Ron Paul 2012: We the People Have the Power

  • Did you know, that Obama doesn’t even allow free-speech on his YouTube channel? Sides, the only comments he allows are the positive comments about him. Also, the reason why Ron Paul lost at the RNC is because the mother fuckers that run the joint cheated him out. So yeah, have fun supporting someone that doesn’t do a damn fucking thing!


  • Congrats, I’m not even American but I know that you are one of the reasons why your country is shit right now.

    Ron Paul or Nazi Germany 2.0

    Your choice, fucking dipshit

  • Ron paul lost the race!lol

  • Obama sucks ron paul must me president for 2012 RON PAUL 2012

  • Obama-biden 2012!!

  • Ron paul sucks!

  • Ronpaul4presidentJayleno4VP:)

  • funny cause he wasnt aloud to debate cause he had too big of a croud. At least thats what he said 9-4-2012 on Jay Leno. I agree Ron Paul is the one true politician the American people have left.

  • Then they whine and cry saying “they stole our jobs”. Its not ALL white people, but I know what you mean. America is being dumbed down and lazier every generation, thats why hard-working immigrants get the jobs!

  • my dad is legal works harder then white people in his company he gives the company 3 hours of free work when white people want to charge every minute extra and the company owner sees that

  • I tear up everytime I see this

  • I tear up everytime I see this

  • If you live in Nevada and support Ron Paul in the 2012 election lets see those thumbs up!:D

  • Whats makes me feel even more sad is how my parents are immigrants that worked there ass off and are succeeding, while these non-human greedy fucks try to bring everyone down and all our hard work!

  • Seriously, it amazes me how people dont get “that feeling” that Obama, romney etc give when they speak. Its fake as fuck but most people are brainwashed and oblivious to shit like that. God bless Ron Paul for not giving up after MANY years and all of us that want piece and liberty

  • Its a shame that the “mainstream media” doesn’t pay any attention to them, they focus on a current black president and a mormon

  • I agree, however there is another. I believe in Gary Johnson. He sends a very similar message as Ron Paul they are only different on a couple of issues from what I understand.

  • There are so many fakes in politics and to me Ron Paul is the only person that is real.

  • We the people are responsible for the officials we choose to represent US. Looking at where we are today, clearly we’ve failed with this task. Now, we must learn from our mistakes & choose wisely.
    Write in Ron Paul for President
    Like this and post this to spread awareness, we don’t need millions of dollars on campaign ads, we need to be focused and determined, and together we can restore America to its greatness.

  • Fantastic!!!