Ron Paul 2012: We the People Have the Power

  • Ya just can’t fix stupid..Ron Paul 2012


  • No Compromise 2012!

  • unbelievable speach. My god

  • Surfisher

    10 million Strong Americans need to descent on Tampa and take the nomination for Ron Paul!

    If there was a “Million Men March” on DC (to ask for what they thought was right) we can have a 10 Million Men, Women and Children March on Tampa — to demand what we KNOW is RIGHT!

    No more playing nice with these criminals in power!

  • Surfisher

    The Real Delegate Count of delegates who prefer a

    candidate, not those “bound” to a candidate:

    Romney 419, Paul 263, Gingrich 106, Santorum 41

    Federal Lawsuit has been filed claiming


    Spread this like wildfire!!!

  • timeless speech

  • Nice FreedomsReigning! I love the blood funnel part best. Pretty accurate.

  • We give up our liberty for pragmatism, expediency, and all in the name of good intentions. But now we have a corporate empire, who’s monied interests far outweigh the will of the people who empowered the beast. And our corporate puppets (called Presidents) sit atop an elected executive dictatorship, funded by the same special interests. Withhold your consent in November – no to Romney and Obama!

  • If a politician wrote “this is money” on dog droppings and forced people to barter their labor and property with feces, most people would fill their pockets with shit. They’d call money evil while they go shopping. They’d count out their turd money with a straight face bitching to each other about how the guy up the street has too many, and he’s being “greedy”. Most people are parasites that call slavery freedom, war peace, and fight liberty because they make a living through a blood funnel.

  • NEWSFLASH! ron paul dropped out of the race. Romney won the GOP Presidential nomination. get with the program sheeple

  • Will do, and I have been. Good luck to you too sir. Till that day.

  • My wholehearted support from Ireland..Ron Paul for your next president

  • ironic, talking about jokes on a joke candidates page

  • I’ts not an american actor. Charlie Chaplin (This actor) was British. You are talking about a directly proportional democracy, there are different types of democracy, and America is a Republic, but it is a form of Democracy, just like Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy, but it’s still a democracy. He isn’t being inaccurate at all.

  • name of the song?

  • The only way to get our voices heard is to not vote!!!!!! pass this along!!!

  • Stop Wall Street Power!
    Vote Ron Paul.

  • VangelV

    The words are fine. Coming from a man who would be dictator will confuse people by making them think that Dr. Paul only says the things he does in order to gain power as all politicians do. Frankly, confusing messages are big negatives.

  • Ok I’m a Ron Paul guy.. But Charlie Chaplin was a communist..

  • 6,931 Veiws…….??? Yeaa Riiiight !!! Hi, im from australia… I’m always watching ron pauL videos, why? Simply because if america ends the war… Australia and new zealand Troops will come home. Change in america means change around the world. Lol, I always thought People these days were more Like robots then People Just Living there lives:) Interesting speech.