Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • The quest for peace continues!

  • I have not seen ron paul once on my local news stations……heard his name but that’s about it……something ain’t right about this shit. Get ready for ww3 people.


  • The choice in 2012 is GARY JOHNSON: /watch?v=vkFPtRzVKOQ

    RON PAUL is DOES NOT have to be the last hope for America. BOTH RP & GJ supporters should UNITE, and work together. “IMAGINE” A Libertarian President /watch?v=JBXgLUSbZnU

    Let’s Put Gov. Gary Johnson On The National Debate Stage! /watch?v=Y9gdhUeHOko

    STATE OF THE UNION – /watch?v=Mwb3uI_NPD0 , cries out the people to work together.

    For REAL change, NOT platitudes.

    The rEVOLUtion WILL be TELEVISED. /watch?v=aPNOFzKGlco

  • It`s gonna be hard for them.
    Me for example, i sell nutraceutical products like DNA repair products, … etc… all natural, organic stuff. It`s cheaper than “McDonalds” and even better than pharmaceuticals… but for some reason people don`t believe and don`t trust organics in this country so they rather buy and consume Monsanto sprayed foods, Big Pharma drugs, …. all the generic food that doesn`t contain all the nutrients the food is supposed to have. People`s mentality needs to change.

  • You cant beat the NWO with the ballot….so come on America start your second revolution…..oh right, most of you are cowards!

  • Ron Paul is as dead as the pet rock….you can’t beat them.

  • Ron Paul and Gary Johnson send the same message pretty much so whats more important. What the message is or who is delivering the message. You decide.

  • Does Ron Paul still have a chance or should we get Gary Johnson going cause think about lets say Ron doesn’t get the nomination then what your going to send in letters. I think moving toward Gary Johnson would be a great idea cause Gary Will actually be on the ballot for sure and Americans right now are saying they would consider a third party candidate. I say if Ron gets the nomination vote for him, but if not go to Gary.

  • I want Dr. Paul to be the first write in winner of the Exec. branch! Write him in. Romney-Obama=crap vs. shit.

  • Yes i’m being sarcastic.
    I hope americans step foot out of McDonalds to do something about this.

  • He may have been the best choice for a president, but now he has no chances left.

  • Americans are fucking dumb. I’m saying that in a nice way.

    Yes we can
    We can hope. We can dream. But when we wake up, the only candidate ready for the future is me. And the future is coming! It’s coming and it’s bringing with it armored kodiak bears, attack blimps, and enough weaponized robots to turn ‘hope’ into a four-letter word. You want hope? Keep dreaming. You want change? Put out your cup. You want freedom? Vote for me.
    Welcome to my party.
    Vote for me if you want to live.

  • Hey i hope you`re not being sarcastic. But i am trying to to make best of it.

  • Enjoy your stay.

  • Obama 2012 goodbye U.S , Hello Europe.

  • I’m a UK resident & I support RON PAUL. The guy is human. Remember, even EVIL has a sell-by-date.Let’s hope it ends sooner rather than later. It’s the same puppeteers that control the US and UK & Europe. We have a common enemy.
    When I see Obama, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc etc spout their evil , it makes me wanna spit. Arrogant Satanist criminals.

  • What are you down with voting for child killers that wage war? Sick SOB! Ron Paul is no Paedophile!

  • Don’t want it but he is not elected there will be Civil War, unstopable in the midwest!!!

  • Ron Paul 2012 or nothing!!!!!!!!!!