Ron Paul’s Message to Supporters



  • if it were possible, You’d have Canada’s vote!

  • but I should of made my self clear in my first post that I was kind of joking around and I didn’t mean to say he was anti science because that’s a false statement on my part

  • I was kind of joking around and like alot of Paul’s ideas like limited gov, states rights, less taxes, not shitting all over the constitution, reduced military spending, ect but I don’t agree with some like his view on forein policy, anti science, and anti choice. I just find it a little scary he had no idea what was being said under his name in his newsletters and it went on for so long. I know he was a very busy man but if he was running the country he might be overwhelmed.

  • pointing to worse behavior does not excuse bad behavior.

  • it does not surprise me that even a pro ron paul comment coming from a foreign country got deleted , i just saw what his son is doing and i can only say i was wrong , this man here is a free mason and i do not believe that he has a different agenda then his son , i will delete all my pro ron paul comments , thats it mr paul finally you showed your true face

  • Absolutely,hope everyone feels the same way…..

  • He had his reasons, no matter how wrong the vote was. You’ve got to read between the lines. Can you list any other bad votes? Or is this the only one, as opposed to the MANY bad votes of most every Senator?

  • same… turning 18 in august

  • dont think so bro if he was a marionette he would say he will end the feds if he take office and dont end the feds system the first years people will hate him 4 ever so you better watch your mouth what your saying !

  • Another marionette for the nwo

  • i just want to say that not only us americans support Ron Paul but many people here in germany too, in fact we are great fans of Mr. Paul and we all hope that he will make it ( not only in germany there is huge support across europe for Ron Paul ) , it does matter very much to us all who gets elected in the US . i wish i could do more then just posting comments because i know how urgent it is that a man like Ron Paul gets elected in the US.

  • What? Are you fucking serious?
    You’d rather have Romney than Paul. Romney… the one who invented Obamacare. The one who lost thousands of jobs for the people of Massachusetts. The out of touch, bribe-accepting, millionaire, pro-government, asshole?
    Honestly, I’d rather have Obama. At least he’s trying to fix the economy. And not doing half bad all things considered.
    Besides the healthcare bill, of course.

  • I’d feel better knowing that I live next to a country led by Ron Paul. Go RON!

  • Ron paul can’t even run his own newsletter let alone a country!!!! ANYBODY BUT OBAMA 2012!!!!

  • I supported him back in 2008 too. Luckily i was only 17, and my friends don’t listen to me, because I would feel terrible knowing I had any hand it Obama being elected. Live and Learn i guess.

  • GJ explains in his nomination speech /watch?v=WibsIAW3Gq8 that he’s always been a libertarian under the guise of a republican, just like RP. Just as RP has said in the past, the Repub. party has always just been a vehicle to get his message across. Also, The premise that GJ is for the FED, is saying RP is for the FED, which both statements are invalid. GJ and RP have similar positions in regards to the FED. They both realize there would have to be a transition process. /watch?v=uF367w4nI1E

  • Also, Gary Johnson will already be on the ballot in all 50 states.

  • If anyone wants to write-in Ron? Paul, be aware that there are 8 states which DO NOT ALLOW write-ins: MS, LA, AR, OK, SD, NM, HI, and NV. (source: a DailyPaul blog post — google it)

  • But in this election we all need to vote paul im posive he will get over 20% I think youll be suprised how many people ar supporting hm. Every day people wake up to the truth of the corruption so im sure that the next congressional election in 2014 comes in, the liberty movement can take a house majority. It may be our last hope to get our rights back