Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again

  • what is pyshotic about a looming economic collapse? everybody knows we’re all heading into one.


  • left wing and right or both wings on a sick bird. we need a reform in the government. yes it is asking for a revolution but we can’t keep on going on the same course that we are heading. ron paul is the man.


  • I don’t want to live in America anymore If Ron paul can’t be president if we are stuck deciding Obama & Romney we are going to get screwed over either way it won’t matter who wins this November… Get ready for america to go into more debt

  • BOSS haha RON PAUL 2012 🙂

  • No more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great video, love the last minute 🙂

  • Wow.. finnaly!

  • Um…yeah i can generalize! The majority of Paul supporters i’v come across on youtube and in my own personal life believe in these psychotic conspiracies! Maybe not every single paul supporter, but enough to generalize! If you don’t believe me just stroll through the 100’s of comments of this vid and there’s your proof! As for getting a taste of your own medicine i was referring to the conspiracy that paul is a pedophile!

  • The Internet was and still IS the New World Orders downfall. It exposes everything which is why they’re trying to censor it.

  • There is no hope if Ron is not elected. We the people need to Rise Against! they are nothing without us. If we rise they wont count for shit with our numbers!

  • A taste of what??? People like you are the reason why the Constitution is being thrown out….Why are you generalizing so many people into so many groups? Majority of Ron Paul supporters are not what have described. Also you make no sense at all when you tell us if we have had a taste of our own medicine.

  • Yes!

  • Its sad that the people are sleeping. When will we see things for what they are. What happen to us??

  • RON PUAL REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • broken record.

    why is you opinion so weighty? you can clump entire movements into a few nouns and various theories and badabing badabam your the man to trust.

    doubt it

  • start permacultures guys… do it now… research it and start a food forest in your back yard, go to permies website for ideas and make it happen. We need all the libertarians we can to rise to power when the deflation hits

  • 911 WAS an inside job. That is all.

  • must be a pretty big pile of shit

  • Romney will just add to Obama’s shit just like Obama added to Bush’s shit. The shit just keeps piling up.