Ron Paul 2012: We the People Have the Power

  • I’m being passive and sincere when I ask, do you want Romney to win?

  • No he isn’t out. He will be in Tampa and since he has won more than 5 states, he should be able to become president. But, let’s see if the system will let him.

  • The time is come, obama must be run

  • The only reason you believe Ron Paul is out is because you listen to the mainstream media. He’s going to be in Tampa in August. If your willing to become sheep and just go with the “flow” than you are the reason this great nation will be lost.



  • Um! the race is now between President Obama and Romney. Ron Paul is out!!!

  • Ron Paul can still win!!!

  • One of the best ads for Ron Paul Wise Words Charlie Chaplin

  • Thats the message of freedom

  • Obama – a fascist dictator for FOUR more years – NOT.
    Romney will conform to everything Obama, and the New World Order wants – but for EIGHT YEARS – NOT.
    Ron Paul can still win.

  • Hey dumbass. Suck Obamney’s dick …

  • *Crys*

  • I told u cocksuckers that he will lose. romney 2012

    …Yes, TRIPLING the income tax on the richest may balance the budget….I’m sure most people would be willing to do just that so that the low income, less skilled people like yourself can continue to live in a welfare state…/sarcasm.
    Clearly, education has failed you….try harder.
    One obvious solution is to CUT SPENDING, not increase taxes.

  • You’re not even trying to make sense anymore. Ask your mom to change your diapers. You lost your water.

  • WRONG AGAIN…on both counts.
    Education comes in large from learning from others who devoted their time to a subject..your makeshift economics aren’t in fact economics at all.
    As to the comment on my income, you are way off base chum….P.
    Your personal attacks on virtually everyone you respond to not only show your immaturity and general ignorance, but also discredits everything you say.

  • You’re just assuming things now.

  • Also, if you have to have someone explain this to you (the website you recommend), then you obviously are not making more than 100K. In fact, you are probably making minimum wage. That makes you a schmuck for arguing against a tax hike on those making 100K or more. LMFAO, you’re pathetic.

  • Fuck you are stupid. Just because it would not eliminate the deficit does not mean it would go a long way towards reducing the deficit. If you double the income taxes on everyone making more than 100K, you would collect an additional 650 billion dollars. That comes from the IRS stat site. Look up 09in11si.xls on google. So if you tripled their income taxes it would raise an additional 1.3 trillion and that would balance the budget. Game over dumb ass. You lose.

  • WRONG.
    You are in some serious need of education, fool.
    Fact is, you can double the taxes on everyone making 100K+ and STILL not balance the budget…$15 trillion debt is actually the result of spending, not taxing too little.
    Here, I’ll help you out chump…learnliberty(dot)org (which has nothing to do with Ron Paul by the way). Maybe you can educate yourself a bit, to make yourself look like less of a fool.