Ron Paul 2012: A Peaceful Revolution

  • Imagine what kind of commercials we could have made with that money.

    Instead we got red neck drivel. 30 seconds is less time than it takes to set a brush fire in somebodies mind. All it takes is a spark. They themselves are the ones that feed the fire until their eyes are wide open.

  • A “cult” dedicated to making you the owner of your own mind, body, and labor?

    That doesn’t really work does it? Do you know what a cult is? Liberty is the antithesis of a cult.

    You’re the only cultist here friend. My suggestion. Free yourself. Choose liberty.

  • robin

    Fellow Patriots: Someone on an earlier thread said I was being negative, but I believe this is our greatest test right now about waiting until TAMPA before we pass any judgment. We have sacrificed very little compared to people around the world who are continually threatened or killed for fighting for liberty in their respective countries. There are things going on behind the scenes that we won’t know until August and there’s so much at stake now with the remaining conventions and national delegate selection. The fight in the courts. Forget about Rand, and get focused again on what we still need to do. This is not the time to throw in the towel. The trolls are working overtime to try and divide us so people will give up and jump ship. Remember what Ron Paul has taught us…IT’S ALWAYS BEEN UP TO US……

    Thanks French Canadian for your post about the lawyers working on the many lawsuits around the country…I appreciate your positive efforts to inform..


  • Socialism is for the weak, Freedom is reserved for the strong.

  • Cultists. All of You.

  • Yeah the commercial they ran in Texas was embarrassing it looked like a redneck infomercial.

  • Tarpley is a shill, he thinks Big Govt is the answer.

  • Me 2!

  • The only one speaking the truth is Dr. Webster Tarpley as far as I can judge

  • damn this video was great and im glad to see them coming. I’m only 17, but hes got my vote my birthdays before the election!!

  • Hope is for the weak. Determination is for the strong.

  • French Canadian

    EVERYTHING you want to know and need to know about Lawyers for Ron Paul:

    Ron Paul Lawsuit Going Viral – Lawyers for Ron Paul – Voting Rights Lawsuit FAQ

  • now dammit THIS is the type of commercials we should have seen coming out of the Ron Paul campaign the entire time.

  • sell gear

    keep selling ron paul 2012 gear, sad.

  • Ron Paul planted the seed for people who were once blind. Now they can see. Ron Paul has been preaching what we have all been thinking.

  • Hope is not for everyone. I will support Dr. Paul to the end.

    Semper Fi

  • Ron Paul wouldn’t change shit. The revolution is in our hands, not some politician’s

  • he just released a statement and honestly hes smart to ignore his sons actions and move on. it should be a message to us we shouldnt be affected

  • my favorite ROn Paul ad for awhile now .I wish Ron had kept up this momentum/ passion during the campaign not that it mattered as it was rigged from day one,sadly.I hope the Ron Paul Revolution does not die out-cant imagine how it could with the nation crumbling before our eyes! Shocking that 99% of people were not for Ron Pauland what he represents -no wars, smaller govt, sound $, civil liberties,etc.He still has my vote but if ASKS us to vote Romney,I might as we can’t survive four more yrs .

  • Very agreeable. For a long time I’ve walked around unable to find what many see as a “hero”. I don’t pay attention to celebraties, pointing to my family as heros felt weird, and I have been a strange individual overall. The closest I could ever point to as a hero would have been lao tzu for writing the amazing book that sparked taoist philosophy (which has tons of libertarian thoughts). But then ron paul showed up. This man is truly the modern hero I’ve been looking for.