also the first President to preside over a cut credit rating of the US, violate the War Powers Act, force all Americans to purchase a product from a third party, arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it, etc.

    Do some research on Obama. He’s sadly not the President he promised to be.

  • Ordered a cruise missile and cluster bomb attack in Yemen that killed women and children, suppressed the civilian casualties, and then imprisoned a journalist who revealed the truth, claimed that ACTA overrides US law and doesn’t need congressional approval, defended the use of warrantless wiretapping, continued and expanded Bush’s police state, appointed many lobbyists against his campaigning, more secrecy in government, etc.

  • I can’t believe I even supported him back in 2008. He’s signed laws like the extension of the Patriot Act and NDAA, broke promise to reject the Military Commissions Act, failed to shut Guantanamo bay, illegally killed women and children in Libya, ordered drone attacks in Yemen,

  • In response to your comment earlier which you deleted — I read his newsletters, yes. If you actually read them, you’d realize that the wording is very, very different to anything that Ron’s said. It’s more likely that James B. Powell would have. Reality check time. /watch?v=z-FTlZHpBWw

  • LOL people like you keep voting for fools.


  • Obama2012

  • i sure hope he doesn’t believe in what was written in the news letters..

  • Ron Paul believes that a 13 year old black child should be charged as an adult.. because black people are big and scary lol! i guess you didn’t read his newsletter. lol. anyways I’m just gonna vote for Obama.. maybe Ron Paul maybe but why waste my vote…

  • no but i am going to vote for Obama..

    If you look around on YouTube videos and comments, Ron Paul has far more support than any other republican candidate. I can’t believe that Romney got the nomination, considering that Paul surpasses him in support among us Youtubers.
    My point: Do not think that Romney is really the most popular Republican. It’s Paul. Let’s vote for him, because we number more than we think.