Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • Search for “Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul and Rand Paul are different” and then search my un. There is a long thread on how every state has Ron Paul signs everywhere and no one’s even seen Romney or Obama signs.

    Anyone who thinks the elections are legit is a fool.

  • if they declare war on me thats fine…i declared war years motherfuckers are a day late and a dollar short””fuck you bitches

  • romney is getting more hype because the mass media has been ignoring and attacking ron paul and will do anything to stop ron paul from getting elected into presidency even if it means rigging elections.

  • Mitt and obama are dumbasses

  • Ron Paul is winning already watch?v=ld4Rz42RJ00
    Ron Paul: I Rise watch?v=NaYvN58WZh8
    Ron Paul 2012: No End In Sight watch?v=ogkyNTSlBDw
    Ron Paul: The Preservation of Liberty watch?v=U4jXKd5Rr6c
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  • Ron Paul delegates, affter working so hard to get to the convention, MUST walk out of the National GOP Convention if not given a chance to cast their votes on a roll call of the states!

  • glad this channel is back

  • American democracy is a farce, the establishment openly sabotaged Paul’s campaign from the beginning by intimidating the states, blacklisting him from the media, reporting false statistics, etc. you cannot blame the public, sadly they have nothing to do with it.

  • Welcome to the tribe. Glad to have you here.

  • And I understand why he did it and no, he isnt a neocon or some sell out, but again, that doesnt make it right. Romney supports NOTHING whatosever that RP does, so it just looks really ridiculous. Its like God endorses Satan, or a lamb endorsing a wolf.

  • The fact is (and ADMITTED BY RAND, ON RECORD) that he endorsed Romney due to wanting to try and inject issues AND did so based on talks with his father, BEFORE he did it, which shows Ron had something to do with it. And by doing so, yes, no matter how you wish to try and justify it, Rand DID put party politics before principle…then suddenly after 4 months, this channel comes back (with all its previous vids removed of course lol).

  • this is the man that will fix the country. FUCK Obama, and FUCK Romney. we NEED Ron Paul as president.

  • There is an old saying.”If you can’t go through the front door,go through the back”.
    That is the strategy they are using to stop all these new executive orders that Obama wants to pass.
    There is a political strategy going on and it’s amazing to watch and learn.

  • Thank the media for why Romney is getting more hype

  • Are American’s stupid, I feel so bad for my people. Why is Mitt Romney getting more hype than Ron Paul. Our Founding Fathers would be so ashamed.

  • Best of luck to you Dr. Paul, I was foolish enough to vote for Obama in 2008, I suppose I was just so disgusted with Bush’s warmongering.

    And what did we get? A president who’s warmongering is just as bad and has destroyed our civil liberties even more than any other president before him. Your economic policies also are very convincing. I wouldn’t call myself a full fledged conservative, but I do consider myself a freedom fighter, and it pains me to see others have not yet seen the light.

  • Propaganda at its finest.

  • RONALD PAUL 2012

  • United states will soon be FTW if they Give Freedom and Go back to the CONSTITION!!!

  • Don’t let the consitution be threatened! FIGHT BACK!