Ron Paul 2012: A Peaceful Revolution

  • I got a whole bunch of revolution bumper stickers if anyone wants them.


  • chills.. I love you Ron Paul.

  • Indeed! It kind of reminds me of an intro video for the Sid Meier’s Civilization series.
    This was the best poltical ad ever!

  • Why are people angry with Rand? He said ever since the beginning he’d endorse the nominee. If it means Libertarians can be guaranteed a spot at the table in the future (2016 election) then why not? Look, the liberty movement needs different faces. Faces like Ron and Amash who fight from the outside, and faces like Rand who are able to warm up republicans and democrats to libertarian philosophy from the inside. If you disagree with that notion (as lame as it sounds) you know nothing of politics.

  • I thought it was a little creepy.

  • Almost made a tear come to my eye.

  • gave me chills

  • It take’s a man that can unite the United States to fix this country and see’s us as people not profit signs. I bet he would listen to all the cancer cure’s and release them.

  • Beautiful.

  • why the hell do you keep talking about research lol?? we aren’t talking about anything but how you people think he’s the messiah and will fix everything, where the fuck is any research on that subject?

  • This was fucking amazing.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • I voted for Ron Paul in California. When Rand supported Romney – I felt as if someone close to me died. There was a great sense of loss. I have tried not to lose heart. This video brought a tear to my dry eyes, and I’m back on board.

  • The Lovelution

  • Ron, I….

  • global warming propaganda right from the start, rand endorsing the NWO/Bilderberg puppet romney, then ignoring WeAreChange Luke Rudowski questions, now hanging with a bunch of body guards like any stinking political puppet…
    i beleived in you mr Paul, but not anymore.
    we don’t need you to make our revolution. you’re not the solution, you’re just part of the problem like every other of your republican and democrate friends
    if Rand get elected one day, he’ll be the president of a 3rd world contry

  • robin

    RON PAUL’S MESSAGE TO EACH OF US: Many of us including myself have lost the most important message that Ron Paul has taught us and that IT’S UP TO US and always has been. He is just the messenger. Whenever you worship someone or put them on a pedestal, or depend on them to inspire you, they will always disappoint you. I’m sure it is very heart-wrenching for Dr. Paul to see how many of us have given up or played the blame game when the road got very bumpy and uncertain. We allowed emotion and disappointment to make us forget what is really important here. That’s why I commend the delegates and voters who are trying to stand up for what is right and just. I commend all the people who are more involved than ever in their communities=running for office, being involved instead of just sitting back and blaming someone for all the problems we face. If we are unsuccessful here in the courts and in TAMPA, we have to continue to fight for these freedoms just as so many have had to do in so many countries around the world and look at the sacrifices they have had to make compared to what we have done? What I hear in his most recent message is that people are afraid of FREEDOM and would rather have an authoritarian government just like what happened in Nazi Germany and during the reign of Stalin. Even many Russian emigres we have met have wanted to go home because they could not deal with all the freedoms and choices here. Many wanted to go back to an authoritarian government in Russia. So, what I finally hear from Ron Paul is his disappointment that when things get tough, people give up or put the blame on someone else. How many people came to his rallies, but did not get out and vote? They gave up because they said the system is rigged. How many didn’t try and document what was happening at the polling places, but just said there is nothing they can do? How many people have actually been involved in the voting process and acted as observers, done their own exit polls in their communities when they knew their was election and voter fraud? I’ve seen it at meet=ups for Ron Paul when people say they care, but don’t show up, or Ron Paul supporters who say they care, but don’t come to local GOP meetings to work on changing the system from the ground up. This is the lesson Ron Paul has taught us is it is up to us and as long as we stay in an adversarial mindset blaming those democrats, republicans, libertarians, extremists, globalists, etc., nothing will change. That’s what we are working on in our own community. It starts with one person at a time and does not happen by telling them how stupid they are but by educating them. So, no matter what happens, it’s still up to us if we want to wake more people up. Our greatest disappointment now is in our fellow Americans who it appears will have to have their freedoms taken away in a way that personally affects them before they realize what they have not been willing to fight for, but rather paid lip service to. Someone in our meet=up group kept saying these things, but I didn’t want to listen because I was too busy in the blame game. Ron Paul is not going to talk about his son because it will serve no purpose. I understand now and like so many, have been blinded by my own fears and prejudices. I’ve allowed emotion to supersede reason and understanding and that the future of the country is in what each of us does from here on out.

  • YouTube automatically freezes view counts of material that YouTube finds objectionable….that is…..videos about freedom and Godly principles of freedom. YouTube claims no bias and that all videos are subject to “verification” of view counts….balderdash! It is simply one of their methods of preventing videos from going viral…..another is placing an adult content rating (age verification) on the video. YouTube does all this to support NWO dictatorship and to suppress freedom.

  • This would make a good video game.

  • French Canadian

    Keep dreaming you Ron Paul fools.

    Meanwhile, Romney and his ***ish handlers are planning your “future”. LOL!

    THE SAME JEWISH NAMES that brought us the LIE of Saddam’s “weapons of mass destruction” are to be seen in Romney’s team of advisors.

