Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • the only thing i disagree with this video is
    possibly that you called RON PAUL BOSS

    Boss’s say GO DO THIS
    Leaders say LETS GO!
    there is a big difference between a boss and a Leader
    Ron paul is a LEADER

  • The way 50s Christian America Believed. WE ARE FREE and we Vote for it.
    The way George Carlin believed. we are NOT friend and i don’t Vote.
    why we were not all Christian and ARE not Christian. myself no longer a christian
    i VOTE. i dont deny our situation and pretend we cant fix it like baby george carlin and his atheist lackys. if i am going to die an UNFREE man at least i can thank Whatever God there is or isn’t and Vote one last time and Fight to the last Breath!

  • Can someone tell me the name of the song that is playing at 4:30? Thanks.

  • Losers …losers everywhere lol I miss being a tween! Haha on a serious note Ron Paul 2012


  • Just got chills. Happy 4th of July!!!

    Thank you Ron Paul.

  • He would be a step in the right direction, I dont agree with him totaly but at least he has the American people best interest at heart.

  • George Washington is the biggest pedo ever

  • one of the only politicians that seems to make any sense at all I hope he wins or at least gets a chance he’s got my vote!!!!!!!!

  • wow there is a serious propaganda campaign against ron paul, if i was him i would contact youtube and get all your ip addresses and sue your asses for libel

  • Paid trolls are the bottom-feeders of the establishment, they hate America and would call George Washington a pedo for a buck, you cant stop the RON PAUL REVOLUTION so go back to bullying people on Wikipedia.

  • This is what the people want!!!!!

  • its this this with 4 chan and stuff, don’t listen to them

  • What is up with everyone calling this brilliant man a pedo?

  • proof plz

  • ron paul is a pedophile?

  • ron paul is a pedophile?

  • Theyre going to let this sick pedophile run for president?

  • Pedophiles = Conservative republics
    Homosexuals = Liberal democrats

  • Pedophiles = Conservative republics
    Homosexuals = Liberal democrats

  • 9fags. 9fags everywhere.