Ron Paul 2012: We the People Have the Power

  • This gave me goose bumps, make sure he wins America. Or we all face the consequences…

  • great video

  • The power they took from the people will RETURN to the people.
    RON PAUL Revolution is COMING to uproot this CORRUPTION.
    As long as MEN die Liberty will NEVER parish.
    RON PAUL has got WARRIORS who are ready to fight till the END.
    Soldiers fight for real LIBERTY, fight for your PEOPLE.
    Salaries and money could disappear any moment.
    You are NOT Cattle Or slaves for those greedy exploiters.
    You the people have the power to stop this FARCE.
    On the name of democracy let’s use that POWER.

  • Loved this video

  • Pure luck that I found out this channel was back up. I bet almost all the others who watched this every day haven’t found out it’s back up.

  • Fuck Yea!

  • I doesn’t make much sense considering ALL of the subscribers remain.

  • This is beautifully done.

  • Whoooo!!!!

  • Sure you are, and don’t forget to stack up the fire arms. One thing I’ll agree with you is your defiance against the establishment, which unfortunately has too many brain dead drones at the moment. So fair enough for me, and best of luck to your own cause for liberty. CHOW!

  • I never get sick of that video, it’s so great.

  • Deutsche bag. Listen. You will agree, i know you will. You understand the gravity of this time. And how something like this could go down, without there being some sort of underlying nepotism, it makes me sick. and it should make you sick. Im sorry bro. You’re angry! As am I! I cant describe how fucking angry I am. The time is nigh, and the people with money and/or power are looking out for themselves. Ron Paul has a family. People are blind now. Survival now. Comfort. Whatever it takes


  • glad this channel is back!!!

  • Yes! Definitely!

  • Beautiful!

  • Ron Paul delegates, after working so long and so hard to get to the convention, MUST walk out of the National GOP Convention if not given a chance to cast their votes on a roll call vote of the states!

  • idiot, just because Ron allowed his son Rand to endorse Romney, doesn’t mean he’ll follow suit. Ron will NEVER endorse Romney, he’s just letting Rand find out the hard way how foolish a move he made in endorsing Romney. your “beating the crap out of anyone who doesn’t agree with you logic” does not go with the principles of liberty. everyone should be free to make their own choice, appealing or not. your the Koolaid drinker, gringo!!!

  • YouTube has shut down their channel numerous times. Copyright infringements.

  • That was sweet!