Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • because America has to stop listenin to the crap and putting up with it and fight for our freedom but one person cant do it alone have to get groups together like KKK kinda or Mafia kind of group and actaully act on it instead of talking about it bc they will act on it soon enough so why dont we so they wont expect it instead of us not expecting when they will hit us or start roundung us up if we started as group we would have the upper hand right?

  • The entire world is screwed now that he dropped out of the race & Romney is the next POTUS. Now we have nothing but more government tyranny, less liberty, continued corporate enslavement, a bloody war for the benefit of the international bankers- so they can topple & pliage Iran’s state owned currency (in which Russia and China will take Iran’s side) to look forward to. We have been done in by the FED and the entire westernized banking cartel- there’s no hope anymore- still too many sleeping.

  • good expt the gay techno music

  • It. Is good to see the official campaign posting again!

  • lindsey graham is a traitor 2 the united states of America

  • It almost makes me cry knowing how screwed we are. Theres no way Paul will be president. 🙁
    SHAME on Obama. SHAME on MITT. SHAME on their supporters.

  • LOL, 266 likes, and two people who love enslavement, and our corrupt government, man, do these two people have a lot to learn…..

  • Ron Paul you ROCK! Give’r bullets. I am so proud only to be around at this moment in time. The movement is growing faster than embers in a fire. Grassroots… your time has come… and our time is here… now… Freedom and Liberty for all!!


  • I was going to vote for the silver-tongued candidate too until I took the time to research who he was instead of what he said. I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 as a write-in that wasn’t even in the race. We will continue to get same with Obamney. The only person to vote for is Ron Paul.

  • Zionist jews are destroying the U,S , Read what happened about the LAVON affaire and the U.SS Liberty.

  • I have a little trouble believing this now, because his son Rand is siding with the illuminati! Why would he endorse Mitt?!?!

    NWO will fail!!!

  • Do ur part. put this video link on craigslist rant and raves accross the country and world!

  • Ron Paul is “BOSS”!!!!

  • Death to the NWO!

  • You go Ron Paul !!!

  • can’t lie, this vid did give me chills….
    the globalists can’t win!
    too many americans have woken up
    we will resist
    2012 is not the end
    but we are heading into a new time period
    after we the people expose the globalists and stop their nwo
    we will head into a time of great peace and freedom

  • r3VOLution!!

  • With all the social media presentation of Romney’s reality and flib flopiness, if he make through, I guess your voting doesn’t count.

  • I literally got chills watching this video.