    Thus, for Rand Paul to endorse Mitt Romney is to support Jewry’s never-ending, interminable wars AND their Jewish police state now oppressing American citizens.

    How then can Rand Paul say that he and Mitt Romney have much in common? With Jewish war-mongering associates? Indeed, Rand Paul did hold a secret meeting with the Jewish neocon leader, Bill Kristol, not so long ago.

    And the list of Romney’s advisors reads like a neo-con Bar Mitzvah:

    Michael Chertoff – Talmudic Jew. Co-chair of Romney’s Intelligence Advisory Committee. Pushing for even more of his Chertoff Strip Machines in TSA lines.

    Eliot Cohen – Neocon Jew. Special advisor to Romney, author of Romney’s foreign policy White Paper.

    Roger Zakheim – Neocon Jew. Co-chair of Romney’s Defense Committee. Son of Dov Zakheim.

    Robert Kagan – Neocon Jew. Special advisor to Romney. Former member of PNAC that brought us Saddam’s WMD. Now heads the Foreign Policy Initiative.

    Kristen Silverberg – Warmonger Jew. Co-chairs Romney’s European Affairs Committee. Wants “regime change” in Iran.

    Dov Zakheim – Zionist Jew. Special Advisor to Romney. Former comptroller of the Pentagon. Key agent in the 9/11 “inside job.

    Think I’m making all this up?

    Face it Goyim. You are screwed. You are cattle. Your “vote” is nothing buy a pipe dream. Means about as much as taking a dump.

    Moreover, neocon Jew Bill Kristol boasts that Romney will pick Talmudic Jew, Senator Joseph Lieberman, as his Secretary of State.

    LIE BERMAN as SEC of STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OY VEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even if the old Paul ever considered himself an American patriot, he failed as soon as his son’s career was at stake. Somehow, Rand must have became compromised in some way, and thus became blackmailable.

    Rand’s sell-out appearence on TV endorsing Romney was so incredibly disingenuous that I actually got stomach-ache listening. “We are very similar with Mitt, actually. We both have 5 children, two eyes, one nose and two legs. That’s why Im supporting him.” This was just too conspicuous.

    Is “America” really that utterly stoopid? Maybe so.

    Not to forget that Libertarianism is a blind alley and a stupid hope for the Goyim. Such an individualistic system might have, under ideal circumstances, have worked in late 18th and early 19th century but not now.
    With all big trade and gold in Jewish hands, there can be no talk about “free trade” or “honest gold money”.

    If Ron Paul does not KNOW that in recent history only one economic system has produced an economic miracle of unheard-of proportion – National Socialist statism with money issue firmly in hands of a benevolent dictator Adolf Hitler raised Germany from economic ruin to the heights of productivity and general welfare – he must actually be an ignorant country doc and nothing more.

    He failed on every point of importance: never adressed the Jewish problem, never even whispered “9/11″. In short – a clever TRAP for the Goyim once again. End of story.

    The Juden have so usurped U.S. power that no candidate or political figure who might be the least bit of a “maverick” (meaning opposing their control and return it to whom it rightfully belongs: us, the people) will ever be elected to a national stage. Furthermore, any local candidate who has promise (like Rand once did), will be destroyed, bought, both, or worse.

    If anyone with half a brain watched the political scene in the 21st century, alone, they would see that there were no stand-out, true Constitutionalists, Conservative candidates ever to be offered to us.

    There is one saving grace, however. It is the same discontent that gave rise to the Tea Party that gave rise to the NSDAP. Remember, the original NSDAP took the Reichstag by storm with 40% of the vote.

    From there, they were able to throw the Jewish oppressor out. For it’s time, (and prior to the war) the 3rd Reich was the largest, most successful economy in Europe, surpassing France and England, and unemployment numbers falling lower than the U.S.

    Germany was rescued by the will of the “lowly Goyim,” and we can be too! This time, let us learn from the lessons of the past.

    P.S. Joe Cortina is right about the USS Liberty. If we ever needed proof that the Zionist Juden have usurped power in the US, the USS Liberty is it.
    It was only deliberate attack on U.S. sovereign territory that didn’t result in war, although her captain and crew were given a wartime decorations, including the Medal of Honor.

    The Liberty was deliberately attacked by Israel to protect Israel’s signals intelligence, as they knew through Jews in the USSR that the US signals were being intercepted and read.

    The Liberty, if left alone, would have transmitted that the Egyptian border was unprotected and vulnerable to counterattack and would have shown that the juden were were headed into up into the Golan and Syria could have amassed defenses.

    To the Juden, what’s one American ship damaged and a few worthless goyim killed? To the Jew, it was like taking a few of the neighbor’s cows to the slaughterhouse and having to apologize for it later.

    The Ron Paul Strategy:

    He took your donations and used them only to attack Romney’s rivals.

    Then he essentially bows out of the race.

    Then his own son “endorses” Romney.

    Get it yet?

    Stupid Goyim.

  • French Canadian

    The Ron Paul Strategy:

    He took your donations and used them only to attack Romney’s rivals.

    Then he essentially bows out of the race.

    Then his own son “endorses” Romney.

    Get it yet?

    Stupid Goyim.