Ron Paul 2012: A Peaceful Revolution

  • Ron …WE NEED TO HEAR YOUR SIDE NOW !!!…speak or we walk off !…& we are not just a list brainless mooneys that can be traded like playing cards to do the next guys will , if thats what happened….NO WAY WILL ANY OF US SUPPORT RAND FROM HERE ON OUT !…WTF were yall thinking !

  • so effing awesome… maybe Ron Paul with the help of untold millions of thoughts and prayers behind him can prove to us all that Love really can conquer all… viva the reLOVEution


  • remove your tin foil hat

  • its possible but it seems less likely as of late

  • so will ron all drugs

  • I’ve been supporting Ron since 07. I think I know his policies pretty well. I know them so well infact I can tell you you know nothing if you think he opposes war simply because we can’t afford it. Yes, that’s part of it, but the Just War theory by Thomas Aquinas is a favorite of Ron’s and the Liberty movement. As is the saying, “Don’t go looking for Dragons to slay.” quoted from John Quincy Adams. I can go on. But you get my point. You don’t really know a thing.

  • your an idiot.

  • Please run as an independant

  • Paul/Napolitano 2012 write-in vote .. Restore America Now!

  • Has Ron said any-thing about his son endorsement of romney??

  • awesome
    🙂 Ron Paul 2012

  • RON Paul did NOT endorse Romney. His son did.

  • Why did you endorse warmonger Romney then!? You didn’t endorse McCain in 2008…. this is a waste of time, all dr Paul is doing is directing the power of the freedom movement in a direction that is harmless to the establishment.

  • i lkke obama cyz hez legalize my weeed yay obama!!

  • Obama is a traitor and still the USA public will make him president again. What does that say???

  • fuck the republicans
    fuck the democrats
    this is my man

  • This channel is back but with all the past videos removed.

    The General Election is over already. We can have the War Pig Obama or the War Pig Romney. Rand is also a War Pig.
    The system is rigged. Ron Paul delegates should stay away from Tampa. This revolution can ONLY happen on the streets.

  • Rand Paul is not Ron Paul, Rand stated very clearly months and months ago he would endorse the Nominee. At that time we were thinking he was just saying that because he thought it would be his father. Well, apparently we have to play games with the media’s lies just so that people will listen to us.

  • He’s anti war cause we can’t afford it and it’s a waste of money. Not because he’s a hippie throwing out peace signs. I bet none of you know what his policies even are. The anti war is a SMALL part of his message, but you left wing Chompsky communist university idiots on the left made it is WHOLE message. That’s all you guys want to hear. You don’t care about the real issues. People do NOT take serious Ron at Universities wearing Chompsky sweaters preaching to youth. You guys RUINED the movement

  • Ron Paul is back!!